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The Whole World is talking about Steve Jobs
By: bbritin | Sep 19 2011
Unfortunately, it's coming. Steve Jobs, the Co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc-the global electronics giant, suddenly announced his resignation on Wednesday (August 24) night, and also... read more
Massive Wildfires in Rain-Starved Texas (Photos)
By: Mary Rose | Sep 8 2011
One of the most devastating wind-fueled wildfires in rain-starved Texas history happened seriously on Tuesday September 6 and spread the state's firefighting ranks to the limit. Only in the last... read more
Most Outstanding Architectural Failures of All Time
By: Mary Rose | Aug 27 2011
Aon Center, Playground at Pier One, Brooklyn Bridge Park, John Hancock Tower and Lotus Riverside are the most outstanding architectural failures of all time due to inadequate materials... read more
Most Controversial Fashion Moments of All Time
By: John Stevens | Aug 24 2011
The fashion world has been rocked by an array of scandals including Slave earrings scandal, Vogue Paris's heavily made-up young girls, Ms Obama’s nude debate, Topshop's too... read more
Most Fantastic Photos of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall
By: John Stevens | Jul 27 2011
In next only few days, the royal wedding between the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter Zara Phillips and England rugby captain Mike Tindall will take place at Holy... read more
Harry Potter Stars Over Years
By: John Stevens | Jul 12 2011
On July 7, 2011, the whole world stops and watches the world premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2”, the final installment of the... read more
Most Highest Grossing Movies Based on Books
By: John Stevens | Jul 7 2011
Producers have long understood that successful books can be converted into the biggest blockbusters. In fact, movies based on books are some of the highest grossing films of all... read more
Top 10 New York City's Most Expensive Townhouses
By: Mary Rose | Jul 4 2011
To enjoy your life efficiently, choosing a luxurious house in New York City where you and your family will have the most comfortable life. Here is the list we... read more
Miss Football World Cup Beauty Contest 2011 in Germany
By: Mary Rose | Jun 23 2011
Miss World Cup Beauty Contest 2011 has recently been held on June 17, 2011 in Germany which draws both national and international attention. The pageant takes place as a... read more
Five Suicide Spots on Earth
By: Mary Rose | Jun 14 2011
Reportedly, approximately one million of people commit suicide due to the fact that they feel hopeless and despairing. Suicide is considered as the permanent solution for a temporary problem... read more
Hollywood's Famous May - December Romances
By: Mary Rose | Jun 11 2011
"May-December Romance" refers to a romantic relationship that connects one partner considerably older than the other partner. In the world of Hollywood, this is regarded time-honored tradition. Let's see... read more
Yemenis Rushed into Streets for President's Departure
By: Mary Rose | Jun 8 2011
Thousands of people rushed into the streets of Yemen to celebrate the departure of the country's authoritarian leader President Ali Abdullah Saleh for treatment of wounds and burns after he... read more
Most Extreme Hands and Legs on Earth
By: Mary Rose | May 28 2011
The world is full of oddest things. In the today's articles, you will have chance to know about the most extreme hands and legs on Earth.   Peter Iroga: World’s Largest Feet Peter... read more
2011's Richest Women Worldwide
By: Mary Rose | May 16 2011
Forbes magazine has compiled a list of the world’s richest women.   Christy Walton, 56, & family, $26.5 billion Christy Walton is the wife of John T. Walton –... read more
Osama's Death: International Reaction and Newspapers
By: Mary Rose | May 8 2011
Less than 24 hours after US President Barack Obama announced the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden on Sunday night (May 1, 2011), American people in particular... read more
Royal Wedding Superfans Camp in London
By: Mary Rose | Apr 28 2011
The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is coming soon tomorrow which heats up expectations of British residents and the world. Although there are just 1, 900 guests... read more
Prypyat: 25 Years After Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
