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How to Save Paper in the Office?
By: Ella Jader | Jun 4 2012
There is the stastics goes that a tree will be reserved if 1, 500 sheets of paper are not be wasted. i.e., if human beings save one million sheets... read more
More companies are adopting green policies
By: Greg Nagell | Feb 15 2012
Even before the fairly recent discovery of global warming people were beginning to become more conscious of their impact on the environment. Particularly during the sixties, when flower power... read more
By: cispangle | Feb 9 2012
I am now on Day Ten of my personal Big Quit from the cigarettes - double figures! I know it is only a small milestone on the road to me being... read more
Professional Junk Haulers Completely Recycle or Refurbish Your Old Appliances
By: Carl Summers | Jan 19 2012
Broken appliances are big and bulky items that often to be taken to the dump. More often than not in today's economic environment your old appliances are stripped down into... read more
Philippines Flood: More Than 600 Dead After Tropical Storm Washi (Pictures)
By: Mary Rose | Dec 19 2011
Tropical storm Washi struck the southern island of Mindanao, the Philippines on Friday night, blanketing the area with heavy rain and high winds. Flash floods and landslides washed away... read more
Most Air-polluted Cities in America: San Diego, Los Angeles, Bakersfield and more
By: Mary Rose | Dec 19 2011
According to American Lung Association’s recent report 2011 State of Air, over half the country’s population live in areas where air pollution levels are often dangerous to breathe. It’s... read more
Healthful Living - Better Work environment - Green Buildings
By: Miles Pramuck | Sep 28 2011
Turning out to be environmentally friendly with green buildings can easily help with a lot of things. They're sustainable using eco-friendly energy sources along with lowering negative impact on the... read more
Impressive Weekly Animal Pictures: 2 September 2011
By: Mary Rose | Sep 7 2011
Emperor penguin Happy Feet making its way back to Antarctica, lovely image of “Lengua” dog, raccoon Bobo going for a ride and Marwell Wildlife Park's three snow leopard... read more
Impressive Weekly Animal Pictures: 2 September 2011
By: Mary Rose | Sep 7 2011
Emperor penguin Happy Feet making its way back to Antarctica, lovely image of “Lengua” dog, raccoon Bobo going for a ride and Marwell Wildlife Park's three snow leopard... read more
Effective Ways Celebrities Save Mother Earth
By: Mary Rose | Sep 5 2011
Building green, affordable houses, owning hybrid cars, using reusable bags and water bottles, and designing earth-friendly clothing lines are effective ways some celebrities save Mother Earth. Brad... read more
Past Hurricanes in New York: Most Terrible Pictures
By: Mary Rose | Aug 29 2011
Tropical Storm Irene was downgraded from a hurricane which headed to New York on Sunday killed at least 18 people and caused extensive damage. In fact, in New York... read more
Wonderful Floral Patterns in Nature
By: John Stevens | Aug 27 2011
Flowers are the gifts from nature. Besides, their significant role in nature and economy, they beautify the environment and make life more colorful and meaningful. Humans have long... read more
Sparkling Nature Under Camera Lens
By: Mary Rose | Jun 27 2011
National Geographic Magazine recorded the impressive scenery of nature in the previous week. Let's look at the impressive work of art is "collected" from all over the world: Sparkling Nature... read more
Impressive Weekly Animal Pictures: 06 June 2011
By: John Stevens | Jun 8 2011
You know, every walk of life is comprehensively reflected through the lens of photographs per day. Meanwhile, seven days ago, many impressive and funny photographs of animals... read more
Energy-Saving & Environment Friendly Led Light Bulbs
By: Green Sim | Jun 3 2011
Technological advancement is only possible through constant research and innovations. The latest example of such progress is the LED light bulb. Most research is carried out in order to find... read more
Functions Of A Sewage Treatment Plant
By: Anna Johnson | Jun 2 2011
Sewage treatment is very important in our society. It's an area that's often misunderstood if understood at all. Nevertheless, treatment plants have a number of important functions. How to identify... read more
Merapi in Indonesia: Most Dangerous Active Volcano
By: Mary Rose | May 26 2011
