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Need To Replace Your Lost Or Outdated Green Card?
By: Nicole McGuire | Mar 26 2012
A Green Card, also known as a Permanent Resident Card, is one of the most important proofs for an immigrant that verifies their status as a... read more
Let love start
By: Evangeline Selden | Mar 12 2012
Her name is "Yang Luxuan". She is a bad little young lady, in her 5th rank of main universities, created in 2000, 11 decades of age. She... read more
The Characteristics of My Colds
By: Evangeline Selden | Mar 12 2012
I do not know if it has become a custom of my own, but the truth is that I always get a bad freezing at the starting of a... read more
Government Vows to Clamp Down on Immigration Fraud in Immigration Services Sector
By: Visa Immigration | Feb 14 2012
The victims are often left thousands of pounds out of pocket and receive no form of help or guidance from these bogus companies, which leave their targets distressed and... read more
The Advantage of Retaining a Canadian Immigration Lawyer
By: Steven Tress | Nov 5 2011
Having an experienced and knowledgeable Canadian Immigration Lawyer, whether the client is in or outside of Canada, is essential when dealing with Canadian authorities. Keeping up with the... read more
Study Visa And Immigration Consultants In,Chandigarh Punjab And India
By: Robet morkal | Jun 29 2011
Escalating demand for a pre-set number of places results in many suitably qualified individuals being denied, as only the best prepared applications will be accepted. A professional and experienced... read more
Acquisition of US Citizenship
By: Shawn Hu | May 3 2011
Oftentimes, people in the US mistakenly believe they are not US citizens when in fact they are. Adoption, birth abroad and birth by an unmarried couple, where... read more
F-1 Student Visas and Employment
By: Shawn Hu | May 3 2011
F-1 student visa holders studying in the United States have many options concerning employment opportunities. This article will discuss some of the options available to student visa holders to work... read more
Extend or Change Non Immigrant Visa Status
By: Nicole McGuire | Jan 20 2011
Nonimmigrant status is one that is temporary in nature, whereas an immigrant status is permanent. B-1/B-2 visa status falls under non immigrant status. Work... read more
How to Apply for Green Card Lottery and Get Legal Residence in the US
By: Samuel Beckett | Jan 12 2011
Perhaps all of us know how a regular lottery works. It is indeed exciting to know that you enter the lottery and if you are selected in random you win... read more
Immigration Solicitors - A Guide To Choosing One
By: Mark Walters | Jan 12 2011
Are you considering pursuing legal immigration to the United States? Have you considered all that will be involved as you undertake this task? Filing for legal immigration can be a... read more
Why to consult DC immigration lawyer
By: Get Leads Fast | Jan 12 2011
While migrating to another country, it is important for you to have knowledge about the concerning immigration laws. If you are shifting for the first time and you don't... read more
EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program
By: Brittany Castellano | Jan 12 2011
Foreign nationals seeking potential residency in the United States have numerous immigration programs at their disposal, however one of the fastest ways that is becoming the most preferred method... read more
The UK Border Agency - Tough on Immigration or Just Tough on Immigrants?
By: Migra & Co | Jan 12 2011
In one of the most eventful years in immigration history, 2010 saw new immigration policies introduced that have caused controversy and divided opinion amongst politicians and UK employers alike. What... read more
Immigration Lawyer For Your Immigration Needs
By: Nancy Shevell | Jan 11 2011
Legal professionals are no different than other people. You'll find good people as well as difficult ones just like wonderful chefs as well as poor cooks. It is possible to... read more
Five guidelines on selecting the right family lawyer California!
