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Kim Jong-il's Funeral: North Koreans Mourn across Snowy Pyongyang Streets (Pictures)
By: Mary Rose | Dec 29 2011
Despite the harsh weather, tens of thousands of Pyongyang residents lined up on snow-covered streets shouting and wailing to attend their late leader Kim Jong Il’s two-day funeral on... read more
Ashley Young's girlfriend Nicky Pike, Michael Carrick's wife Lisa Roughead and Patrice Evra's wife Sandra at "United for UNICEF Gala Dinner"
By: John Stevens | Dec 14 2011
Ashley Young and girlfriend Nicky Pike, Michael Carrick and wife Lisa Roughead and Patrice Evra and wife Sandra are some of most outstanding guests who attended "United for UNICEF... read more
Professional courses - The choice of today's youth
By: Jessica Blox | Dec 6 2011
With industrialization and economy on a boom, many students are making efforts to enter the professional arena by way of various courses offered. Delhi offers a wide array of... read more
Indiblogger Meet: The power of the written word
By: Venkat.J | Jan 12 2011
The pen is mightier than the sword, as they say, and this New Year The Akshaya Patra Foundation in conjunction with, the largest online community in... read more
Biomarkers key to pushing forward medical research
By: Ben Dafftie | Jan 7 2011
For years, scientists have been using biomarkers to assist them in their research and help them break new ground when it comes to investigations into a wide variety of... read more
Use of biomarkers becoming more widespread
By: Ben Dafftie | Jan 7 2011
Over recent months and years there has been an increase in media coverage relating to biomarkers and the role they are playing in the world of medical research. Stories appear... read more
Blood protein linked to Alzheimer's
By: Ben Dafftie | Jan 7 2011
Scientists at America's National Institute on Ageing have found a link between a specific protein and late-onset Alzheimer's. It is hoped that this breakthrough could one day lead to a... read more
Biomarkers to aid breast cancer research
By: Ben Dafftie | Jan 7 2011
A new biomarker has been discovered which could help doctors diagnose patients who have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. According to Science Magazine, the work was carried... read more
Biomarkers playing key role in the fight against prostate cancer
By: Ben Dafftie | Jan 7 2011
A group of researchers in America are conducting tests using biomarkers in an effort to establish whether there are biological signs that could point to some men being more susceptible... read more
RSS feed provides a link with brief summary
By: gvfive | Jan 5 2011
For people who are web content what RSS feed is to write is an opportunity to distribute their material to many users automatically and quickly. For browsers or readers,... read more
Phillip R. Greaves II
By: Joe Tillman | Jan 2 2011
Phillip R. Greaves II Be it as it may, the results of Mr. Greaves work, the fact it did not sell, says a mouthful about our national composite... read more
What To Look For In Las Vegas Assisted Living
By: Vikram kuamr | Dec 30 2010
Whether you are looking for Las Vegas caregivers for yourself or for loved ones,   there are many choices.  One of the best and latest choices when it comes to... read more
Surveys are to collect the information from various people about the products or to collect a huge amount of feedback
By: rajendra | Dec 30 2010
Surveys using different modes of communication such as telephone calls, emails, door to door or postal mail and various other methods. Investigations are basically two types, public... read more
Living Communities For Las Vegas Senior Care
By: Vikram kuamr | Dec 30 2010
Las Vegas senior care depends upon the state of health of the senior who is planning on living in the different types of living communities that are available in this... read more
Living Communities For Seniors
By: Vikram kuamr | Dec 30 2010
There are many living communities for seniors in the Las Vegas area.  Some of them are retirement villages where seniors can enjoy outdoor and indoor activities in a completely independent... read more
Where To Find Nevada Elder Care
By: Vikram kuamr | Dec 30 2010
What is Nevada elder care?  The type of care that is needed for the elderly varies upon the state of the health of the individuals.  Many elderly people are in... read more