Scientists confirm that Grimsvotn, the most active volcano in Iceland, started erupting on Saturday that spread the fear of a repeat of eruption on the North Atlantic Island... read more
Light Up Your Homes With The New And Improved GU10 LED Bulbs
By: Green Sim | May 24 2011
GU10 LED bulbs are great for saving energy and cutting down on those astronomical electricity bills. These LED bulbs are typically known for emitting substantially less heat and are perfect... read more
LED Bulbs - Technology "Led" By Care
By: Green Sim | May 24 2011
Technology led by care - care for the environment - that is the first identity of the LED light bulb. LED or Light Emitting Diode bulbs are solid-state lamps that... read more
Rubbish Removal: Hire The Best Service Provider
By: Jessica Thomson | May 5 2011
Accumulation of waste on a daily basis for every commercial and household is a common phenomenon. Not all types of wastes are safe and secured for a human body. There... read more
10 tornadoes hit the U.S. state of at least 258 people were killed and nearly 40 years, the most dea
By: sunnyzx | May 4 2011
Extensive area in the southeastern United States suffered tornadoes and severe storms hit, causing losses of lives and property, has so far killed at least 258 people were... read more
Devastating Nature Disasters in 2011
By: Mary Rose | Apr 29 2011
2011 is a year of natural disasters. From Japan’s terrible earthquake to Australia’s flood, from Iowa’s tornado to Brazil’s mudslide, such wake up of nature cause serious damage... read more
Greenest States in United States
By: Mary Rose | Apr 26 2011
The pollution has become a serious problem to many countries around the world. People from worldwide, including many Americans, are trying to control and overcome this problem. However,... read more
Harvest Solar Power
By: Robinson Luke | Apr 23 2011
Using solar power is the best way of saving natural resources. It helps in conserving energy by utilizing natural sun light for the production of power. Solar panels capture sunlight and... read more
Earth Hour 2011: The World Goes Dark
By: Mary Rose | Mar 28 2011
As an appointment, Earth Hour 2011, organized by WWF, is observed around the world at 8:30 PM on Saturday 26th March 2011. On the special occasion,... read more
The mysterious lakes under the Antarctic ice sheets
By: Angle | Mar 22 2011
According to the British media Feb, 9 news, as Russian Antarctic east station scientists manipulate drill deep, the world's most mysterious escalating a lakes will uncover the... read more
Weekly Impressive Space Photos: March 14
By: Mary Rose | Mar 14 2011
People often feel curious about everything from the space because we rarely have opportunity to see it in the real world. However, the modern life with modern technologies nowadays... read more
The World's Cleanest Cities
By: Mary Rose | Mar 11 2011
When people think of cities, they image traffic jam, noise, and pollution. Many people just commute to work in the cities. They want to live in places... read more
Mysterious Dead Fish in California Harbor
By: Mary Rose | Mar 10 2011
While the mystery of birds just dropping out of the sky has not been solved, dead fish have added on the list of unexplained dead things. An estimated one... read more
Threatened Biodiversity Hotspots
By: Mary Rose | Mar 6 2011
Forests are the lungs of the earth and home to diverse species. They provide vital benefits for humans including erosion  prevention, shelter, timber, and recreation. However,... read more
ARkStorm - a 40 Day Atmospheric Flood Aimed Right at Southern California
By: Matt Isaacson | Feb 17 2011
Hard to believe 6 weeks of continuous rain, but that is what California scientists and first responders have to contend with in scenarios of possible catastrophes they face.... read more
World's Dirtiest Cities
By: Mary Rose | Jan 25 2011
Pollution is the most serious problem that many countries in the world are now facing. Pollution problems have made people worldwide suffer from many different dangerous diseases. It is so... read more
Best Tips for Prevention of Shark Attacks
By: Mary Rose | Jan 18 2011
If someone is keen on discovering ocean and experiencing such marvelous marine adventures, their biggest fear may be shark attacks. According to the statistics from the Florida Museum of... read more
10 Simple Tips to Control Your Cost of Living
By: GilbertTenorio | Jan 13 2011
Everyday we have cost of living. For example, we buy our groceries so that we have anything to eat for our meal. We use power regularly so we as... read more
