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World's Despots and Their Famous Wives
By: Mary Rose | Apr 20 2011
Despot is defined as a person with oppressive power. There are a number of despots in current time. Most of them are also famous for their wives.   Safia Farkash Safia Farkash,... read more
Ohio Has Plans to Create a Statewide Network of Surveillance Cameras
By: PC Surveillance | Jan 8 2011
Ohio is working to create a safer environment for its residents. However, some people see the state's efforts as a violation of their privacy.   The Ohio Homeland Security Agency wants... read more
Top Searched Politicians on Yahoo 2010
By: Mary Rose | Dec 11 2010
Since 2001, Yahoo has reported its top searched term for the year which continuously reflects the general view of people’s interests and a society in motion. Over the past... read more
Sovereign-Wealth Funds: Savior or Menace?
By: Dane | Jan 28 2008
In recent months, the sub-prime crisis has reached unforeseen heights, infiltrating banks and financial institutions worldwide and causing many to report multi-billion losses due to the risky investments... read more
Lesser Known Heroes Of The New American Revolution For Truth and Freedom!
By: GARKO | Jan 26 2008
Well anyone who is familiar at all with the new American revolution for truth and freedom that is awakening America right now, they have heard of Aaron Russo,... read more
Lesser Known Heroes Of The New American Revolution For Truth and Freedom!
By: GARKO | Jan 26 2008
If someone has been paying attentionat all to the truth and freedom movement that is awakening America today, they know the name Aaron Russo, they know Ron Paul... read more
Declaration of Independence From Oil Company Bastards And Disgustingly High Fuel Prices
By: GARKO | Jan 26 2008
When in the Course of human events we must take a stand as one to break free of slavery's shackles which have connected them those who would rob them and... read more
Voting the Race Color and Creed Ticket
By: Rev Michael... | Jan 23 2008
No one would argue that some dyed in the wool democrats and republicans will always vote their party's ticket. Loyalty to a party can be both a plus and a... read more
Poverty and politics
By: Robert II Smith | Nov 26 2007
Poverty is a universal term and poverty elimination is a universal motto. Poverty destroys individuals, societies and nations. Poverty is hunger. Poverty is lack of shelter. It is the... read more
The 2008 Election Needs Two More Candidates
By: James W. Smith | Nov 26 2007
There are plenty of candidates running for the 2008 Presidential election in both the Democratic and Republican primaries. Republicans with name recognition such as Rudy Giuliani and John McCain and... read more
The State Bar - How Legal Incompetence Generates Oppression
By: srdiamond | Nov 20 2007
The California State Bar's Office of the Chief Trial Counsel was awestruck and panic-stricken when it lost its motion for entry of default, in a direct test of its... read more
Cuba Without Fidel Castro
By: James W. Smith | Nov 19 2007
Cuban President Fidel Castro has outlasted no fewer than nine American presidents during his nearly five decade rule in Cuba. In fact, Castro has ruled Cuba for such a... read more
Fun With Numbers
By: Gregory Franklyn | Oct 21 2007
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is watching the story about the alleged murders of Iraqi civilians by BlackWater Operatives in Iraq. It's a grizzly story and,... read more
USA in 2008 and after
By: cj | Oct 9 2007
THERE WAS A time when the governing elite of the USA would look down at other countries during their periods of elections and say: “We are the Beacon of Democracy.... read more
Big Brother Is Not A TV Show
By: Burk Pendergrass | Oct 1 2007
Big Brother Is Not A TV Show Monday, 1 Oct 07 As an old cop, I have witnessed George Orwell's "1984" come of age. I recall an incident in 1970... read more
Remarks by ElBaradei encourage Iran to pursue nuclear ambitions
By: Nima Sharif | May 29 2007
Mr. ElBaradei, in a surprising remark, has invited the international community to accept the fact that Iran has now achieved nuclear know-how and can produce enriched uranium at... read more
Why People Buy Flags
By: John Nesbit | Apr 29 2007
My name is John and I run Before the internet arose, I sold flags in a retail environment. I have always been fascinated on why people buy flags,... read more
Do we know whose hands are we shaking?
