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Phoenix car accidents
By: Robertt Pattinson | Mar 26 2012
Motor vehicle accidents frequently prove devastating to friends and family alike. Too often, the victims of such accidents are left suffering from tremendous personal injury that may cause them... read more
Divorce in Texas - dealing with a business
By: Yvonne Johns | Sep 1 2011
Divorce in Texas - dealing with a business Divorce can be a very nasty experience, especially when one or both parties feel aggrieved and wish for retribution. Dealing with bitterness... read more
Finding a Lawyer Is Easier With Attorney Videos
By: Addison Nelson | May 5 2011
During the course of your life there are many different occasions where you may well need the assistance and the expertise of an attorney. It may be that you need... read more
Correlation between Employment Contracts and Unfair Dismissal
By: Jamie Francis | Dec 13 2010
In order to understand the correlation between employment contracts and unfair dismissal, a solid understanding of what each means is imperative. For the most part, an unfair dismissal... read more
Tips On Finding The Best Silicon Valley Corporate Attorney
By: Wain Wright | Dec 6 2010
The increasing numbers of businesses in Silicon Valley has initiated the demand for top corporate attorneys in this region. The information technology boom at the beginning of the last decade... read more
The Importance Of Family Lawyers In Portland, Oregon
By: melvillejackson | Nov 23 2010
Family lawyers are those lawyers who handle matters that are between people who are related. These matters include cases like elder law matters, will and will contests, estates... read more
Do You Really Need An Estate Attorney?
By: melvillejackson | Nov 23 2010
Who is an estate attorney? Well, an estate attorney is someone who has the training and experience to advise his clients about how to handle their property affairs,... read more
RedOrbit sues convicted fraudster Torq Cisek
By: Pace Lattin | Oct 29 2010
Today founder Eric Ralls announced a lawsuit asking for as much as 28 million dollars against Torq Cisek for fraud. This lawsuit is the result of several months of... read more
Is There A True Justice For Being Unfairly Dismissed?
By: Jamie Francis | Oct 26 2010
The answer is yes, there is justice and action that can be taken if you know that you have been unfairly treated with an employer and resulted in your... read more
What would you risk for a beach trip?
By: clarapiere | Oct 21 2010
For your typical British family, a day at the beach is a fun filled activity. But in some parts of the world, the expedition could end with serious... read more
Hire an Equine Attorney
By: Emiley David | Oct 8 2010
When it comes to horse purchases, understanding how a good bill of sale for a horse sale works is highly important. Many issues need to be considered both by... read more
Litigation Lawyer - Solving Disputes Between Individuals
By: Emiley David | Oct 8 2010
Civil litigation or lawsuits are the legal disputes between individuals, companies or non-profit organizations that seek to obtain compensation for damage or recover a right. Civil litigation law is... read more
Governance of the Internet Freedom of Speech
By: Hosea Lim | Oct 4 2010
Today nearly ten percent of the world's population use the World Wide Web and many more people keep on adding to its database every day. With such a growth,... read more
Freedom of Speech Law - An Introduction
By: Hosea Lim | Oct 4 2010
"Freedom of speech law" is frequently quoted by defenders of free speech in China. Yet it is rare to find anyone prepared to defend all expression in every circumstance,... read more
Chinese Government and the Use of Internet
By: Hosea Lim | Oct 4 2010
The focus is on the use of the internet by the Chinese dissidents, members of the Falugong, Tibetan activists and other groups and individuals in the Peoples Republic... read more
Beware of What You Post Online
By: Damon Chetson | Sep 14 2010
We live in an interconnected world, with social media and social networking - Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other tools - providing the world with much more... read more
Understanding Trademark Infringement
By: Richard Trott | Sep 13 2010
There are a lot of trademarks nowadays and they are mostly pertaining to companies that have invented their own and worked hard for it to maintain and make it more... read more
Accident Consultant Completes Four years Of "No Win No Fee" Service
By: Wilhelmina Thomas | Sep 10 2010
If you have suffered an injury in a road accident, work accident or while playing games and now wish to seek advice on claiming compensation, Accident Consultant can... read more
Can Police Search Your Computer Through Peer-to-Peer Networks?
By: Damon Chetson | Aug 2 2010
The Fourth Amendment gives people a right against unreasonable searches and seizures: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,... read more
Work Through Divorce With The Right Divorce Lawyer
By: Peter Dulay | Jul 30 2010
Let's face it. Some people are just not meant to be. Despite how hard you try to make things work, things are just not going through as you plan... read more
Civil Rights - Equality Amongst Citizens
By: Simon Waker... | Jul 19 2010
The rights of a person or an individual by the virtue of being a citizen, to take part in political as well as civil life of the state without... read more
Protect your employees from noise damage
By: Wilkinson Smith | Jul 16 2010
It will probably be a surprise for many employees to learn that noise can lead to some serious health problems. Noise is something that many of us automatically tune out... read more
Changes that have occurred to Tier 1 general
By: Sam Desilwa | Jul 16 2010
In March this year it was announced by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) that there are going to be changes to Tier 1 general and also Tier 2, using... read more
Protecting staff from harmful toxins
By: Dirk Rowell | Jul 16 2010
There are many instances where our jobs can expose us to harmful substances. Some can even be airborne making them difficult to detect without tests. Depending on the substance airborne... read more
Policies and Procedures For Online Businesses
By: Aaron Kelly | Jul 13 2010
Understanding the online business world can help you build value for your business. From the founding of your company, and every day thereafter, you should be thinking about... read more
How To Protect College Funds In Bankruptcy
By: Mitchel Walker | Jul 4 2010
The cost of a college education has skyrocketed in recent years and there appears to be no end to tuition increases. For the 2009-2010 school year, the average cost... read more
Protect Your Name and Identity from Theft with LifeLock Coupon Codes
By: David Stack | Jun 30 2010
Identity theft is said to be the fastest growing crime not only in America but in different parts of the world as well. Most of the time, people whose... read more
Do You Need a Financial Advisor During Divorce?