Medical Volunteering - Helping the Needy in Getting Better Healthcare
By: James Yardy | Dec 29 2010
Medical volunteering is an excellent way to assist the needy in far-off countries. It is mainly promoted by organizations to ensure health care services reach every part of the world.... read more
Different Types Of Memory Care Facilities
By: Vikram kuamr | Dec 29 2010
There are many living communities for those who are getting older or who may be suffering from some memory loss.  It is important for people to realize that older people... read more
Where To Find The Best Las Vegas Memory Care
By: Vikram kuamr | Dec 29 2010
Las Vegas caregivers often work with elderly people who may be living in a Las Vegas memory care facility.  As the population ages, memory care has become more of... read more
Different Types Of Las Vegas Caregivers
By: Vikram kuamr | Dec 28 2010
There are many different types of Las Vegas caregivers that are available for those who have aged parents or other loved ones and are looking for some type of help. ... read more
Using Las Vegas Memory Care
By: Vikram kuamr | Dec 28 2010
Las Vegas Assisted living facilities are available for those who still want to live on their own but may need some help now and then.  Many older people retire to... read more
Where To Find Las Vegas Senior Care
By: Vikram kuamr | Dec 28 2010
Those who live in the state of Nevada near Las Vegas, or who have relatives or parents who have retired to Nevada and are looking for Las Vegas senior... read more
America's Best Charities with Low Admin Costs
By: Mary Rose | Dec 27 2010
There are many registered nonprofits in the United States. They range from local grass-roots efforts to large international aid organizations. They are organized and operated for purposes which bring benefits... read more
UT Securitys it getting any better
By: Satish Chandra... | Dec 23 2010
    UT Security is it getting any better! The vision statement of Chandigarh Police at the outset states "Ensure optimum public safety and security to enhance a quality of life in the... read more
Stan Mickle finds peace in God's Eternal Glory
By: george kasper | Dec 22 2010
Recently Stan Mickle has focused his thoughts on the meaning of Eternal Glory. He was awakened at night with the peace that Eternal Glory has delivered to him. He had... read more
6 Reasons Why Couples Decide To File A Divorce
By: danica | Dec 21 2010
Many factors can lead to divorce like unfaithfulness, inability to communicate, abuse and mental illness, control, differences in personality, and differences in goals and views. Every... read more
Understanding The 6 Basic Parts Of A Milling Machine
By: danica | Dec 21 2010
A milling machine has six basic parts, which include the head, motor, spindle, drive system, quill, and the worktable itself. Since the 19th century milling... read more
Interview: Night Ministry in San Francisco with Reverend Lyle Beckman by Peter Menkin
By: Peter Menkin | Dec 20 2010
In a visit to an excellent show on Night Ministry in San Francisco this writer was introduced to the photo work of a young man named Malcolm Garland. Though Malcolm,... read more
How I Paid a Bribe Helps Mumbai
By: James Sutherland | Dec 18 2010
There are times that we all have paid a bribe in our lives and it has been for worthless reasons. If you have been a victim of extortion from an... read more
Help Mumbai City One Step at a Time
By: James Sutherland | Dec 18 2010
The only way that one can truly help Mumbai would be by coming out in the open and sharing with the world the best of ways via which they can... read more
Help Mumbai City Today
By: James Sutherland | Dec 18 2010
In order to help Mumbai, people need to get to the root of this city. There is a lot that does not meet the eye when it comes to... read more
Help Mumbai One Step at a Time
By: James Sutherland | Dec 18 2010
There are a lot of people in Mumbai City that are looking out for ways via which they can Help Mumbai regain its lost composure and stand on its feet... read more
RTI Mumbai Scene from I Paid a Bribe
By: James Sutherland | Dec 18 2010
The RTI Mumbai scene in India has changed over the past few years where it has been able to offer individuals all across Mumbai a way to find out where... read more
The PECO Rate Increase Is Happening Whether Or Not You Like It - Here's What To Know
By: Joey Fratantoni | Dec 18 2010