By: Mary Rose | Apr 26 2011
In current time, Ukraine is marking the 25th anniversary of nuclear accident at Chernobyl power plant, which is considered the worst accident in the history of nuclear power.   On... read more
Prince William's Life in Picture
By: Mary Rose | Apr 23 2011
Prince William, or William Arthur Philip Louis Windso, is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales and the second... read more
Oddest Getting Stuck Situation On Earth
By: Mary Rose | Apr 7 2011
There are a number of weirdest situations of human getting stuck that you may never imagine. Let's have an in-depth look at the following weird stories to discover more.   The boy... read more
Newly Released Pictures of Japanese Quake And Tsunami
By: Mary Rose | Apr 7 2011
The Friday’s biggest recorded earthquake and ferocious tsunami striking Japan killed hundreds of people, swept away ships, cars and homes, triggered widespread fires and caused massive explosions... read more
Nuclear Power Plants in Asian Countries
By: Mary Rose | Apr 5 2011
The ongoing nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima last weekend has raised the renewed concerns around the world about the nuclear power plants and the nuclear safety. In the worst situation... read more
Top Ten Nations Producing Most Nuclear Energy
By: Mary Rose | Apr 2 2011
The ongoing nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima last weekend has raised the renewed concerns around the world about the nuclear power plants and the nuclear safety. In the worst situation... read more
Hanford Nuclear Reservation: Serious Risks
By: Mary Rose | Mar 30 2011
The ongoing nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima last weekend has raised the renewed concerns around the world about the nuclear power plants and the nuclear safety. In the worst situation... read more
Top Mobilized Arms in Libya War
By: Mary Rose | Mar 24 2011
In the past 4 days, it’s easy to realize that an overwhelming military force was mobilized by Western nations, including Britain, France and the U.S. In addition... read more
Break-up and Get Back: Love Stories in Hollywood
By: John Stevens | Mar 24 2011
In the world of celebrities, nothing is impossible, no matter sensitive their hearts are. Breaking up and getting back together so many times, the names of Tony... read more
In Picture: Fukushima Nuclear Explosion
By: Mary Rose | Mar 21 2011
The history-making earthquake and tsunami have caused the most serious nuclear accidents in Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants – the world’s most devastating nuclear disaster since Chernobyl and Three Mile... read more
Japan Needs Help After Quake-Tsunami Disaster
By: Mary Rose | Mar 18 2011
It has been a week when the Mother Nature endows peaceful and orderly Japan with the wake of Friday’s disaster. In the face of calamity caused by massive earthquake and... read more
Massive Evacuation From Libya
By: Mary Rose | Mar 8 2011
The situation in Libya is worsening hour by hour. Terrified residents in the capital Tripoli  were braced for bloody battle and gunfire all the time. Countries around the world are... read more
Bangladesh Needs Eco Friendly, Fair Trade Clothing
By: Adrian Desbarats | Feb 23 2011
If you have tried buying clothes at a Bebe or Topshop shop, you have probably worn the handiwork of a Bangladeshi woman. Bangladesh is one of the major exporters... read more
Russia's Images After Shocking Attack
By: Mary Rose | Jan 27 2011
Domodedovo is about 22 kilometers to the southeast of Moscow and Domodedovo International Airport is considered as one of the busiest airports in Moscow, Russia. The suicide bombing occurred... read more
Should Menthol Cigarettes Be Prohibited
By: Donna | Jan 20 2011
Here’s a word of advice to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators deciding this week whether or not to ban menthol cigarettes smoking: Cool it. If the FDA sows... read more
Is Smoking a Harmful Behavior for Men and Women
By: Donna Martin | Jan 20 2011
Smoking cigarettes accounts for between 40% and 60% of the difference in men and women's mortality right across Europe, new research reveals. Alcohol accounts for around 20% of the... read more
TV Allures Smokers Into Smoking
By: donna martin | Jan 20 2011
Brain areas associated with smoking an Esse cigarette are activated when smokers watch an actor light up on screen If your New Year's resolutions include a plan to give... read more