By: Deborah Lynn Zutter | Jun 14 2010
During divorce, retaining the services of a qualified and compassionate family lawyer can be the best - and most influential — decision you'll make. Yet in addition to legal... read more
What is a Paralegal
By: Joe Cline | May 29 2010
Looking for information about paralegals? A paralegal is the assistant who does most of the delegated legal work that happens in a law office. Paralegals are frequently called legal assistants,... read more
Getting into Law School
By: Joe Cline | May 29 2010
Are you wondering how to get into law school? There are many times during a student's time at college where the decisions they make will affect their future choices. Getting... read more
Free Public Arrest Records Online
By: Benjo Mars | May 27 2010
Every individual from different states are held responsible to protect themselves, their families, or their business from anyone who might cause any kind of harm. Such protection can... read more
Civil litigation lawyer and the civil law
By: Emiley David | May 27 2010
Civil litigation or lawsuits are disputes between individuals, companies or non-profit organizations that seek to receive compensation for damage or recover a right. Civil litigation law is the field... read more
Parameters For Regulating Electronic Commerce
By: | May 25 2010
Regular contractual principles, especially those pertaining to distance sales, may also be applicable to electronic commerce, albeit with some modifications. However, in this regard it immediately... read more
Have You Received a Domain Name Cease and Desist Letter? A Lawyer's Guide
By: Stephen H.... | May 24 2010
As the Internet has grown there have been increasing numbers of cease and desist letters being sent in order to attempt to obtain domain names. Some of the letters may... read more
Smear Campaign
By: Tyronne Jacques | Apr 3 2010
Smear Campaign How to fight an online Smear Campaign Nothing is worst than having some rogue idiot posting lies and slanderous content about you or your business all over the internet. With... read more
Identity Theft- How To Protect Yourself Online
By: Roland Poitevin | Apr 3 2010
Identity theft has to be one of the fastest growing forms of fraud these days. Our rapid adoption of an online lifestyle has opened the way to a huge number... read more
Defamation and the Internet - UK Jurisdiction
By: Peter Adediran | Apr 3 2010
Anyone who has ever had to deal with issues of jurisdiction or evidence gathering in an Internet related dispute will know what I am talking about when I say it... read more
Twitter and Facebook May Pose a Security Risk For Users
By: Pauline Go | Apr 1 2010
Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can end up posing a security risk for you. Here is an example how this can happen. A couple living in Arizona decided... read more
Types of Computer Crimes
By: Pauline Go | Apr 1 2010
Computer crimes refer to the use of information technology for illegal purposes or for unauthorized access of a computer system where the intent is to damage, delete or alter... read more
Legality of Uploading Your Video Or Audio Recordings to the Internet
By: Sharon Macdonald | Apr 1 2010
YouTube, Facebook and MySpace have all made individual uploading of video (and audio) to the internet very simple and very, very popular. You've captured some video and audio... read more
Cloud Computing - The Legal Issues Are Somewhat Cloudy in the Cloud
By: John L. Watkins | Mar 31 2010
"Cloud computing" has become a very hot topic. For the uninitiated, "cloud computing" generally refers to providing access to computer software through an Internet browser, with the software... read more
Is the United States Cyber-Safe? Experts Respond to the Recent Cyber Terrorist Attacks
By: Lisa Carey | Mar 30 2010
U.S.  officials have been short on public explanations and reassurances following the recent cyber attacks affecting many U.S. and South Korean security and financial institutions but emergency notices were sent... read more
Three Controversial Xiangjie Laptop Battery
By: wxg battery, Jr. | Mar 30 2010
Three controversial Xiangjie laptop battery As the price of notebook batteries are expensive "consumables", it triggered a lot of use of arguments. With the increasing popularity of notebook computers, notebook... read more
Cash For Clunkers Website Doesn't Give the Government Rights to Your Computer
By: Coleen Bennett | Mar 28 2010
There's been an email circulating that says that you shouldn't go onto the government's official Cash for Clunkers website, It says that if you agree to the privacy... read more
Ten Important Things in Cyber Law
By: Himlal Pun | Mar 27 2010
Cyber Law deals with the legal issues of the internet usage and all devices connected over the network, their proper use in order to prevent and control cyber crimes.... read more
Take Help Of Charlotte Lawyer For Debt Settlement
By: Compete Infotech | Mar 5 2010
Sometimes you can think that you can handle your financial crisis or ">debton your own or if certain point of time a good attorney or debt settlement lawyer can be... read more
The Life Insurance Available In The Market
By: Dmytro Fedosyeyev | Feb 18 2010
Life insurance is simply defined as a contract between the insurer and the policy holder where the persons own life is used as the main guarantee of the policy. In... read more
The Auto Insurance Available For You
By: Dmytro Fedosyeyev | Feb 17 2010
The insurance industry has been around for many years but sadly there are still many people that go around their day to day business without cover. There are many types... read more
Bellevue Criminal Attorney
By: Chrisgylef | Jan 10 2010
We are destroying our freedoms and slowing innovation, due to our conviction that we can regulate morality by laws that we can protect the most ignorant or mentally challenged... read more
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