Exploring Carbon Offsets
By: Dea David | Jan 12 2011
Carbon offsets are denigrated, insufficiently unregulated and little understood by the majority of people who would like to engaged in its undertakings. However; its popularity has skyrocketed for the... read more
Alternative Fuels
By: D. Perez | Jan 12 2011
The world needs transportation, a form of mobility for survival and development.  Today, it has become a common sight to see various mechanisms and creations on transportation. But... read more
National Flood School - "Australian Flood Damage Beyond Comprehension"
By: Jane Shepherd | Jan 12 2011
Experts from the National Flood School fear houses affected by the floods in Australia could suffer a total loss - with the scale of damage beyond comprehension. According to Chris Netherton,... read more
The Amazon Rainforest Experiences Second Drought in 5 years
By: Isla Campbell | Jan 11 2011
This year has marked the second year in a decade that a drought has stricken the Amazon river, with some of the world's largest river's tributaries drying up completely.... read more
Harmful effects of coal
By: D. Perez | Jan 11 2011
Coal is a form of fossil fuel that can be used to generate energy however it can also do harm to our environment and human health. According to a study,... read more
Gold rush in the solar energy sector
By: Andrews Boaz | Jan 10 2011
Solar energy investments are blooming across the world and in United Kingdom there is tremendous development. The feed-in tariff formed by the government of United Kingdom has motivated the installation... read more
Oil Spills and its threat to Marine Life
By: Andrews Boaz | Jan 10 2011
The world has much relied on the crude oil supplies, that are being supplied from the crude oil producing and exporting countries, which are present all around the... read more
Natural Energy and the Future of Mankind
By: Andrews Boaz | Jan 10 2011
The modern world can't do without energy, which is very much needed for ensuring all the individuals, a prosperous life and also a smoother economy for the entire... read more
Flooding investments for producing carbon-free world
By: Andrews Boaz | Jan 10 2011
Alternative energy investments, renewable energy, energy efficiency programs and global warming, these are the few words which we come across frequently in our daily news papers and... read more
Affects of Recession on Oil Drilling
By: Andrews Boaz | Jan 10 2011
Oil drilling around this world has till now provided plenty of jobs to people, for the past several decades. The trend of the oil drilling jobs has been quite... read more
Solar power - The best source of alternative energy
By: Andrews Boaz | Jan 10 2011
Sun is the major source of renewable energy and tremendous amount of energy is released from the sun. Incredible fact is that, the amount of energy radiated per second... read more
Oil wells for sale in South Padre Island attracts international drilling companies
By: Andrews Boaz | Jan 10 2011
The oil wells for sale in the 1000 acre land of South Padre Island have attracted the Victory Energy Corporation. Victory Energy Corporation, fast growing oil and natural gas... read more
Flashing gas and oil news across the world
By: Andrews Boaz | Jan 10 2011
The investors across the globe are showing greater interests, for producing investments in gas and oil sector. Most capitalists are aware of the risks involved in the gas and... read more
Indispensable need for energy investment
By: Andrews Boaz | Jan 10 2011
Every day enormous amount of fossil fuel is consumed by the mankind, which damages the environment very critically. Many researchers are experimenting day-and-night to reduce the usage of fossil... read more
Climate change threatens Indian agricultural growth
By: PROF GHULAM... | Jan 9 2011
Climate change threatens Indian agricultural growth. BY PROF Ghulam Mohyuddin Wani FORMER PROFESSOR, DIRECTOR OF SK AGRIC UNIVERSITY, Kashmir, AND CHIEF CONSULTANT AH GOVT OF INDIA, 4 BISMILLAH... read more
Electricity/Energy Deregulated: Attention Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas PECO Energy Users
By: Markco Polo | Jan 8 2011
Most Pennsylvania residents soon will see significant increases in their electricity bills. Many state lawmakers are concerned about the political backlash they will receive as a result. But it's important that residents... read more
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