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Better than children?-writing after the college entrance examination
By: Evangeline Selden | Jan 24 2012
Two important times handed down over lastly.In the two times, I always never concentrate on my whole efforts on doing function enterprise.I always think of those little men who were... read more
Most Ridiculous Taxes throughout History
By: Mary Rose | Aug 30 2010
Tax is to impose a financial charge or levy upon a taxpayer. It is crucial in our lives and is a source of government revenue. Strangely, governments appear to... read more
The US Healthcare Plan-Beneficial Or Not?
By: Jen Barnum | Aug 18 2010
The recent passing of the health-care plan by the government has caused much debate among the citizens of the United States. There are some people who are viewing the plan... read more
America's Health Care Crisis-Nationalized Health Care
By: Jen Barnum | Jul 17 2010
The enormity of the health care crisis goes well beyond those who are able to pay for services and those who are not. Although, it is important to realize... read more
Is Government Health Care Really The Answer?
By: Jen Barnum | Jul 15 2010
Health insurance has become a major subject of conversation in this country. When you start looking around there are people losing their jobs and this means a lot more uninsured... read more
Queen Elizabeth II visited New York on July 6th
By: Mary Rose | Jul 8 2010
The Britan's Queen Elizabeth II has just paid a visit to New York City on 6th July 2010. The purpose of her trip is to address the United Nations for... read more
Search Marriage Records Free
By: John Brenner | Sep 2 2007
Marriage Records: ). Did you know that you could now access public marriage records databases and worldwide public marriage marriage records directories without leaving your home? Thanks to the Internet,... read more
Perps Go South of the Border
By: Fabiola Castillo | Sep 2 2007
Mexico is a country decorated with sandy beaches, beautiful bronze-colored bikini clad women, and Tequilas under the sun. It is also a country known as a safe haven... read more
Divorce Records Of Divorse California
By: John Brenner | Aug 31 2007
Divorce Records: With just a few clicks you can now obtain the public records you need. A professional service that deals with helping you find court divorce records, will... read more
Free Divorce Records In California
By: John Brenner | Aug 31 2007
Divorce Records: All you have to do is search for "public record" sites and you'll find (for a fee usually) anything that you need to know. Although not all government... read more
Marriage Death Vital Records
By: John Brenner | Aug 29 2007
Marriage Records: You could conduct a full background check on friends and family search birth and adoption records find lost loved ones research your family history and find unlisted home... read more
The great greenwash: survival of the sustainable
By: Adam Singleton | Aug 28 2007
Global warming sceptics seem to have gone rather quiet recently. Whether you're a believer or not, sustainable practices and carbon counting are here to stay; and like it or... read more
Day Military Pay - How To Maximize The Money You Get Paid?
By: Livia Monroe | Aug 27 2007
Day Military Pay is given at the end of a pay period, usually at month end or on the first day of the following month. Day military pay schedules... read more
Search Divorce Records
By: John Brenner | Aug 26 2007
Divorce Records: Public records databases on the Internet encompass a wide range of directories including birth records criminal records court records property records tax records business records telephone directories and... read more
Divorce Records Texas
By: John Brenner | Aug 26 2007
Divorce Records: There are specialized portals that can provide access to a wide range of public records all in one site. Although not all government divorce divorce records are public... read more
What Happened To Our Democracy
By: Brian Ankner | Aug 24 2007
Dwight Eisenhower warned against the United States becoming predominately dependent on military power as a means for its security. The biggest change in American democratic history came about as a result of World War... read more
Need To Go Along To Get Along?
By: Robert Fobes | Aug 20 2007
NEED TO GO ALONG TO GET ALONG? BE A HYPOCRITE! EASY, 12-STEP GUIDE SHOWS YOU HOW! Where would we poor, contingent humans be if we could not invoke our... read more
Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Harvesting - a Unique Declaration
By: Robin Calamaio | Aug 18 2007
Preface This is an excerpt from the Ebook, "Abortion: How (and Why) Abortion Resides in the Weakest Form of Human Thought and Valuation" (pages 41-45). This comes rather late... read more
Choosing Hell's Furry
By: Jenica C. Prevost | Aug 14 2007
What is global warming: Global warming refers to an average increase in the Earth's temperature, which in turn causes erratic weather changes. The climate changes are extreme, unpredictable;... read more
Rumors of War
By: Michael Skinner | Aug 11 2007
We may not solve warfare or famine in your time. But the cure of all disease may be within our grasp. Imagine the if the trillions spent on "Wars of... read more
Cracking Down on Drunk Drivers
By: Denny Soisnki | Aug 9 2007
Using Sting Operations to Reduce Drunk Driving In our haste to crack down even harder on drunken drivers, we sometimes go overboard and venture into the ridiculous. A case in... read more
Should Alcohol Taxes Pay For Mental Health Programs? Do the Math
By: Denny Soisnki | Aug 9 2007
Improving the Mental Health System According to a news release that was dated May 9, 2006, the "Standing Senate Committee On Social Affairs, Science and Technology" in Canada... read more
Crooked Politicians
By: Brad Carver | Aug 7 2007
Crooked Politicians Why do we sit idly by and let politicians run our country and our lives into the ground? Why do we sit and watch them sell off our country... read more
Sicko: Who knew Michael Moore was a doctor, too?
By: Dominic Ambrose | Aug 2 2007
Michael Moore's documentaries are so powerful because they get at the heart and soul of American problems with searing clarity. Moore knows American psyche inside out, maybe because he... read more
How to choose motorcycle luggage?