Smoking Scenes on TV Could Mislead Minors
By: Donna Martin | Jan 20 2011
Smoking is commonly depicted on films and TV and could mislead young people into associating the habit with Glamour, according to supporters of tobacco control. While smoking... read more
Smoking Rate Among Men Decreased
By: Donna Martin | Jan 17 2011
The nation’s antismoking campaign saw great progress in 2010, with the smoking rate among men falling below 40 percent for the first time. The Ministry of Health... read more
Most Expensive Cities for Living
By: Mary Rose | Jan 14 2011
Living in a city is definitely different than living in any other cities. The differences are based on cultures, economics, politics, entertainment and mainly cost of living.... read more
Underground Life in Las Vegas
By: Mary Rose | Jan 9 2011
Las Vegas, which is in the seat of Clark County, is considered to be the resort of fine dining, and shopping in the world. Thanks to a... read more
Creating a Powerful Presence by Bert Decker
By: Ben Sanderson | Dec 23 2010
Creating a Powerful Presence is a personal development book written by Bert Decker. Bert Decker is a personal development coach and a communications trainer based out of San Francisco. In... read more
Strained Pressure of Anti-Smoking Law
By: Donna Martin | Dec 21 2010
This was stressed at an orientation aimed at guarantee effective implementation of anti-smoking laws, organized by The Network for Consumer Protection on Monday. On the occasion, Dr Arif... read more
New Round of RMB Appreciation to Make United States Mad
By: Frbiz Tian | Dec 12 2010
A new round of pressure on RMB appreciation struck again. 29, prompted the Ministry of Commerce website warning that the United States Council is seeking the support of Senate... read more
Market Worry Portugal and Spain
By: Himfr Tian | Dec 12 2010
28 EU member states Caichang night by a total of 85 billion euros rescue package in Ireland, so that the latter become the Greeks, the second debt crisis... read more
India Strong Economic Growth Help Reduce Deficit
By: Himfr Tian | Dec 12 2010
Headache on the fiscal deficit is not only Greece, Ireland, such European countries as the "BRIC", one of India's position in this regard are far from easy.... read more
Temperature Determine the Distance Between Life and Death
By: Himfr Paul | Dec 12 2010
In the new climate change summit held, it is necessary to re-review the control of carbon emissions (cap) this old account. According to scientists, the current calculation,... read more
Dealing With Infidelity: How to React With Your Husband's Unfaithfulness
By: Tina L. Jones | Dec 12 2010
Have you caught your husband dating another woman? Did you ever experience being cheated on it hurts so bad you want to die? Have you confronted another girl because you... read more
HTC Spy - How HTC Spy Software Can Uncover Infidelity
By: Alexander Tsai | Dec 10 2010
Are you starting to wonder if your spouse is telling you the truth where they have been? Are they spending more time out with "friends" and other co-workers? Do they... read more
3 More Signs That She Is Thinking About Cheating
By: CR James | Dec 10 2010
When it comes to cheating, there are two phases that no one ever discusses. The first phase is where the woman is thinking about cheating. She has basically made... read more
Why I Don't Bank With the Biggies Anymore
By: Amer Chaudri | Dec 10 2010
I finally did it. I closed my accounts with one of the largest trillion-dollar banking and financial corporations in the land. But, it wasn't easy. It took me six... read more
Two Variables That Contribute To People Having Affairs
By: Chris Lee Abbott | Dec 6 2010
Do you know someone having an extramarital affair and wonder why they are doing it? Has your spouse cheated on you and you have no clue why? There are many... read more
Your Husband's Affair: A How-To Guide
By: Garry Frizzell | Dec 6 2010
A lot of people have asked me about their husband's affair, prompting me to write this article to address the issue once and for all. If you suspect that... read more
Asian Central Banks Raise Interest Rates Decision be Resistance
By: Orietta Qi | Dec 4 2010
The latest economic data that Asian central banks raise interest rates policy-makers had to slow down the pace of: 22, Thailand and Malaysia, data showed gross domestic product... read more
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