By: Get Leads Fast | Jan 10 2011
In case you are stuck into some family matter that requires legal action, in such a situation, one of the only ways to settle down the situation would... read more
Immigration to Canada
By: Julia Robert | Jan 9 2011
Residing and working in Canada is the dream of people around the world. Canada welcomes thousands of legal immigrants each year from differnt parts of the world. Immigration to Canada is... read more
How to Get E2 Visa
By: Julia Robert | Jan 9 2011
Visas are single entry documents and are usually issued for different categories. Basically, without migration to the United States, it is the purchase of an entry to the... read more
Australia Spouse Visa
By: Julia Robert | Jan 9 2011
Spouse visa for Australia is  certainly the most popular Australian visa. At the same time, it is also one of the most difficult to implement and achieve. This is... read more
K1 visa Vs Form I 130
By: Paul Anderson | Jan 7 2011
Most people who wish to help their fiance(e) immigrate to US have a doubt on what form to file, whether K1 visa or Form I 130. It depends on... read more
Things to consider while applying for a green card
By: Get Leads Fast | Jan 7 2011
Are you planning to migrate to a new country? It will be a great idea for you to know all the immigration law of the country. Incase you are moving... read more
Tips for finding expert Virginia immigration lawyer
By: Get Leads Fast | Jan 6 2011
Are you migrating to other country? Well if yes is the answer then you must get along with professional Virginia immigration lawyer. Lawyers know everything related to immigration procedure and... read more
Understanding the DV Lottery Program
By: Samuel Beckett | Jan 6 2011
As the DV lottery program is a much awaited program every year for most of the aspirants who wish to live and work in the US, it becomes necessary... read more
Residence Requirements to Apply for US Citizenship
By: Samuel Beckett | Jan 5 2011
Though there are some substantive requirements for citizenship, the most important one, considered to be the most complex is the residence in the US. A place of general... read more
USA Green Card Visa Lottery
By: Julia Robert | Jan 4 2011
Would you participate in the lottery program green card for free? Before that here are some important points you need to know about the Diversity Visa Lottery program (DV). The... read more
Green Card Lottery USAFIS United States Immigration Part Two Hundred Sixty Seven
By: Clyde Thorburn | Jan 1 2011
The green card dv lottery believes that it is important to discuss the events leading up to the implementation of Operation Wetback and the Bracero Program in order to understand... read more
Tier 4 applications and funds available in an overseas bank account
By: Shwan | Jan 1 2011
HM and others (PBS- legitimate expectation - paragraph 245ZX(I)) Malawi [2010] UKUT 446 (IAC) (08 December 2010) The appellants are nationals from Malawi. The main appellant is the applicant and the... read more
stablished presence' A student who has such a presence will need to show maintenance for only two months
By: Shwan | Jan 1 2011
DN (student; course 'completed'; 'established presence') Kenya [2010] UKUT 443 (IAC) The case looked at the maintenance requirements under Appendix C of the Immigration Rules and in particular, who qualified... read more
An application cannot be made under the Long Residence Rule for only limited leave to remain in uk the court held
By: Shwan | Jan 1 2011
MU ('statement of additional grounds' - long residence - discretion) Bangladesh [2010] UKUT 442 (IAC) This case was heard on 9h November 2010 at Filed House. The appellant is a Bangladeshi... read more
Employment Based Green Card
By: Paul Anderson | Dec 30 2010
Permanent Residents or Green Card holders are authorized to live and work permanently in the United States. United States offers green cards to people in various ways and one of... read more
Green Card DV Lottery Part Three Hundred Sixty Six
By: Clyde Thorburn | Dec 30 2010
The green card dv lottery found that the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) estimates that around one million three hundred thousand illegal Mexican aliens or immigrants were forced... read more
Green Card DV Lottery Part Three Hundred Sixty Five
By: Clyde Thorburn | Dec 29 2010
The green card dv lottery also realised throughout their related United states immigration studies that the immigration authorities only appointed a very small group of people to enforce Operation Wetback.... read more
Green Card DV Lottery Part Three Hundred Sixty Four
By: Clyde Thorburn | Dec 28 2010
Spreading out from the Rio Grande valley the green card dv lottery found through its related United States immigration studies that Operation Wetback started moving northwards into the United States... read more
What is the process of obtaining a Green Card?