I'm sure you have already heard about this, but in the case you haven't, the utility company PECO, will be raising their rates at the start of... read more
Six Wonderful Ideas On Celebrating A 75th Birthday
By: danica | Dec 17 2010
To celebrate someone's 75th birthday, you can host a charity ball, recreate the past in a party, send the celebrant on a cruise, give a platinum... read more
Preparation and distribution of Prasadam for Vaikunta Ekadashi
By: prasadkoppoluu | Dec 16 2010
With Vaikunta Ekadashi, one of the biggest festivals celebrating Lord Srinivasa Govinda, is just around the corner, preparation attains its peak in ISKCON Bangalore. Devotees, in... read more
By: Venkat.J | Dec 16 2010
Bangalore:  As part of celebrating 10 years of The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Click a Smile, a photography exhibition was inaugurated by actress Radhika Gandhi at the Alliance Francaise... read more
Special security arrangements for Vaikuntha Ekadashi
By: prasadkoppoluu | Dec 16 2010
ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna-chandra Mandir is all geared up to celebrate Vaikuntha Ekadashi and the security arrangements for the auspicious day is very tight. On this auspicious day all temples in... read more
CISCO Employees at Akshaya Patra Kitchen
By: Venkat.J | Dec 14 2010
The Akshaya Patra Kitchen in Vasanthapura had a lot of new faces last week. It was on December 8th, that a group of Volunteers working for CISCO offered to... read more
Looking For A Good Apartment? Here Are Useful Tips To Remember
By: danica | Dec 13 2010
To find the right apartment, you need to list the features you are looking for, list your constraints, stick to set criteria, coordinate with your roommate,... read more
Background check - how to check criminal records?
By: Peter Andrew | Dec 10 2010
Now days it's really important to perform background check of any new person entering your personal or business life. The numbers of crimes are increasing day by day this directly... read more
Wireless Internet Helps Non-Profit Organizations Connect With the World
By: Oswald Melman | Dec 10 2010
Non-profit organizations have always found it difficult to have their needs met.  Even though most non-profits are trying to help make the world a better place, that can be... read more
Vaikuntha Ekadashi celebrations at ISKCON temple Bangalore
By: prasadkoppoluu | Dec 10 2010
ISKCON Sri Radha-Krishna-chandra Mandir, Bangalore, is all prepared to celebrate Vaikuntha Ekadashi on December 17th, 2010. Every year millions of devotees come to ISKCON Bangalore from all corners... read more
World's Bizarre and Expensive Auctions
By: Mary Rose | Dec 5 2010
Auctions are intended to push up the price of items via real-time competitive bidding; thus, someone can offer several of high prices for such items. However, some of... read more
Japanese Whale Killers Leave Late for Season. Is Sea Shepherd working?
By: PoorFish | Dec 4 2010
[removed][removed] [removed]// [removed] Today the Japanese whaling fleet set out for their annual whale hunt. The Japanese whaler's set sail for their traditional fishing grounds in the Antarctic later than usual... read more
Used Ford Trucks are durable and Affordable
By: Ankit | Dec 4 2010
Ford trucks are the best vehicles that Ford Motor Company has ever made. It is the extraordinary features of these trucks that make it popular even when it is being... read more
Mafia Wars
By: Gareth Hoyle | Dec 1 2010
These days you cannot log onto Facebook without reading about at least one of the games that the website now hosts. Social networking has seen a massive increase in the... read more
Largest Charities in America
By: Mary Rose | Nov 30 2010
There are many registered nonprofits in the United States. They range from local grass roots efforts to large international aid organizations. They are organized and operated for purposes which bring... read more
The Curious Case of Brian Aitken
By: Daniel James Wood | Nov 30 2010
Brian Aitken of New Jersey Proving that justice is not only blind, but sometimes quite dumb - and I don't mean mute - the strange and tragic story... read more
China use leverage over N. Korea, No
By: Sophia Brain | Nov 26 2010
The world is again looking to China to tighten its leash around an unruly North Korea after the combative regime mounted a massive artillery attack on a South Korean island... read more
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