By: pisan.trat@travel... | Aug 2 2007
For many of you who love travel by motorcycle may absolutely understand the importance of motorcycle luggage which makes you a lot comfortable during the trip. Travel by motorcycle is... read more
NYC Congestion Pricing...Fuggetaboutit
By: Joshua Levitt | Aug 1 2007
The latest high profile debate concerning New York City legislation has surrounded Mayor Bloomberg's efforts to pass the “congestion pricing plan” for reducing automobile congestion and carbon emissions. The plan... read more
Alex Kouri anuncia Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez Region Callao 2007
By: Steve Silvester | Jul 30 2007
Con la presencia del Gran Maestro Internacional del Peru, Julio Granda, el presidente del Gobierno Regional del Callao, Dr. Alex Kouri, anunció la realización del Torneo... read more
Gun thieves, and rights robbers.
By: Ryan Hills | Jul 29 2007
I assume we are all aware of the tragedy that has befallen the city of New Orleans, and those unfortunate people that have had to suffer through disaster on... read more
Business Plans for Grant Funding
By: Kevin Riley | Jul 28 2007
Business Plans for Grant Funding Any successful business plan for grant funding needs to highlight the barriers and risks involved with a project as well as the expectation of great success.... read more
Recycling: Argument against
By: Craig Secularman | Jul 27 2007
In a free market, technological progress naturally drives society towards more efficient fuels and more efficient fuels produce less waste. Waste reduction is a net benefit to business,... read more
Alex Kouri lanza paquete de obras en el Callao, Peru
By: Steve Silvester | Jul 26 2007
El presidente del Gobierno Regional del Callao (Peru), el Dr. Alexander Kouri Bumachar, lanzó un importante paquete de obras que comprende los sectores de educación, salud,... read more
Commercial Finance- Marketing to the African Marketplace
By: Gregg Elberg | Jul 16 2007
Commercial Finance- Marketing to the African Marketplace explores the involvement of the U.S. Export-Import Bank with financing programs to Sub-Saharan African Countries. One of the world's last ginormous emerging marketplaces... read more
Injuries that trigger mental anguish
By: Drago Marx | Jul 16 2007
When to sum the facts of life, the bad and the good thing will bubble up along with the delight and the depression affiliated to it. In any manner... read more
Legalize Prostitution? SHOCKING Poll Results Are In!
By: Dan And Jennifer | Jul 13 2007
Wow, what a ride... Two weeks ago we took a poll to see exactly how our readers feel about Prostitution. We asked:" title="Should we legalize prostitution?">"Should We Legalize Prostitution Now?" The... read more
Is the Sun Trying to Kill Us??
By: Joshua Crispino | Jul 1 2007
I have discovered that nature is out to get us. I will not use the term “global warming” because quite frankly, the term has been so overused that it... read more
Jump Start Your Political Campaign Using Lapel Pins
By: Rosana Levesque | Jun 29 2007
Think Political Campaign Pins are a new thing? Think again. It was actually George Washington the one to introduce the use of political buttons in New York, back in 1789.... read more
Understanding Government Mandated Benefits for the American People
By: John Luke Matthews | Jun 27 2007
Preparing for retirement can be a priority for some people, while others don't really care about securing their old age - instead, they'll just rely on social security... read more
By: hitesh patel | Jun 27 2007
THE HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE EURO-DOLLAR MARKET A. Introduction The development of the Euro-dollar market* (see endnote) can arguably be described as one of the most important transformations in international financial activity.... read more
War Financing Endangers Security
By: Robert Hormats | Jun 26 2007
NOTE: An older version of this article originally appeared in the Financial Times on May 18, 2007. INTRODUCTION The article below is based on Robert Hormats' terrific new book, "The... read more
By: J P RENIN | Jun 26 2007
What is E- Governance? It is the use of various forms of modern information and communication technologies such as Internet, Intranet, local area networks [LAN], wide area networks... read more
In a World of Competing Realities
By: Stan Moody | Jun 22 2007
In a World of Competing Realities By Stan Moody I was struck by two realities while visiting the Holocaust Museum in Israel… The first reality is that oppression and genocide can be... read more
Sufficiency Economy is Philosophy or Economy System ?
By: tewarit maneechay | Jun 21 2007
Sufficiency Economy is Philosophy or Economy System ? What is Sufficiency Economy ? Between are Philosophy or Economy System or both. Unofficial translation from major trend of Thai Social(read about Thai... read more
Campaign time again
By: Philip Nicosia | Jun 19 2007
Politicians are everywhere once more. They're on television, radio, billboards, the Internet and on the streets going around the country promoting their team and themselves. Their staff... read more
Bush pays tribute to Washington
By: Philip Nicosia | Jun 14 2007
President George W. Bush has likened the war on global terrorism that he initiated to the war fought by the first American president and his namesake George Washington to promote... read more
Gov't Only Informs People Not Discourage Them With Payday Loans
By: Paul Selibio | Jun 14 2007
It is a fact that Payday loan lenders provide valuable service to millions of Americans and the American Government should not trample it. According to survey, currently, payday... read more
The State of Canada Before The Next Federal Elections
By: Roy Whyte | Jun 11 2007
Ask yourself this question - are you happy with Canada as it stands right now? If you answered no, don't worry you are in the majority. The reasons vary,... read more
President Searching With a Fine Tooth Comb
By: Ajeet Khurana | Jun 7 2007
With the race for the President's post heating up, the question on everybody's mind is "Who will be the next President of the United States?" And this is not... read more
By: Andrew Rideout | Jun 3 2007
There has been a startling amount of debate in health and nutrition-related blogs surrounding a recent acknowledgment by America's Food & Drug Administration that certain Frito-Lay products will begin carrying... read more
Computers don't lose their memory with age.
By: Tim Margeson | Jun 1 2007
Discarded PCs, laptops and servers may contain confidential patient information Data privacy in today's age of the Internet, online information repositories and e-government has become more complex, particularly... read more
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