By: Samuel Beckett | Dec 27 2010
A Green Card, which is otherwise called as Permanent Resident Card acts as an authorization of a individual's lawful permanent resident status in the United States. An individual with... read more
Denmark Pay Limit Scheme
By: Julia Robert | Dec 27 2010
The pay limit Scheme Those who were offered a paying job were particularly easy access to the Danish labor market. There is no specific requirement for education, a field or... read more
Green Card Lottery how it works
By: Samuel Beckett | Dec 27 2010
Most of us understand how a basic lottery works. You buy a ticket, enter the draw and if you are selected from the list you stand to win a... read more
UK student visa and conditions of stay
By: Shwan | Dec 25 2010
SAB and others (students-serious breach of conditions - Article 8) Ghana [2010] UKUT 441 (IAC) (07 December 2010) This case concerned appellants originating from Ghana in the UK on student visas.... read more
New UK Visa application centre in Beijing, China
By: Shwan | Dec 25 2010
The UK has opened a new visa application centre in Beijing, China in order to provide a better service for the ever increasing demands from Chinese nationals travelling to... read more
Discrimination Lawyer / Attorney - New Jersey NJ
By: Bornsteinlawfirm | Dec 25 2010
If you are a person or in a business facing discrimination allegations or want to actively prevent discrimination in your work area, the law firm can advise on your... read more
Overseas Tier 1 General to close
By: Shwan | Dec 25 2010
The new Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules (HC 698) The first of the changes to the Immigration Rules will be to close the Tier 1 General category of the... read more
Green Card DV Lottery Part Three Hundred Sixty Three
By: Clyde Thorburn | Dec 25 2010
The green card dv lottery in its United States immigration studies discovered that as a result of the United States Immigration Service being pressurised to allow Mexicans to cross the... read more
Green Card DV Lottery Part Three Hundred Sixty Two
By: Clyde Thorburn | Dec 23 2010
As the green card dv lottery continued with its studies on Operation Wetback and the associated Bracero Program it found that World War Two and the time after the war... read more
Who Can Apply for K3 Visa?
By: Paul Anderson | Dec 23 2010
  Living in the US after marrying can be boring if the spouse or family is not with you. Such people by all means try to bring their family as well... read more
Green Card DV Lottery Part Three Hundred Sixty One
By: Clyde Thorburn | Dec 22 2010
The fact that Mexican people were crossing the Mexican border into the United States illegally caused the Mexican and American governments to negotiate and implement what was eventually known to... read more
UK Spouse Visa : New case law regarding the age limit on spouses applying for leave to enter the UK
By: Shwan | Dec 22 2010
In the case of Quila & Anor v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2010] EWCA Civ 1482 (21 December 2010), the Courts considered at length, the... read more
Withdrawal of R(S) policy dealing with asylum claims which may have lost the benefit of an ELR policy as a result of delay
By: Shwan | Dec 21 2010
This is appears to be in response to the recent decision in R (on the application of K) v Secretary of State for the Home Office [2010] EWHC 3102 (Admin):  In... read more
Becoming A UK Citizen : An Overview Of The Process
By: Mark Walters | Dec 21 2010
Shakespeare, rolling countryside, red phone boxes and the Queen. If all the charms of the UK have made you think about moving there, you should wise up... read more
Green Card DV Lottery Part Three Hundred Sixty
By: Clyde Thorburn | Dec 21 2010
The creation and implementation of Operation Wetback during nineteen fifty four, as discovered by the green card dv lottery during related studies, had as its sole objective the... read more
The Iraqi respondent (R's) right to family life precluded his removal from the UK, even in the face of his criminal convictions
By: Shwan | Dec 21 2010
The Secretary of State for the Home Department v Respondent [2010] UKUT B1 (10 December 2010) The Iraqi respondent (R's) right to family life precluded his removal from the UK,... read more
Green Card DV Lottery Part Three Hundred Fifty Nine
By: Clyde Thorburn | Dec 20 2010
At the end of July nineteen fifty four, the green card dv lottery learned that Operation Wetback had apprehended fifty thousand illegal aliens or immigrants, in tota, l... read more
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