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Expensive Jewelery Collection of Wallis Simpson
By: Mary Rose | Oct 2 2010
The expensive jewelery collection of Wallis Simpson has been scheduled to be displayed at Sotheby's auction in November 2010. The luxurious jewelery collection costs £3 million being shown off at... read more
Organized Crime -- U.N. Style
By: Josh Greenberger | Dec 3 2007
The term "organized crime" usually conjures up visions of extortion, loan sharking, contract killings, illegal gambling and the like. It seldom brings up images of large-scale corporations,... read more
How Not To Buy A Lemon
By: Barry Edzant | Oct 3 2007
A lemon law attorney's office receives many calls each week from buyers of costly used cars who have discovered that their cars are less reliable or less valuable than they... read more
The Three Main Archaeological Techniques
By: Sharon White | May 25 2007
Geological Survey involves the use of a variety of methods and techniques to produce a detailed map of what is below the surface of the area being surveyed. The primary... read more
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