By: summer | Apr 19 2007
Have you ever heard of the RGC, or perhaps the Quads force? Are they today's business men and yesterdays killers? The Revolutionary Guards Corps, known as the Pasdaran ,... read more
Investment Politics 2008: What's (left) In Your Wallet?
By: Steve Selengut | Apr 5 2007
The parade of promises is marching down Main Street. For too many months to come, politicians of all descriptions, parties, and ideologies will be courting our votes... they have... read more
Paying the price for appeasement
By: summer | Mar 31 2007
The Iranian Revolutionary Guards' capture-at-gunpoint of 15 British sailors in the waters off the Iraqi coast last week was a brazen act in every respect. But, it was only... read more
Victims of Political Correctness
By: Rev Michael... | Mar 28 2007
In the United States it is both legal and perfectly acceptable to say that homosexuality is not immoral before anyone with an ear to listen. It is also perfectly acceptable... read more
Appeasment policy: recipe for war with Iran
By: Joseph Omidvar | Mar 22 2007
The Iranian threat to global peace and security underlined by its intervention and terrorist activity in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine, coupled with its accelerated move to acquire... read more
Chickens Allowed in House Judiciary
By: Rev Michael... | Feb 15 2007
The jokes continue as they have for days now on the Letterman and Leno shows about the diaper wearing astronaut charged with attempted murder. A brutal attack in a board... read more Liberal Bias in Our Communication Channels
By: John Eberhard | Feb 4 2007
It has become more and more obvious in recent years that there is a strong liberal bias in those who control certain communication channels in American society. I'm talking about... read more
Guilt, Winning and Losing
By: John Eberhard | Dec 24 2006
I recently read a very interesting article entitled “White Guilt and the Western Past” by Shelby Steele. This article came highly recommended by Rush Limbaugh, and I felt like... read more
YouTube: The Leftwing Lapdog of the Internet
By: John Fair | Oct 10 2006
Both liberal and conservative web users argue that their views are being suppressed on youtube. On the YouTube Web site, anyone can post videos. Above is a still from a... read more
Monaco Prince Makes World Impression In First Year
By: Monaco | Sep 25 2006
Making waves with world leaders, Prince Albert is preparing to mark the first year of his succession to the Principality of Monaco, and a local destination guide read more
Harsh Economic Realities for Amercia's Families
By: Gwenneth Morgan | Sep 21 2006
Why is it that the groups who bear the most financial stress and hardship are families and the elderly? Aren't these our two most precious Human assets? Our children, the... read more
American Sleeping Giant Awakes - But is too Heavy to walk on Islamic Jihadist Eggshells
By: Rev Michael... | Aug 29 2006
One of America's largest Christian broadcasters, Trinity Broadcasting Network has decided to drop one of its shows because it does not want to agitate Muslim Jihadist. Of course they... read more
Is Peace in the Middle East Possible - History and the Bible Team up to Answer that Question
By: Rev Michael... | Aug 18 2006
I watched one day as a news reporter interviewed a Muslim student in the lecture hall of one of America's most prestigious schools. The young man was adorned with a... read more
Politics- Is It Good At All
By: cdmohatta | May 4 2006
Politics- a word detested by most of the common people. To an ordinary person, politics is a synonym to corruption, misuse of power, money laundering and other... read more
McD's on the run ... time to put the boot in
By: johnny void | Mar 12 2006
Long reviled for serving up a blend of factory-farmed, additive ridden dead cattle, doused with hydrogenated fat and dripping with salt, additives, white sugar and other... read more
By: himanshutyagi | Feb 9 2006
Necessity of Amending Provisions in the Constitution Provisions for amendment of the constitution is made with a view to overcome the difficulties which may encounter in future in the working of... read more
Liberation of Man
By: Muhammad Saeed... | Dec 29 2005
` Liberation of Man A Study of Marx, Freud and Osho (Muhammad Saeed Akhter) My recent interest in Osho, I may say, inspired me to brows through the pages of history... read more
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