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A brief guide to Property Law
By: Mich Steve | Mar 6 2013
However, in the legal sphere, the term is in the most standard use in the area of law known as the real estate law - the law applying... read more
Intelligent Steps in Finding Car Accident Lawyer New Haven
By: jasica jone | Dec 6 2012
Finding of reputable car accident lawyer, such as car accident lawyer New Haven is one of the difficult processes for people involved in car accidents. Despite you may find... read more
Chicago Accident Lawyer
By: Hector Obrien | Jan 9 2012
Accident lawyers work on a variety of cases, such as auto accidents and workplace accidents. Car accident attorneys defend their client's rights and have to know a overabundance of... read more
LLP Registrations - Benefits of LLP Registration in India
By: chaman goyal | Feb 4 2011
Partnerships are commercial vehicles that combine the features of partnership and company form of business. The main concept of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has been introduced in India by way... read more
The Laws of Late Night TV
By: Martin Carbone | Jan 9 2011
By now everyone is likely familiar with the whole Tonight Show controversy surrounding Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. In terms of a legal standpoint, there is a virtual buffet... read more
Boston DUI lawyer Must Read
By: Louie Jane M.... | Jan 4 2011
If you're reading this article you probably got you license suspended for driving under the influence. It is normal to feel scared or confused at such times. However, the... read more
Maryland Will and Last Testament used to designate beneficiaries of your estate
By: Michael Dar | Dec 19 2010
A Maryland Will and Last Testament is a very critical legal document that become particularly important when the time comes to divide up the assets of your estate. Your estate... read more
Toronto Traffic Ticket
By: Lance Peters | Dec 16 2010
There are ever so many ways of breaking the law while driving a car.  Some are minor infringements and others are more serious.  The rule of thumb is that the... read more
Whether tax credits would be considered as recourse to public funds in entry clearance applications
By: Shwan | Dec 11 2010
GS (public funds - tax credits) India [2010] UKUT 419 (IAC) This case considered whether tax credits would be considered as recourse to public funds. It was held that paragraph 6C... read more
Patent and Trade-Secret
By: Rana Pratap Thakur | Dec 9 2010
"Patents" and "Trade-secrets" are used by companies and organizations to protect their inventions and discoveries from being copied unlawfully. Most of the companies often face a choice between these two... read more
How To Protect Your Intellectual Property: 4 Easy Ways To Protect Your Intellectual Property
By: Maria Anassutzi | Dec 4 2010
1 a- Intellectual property indicates a range of different rights some are registered rights some are unregistered. Registered rights: these are granted on application to an official body such as... read more
Can employees/contract labourers be deemed as 'producers' under Geographical Indication (GI) Act ?
By: R.S. Praveen Raj | Nov 30 2010
Subsequent to my application for the rectification of GI No. 121 'Tirupathi Laddu', I have written a letter to the GI Registry with the following contents.   "The crux of the matter... read more
Protecting 'interest of producers' is the legislative intent of GI statute
By: R.S. Praveen Raj | Nov 5 2010
Section 11(1) of Geographical Indication of Goods Act, 1999 says - Any association of persons or producers or any organisation or authority established by or under law for the... read more
Plea filed before Registry for removal of Tirupati Laddu from GI Register
By: R.S. Praveen Raj | Oct 27 2010
Taking cognisance of the news reports on the Madras High Court's order directing the petitioner J. Mohanraj in the public interest writ petition WP 20749/2009 to approach IPAB or GI Registry... read more
How to Choose London Solicitors?
By: Torry Wilson | Oct 22 2010
In normal routine life, people face so many problems during which he or she may stuck into a serious dilemma. In such situations, it is important for people... read more
Company Incorporation and Various Important Legal Registrations Services
By: Chaman Goyal | Oct 11 2010
Incorporation of a company is the process of forming a new corporation that is a corporation being a legal entity that is effectively recognized as a person under the law.... read more
Company and IPR Law Solutions with Experienced Law Firms
By: Chaman Goyal | Sep 27 2010
In India, law firms have played an important role for development of the economy by handling various types of business law issues at the international level. For developing countries... read more
Is 'sanctity' a GI attribute ? Can dishes be granted GI ?
By: R.S. Praveen Raj | Sep 21 2010
Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration & Protection) Act, 1999 has been enacted to protect "goods" that originates from a particular place, where a given quality, reputation or... read more
Is This The End Of The Copycat Era?
By: Lewis Round | Sep 16 2010
It is currently estimated that approximately 7.5 million people worldwide are engaging in illegal file-sharing, with 95% of all music files exchanged online being unlicensed and unpaid for. Media... read more
Eight Tips For Inventors Planning To File A Patent Application
By: Frederic Douglas | Sep 14 2010
1. When you get your stroke of genius and come up with an idea, WRITE IT DOWN! You need to create a record of invention before going any further. You... read more
Latest Legal Developments in the UK
By: Maria Anassutzi | Sep 8 2010
1- ASA new online powers: e-commerce businesses and social media sites have six months to get ready! The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK's independent advertising regulator, adjudicates on... read more
Controller General's affidavit in 'Attukal deity trademark' case supports the temple trust
By: R.S. Praveen Raj | Sep 1 2010
Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademarks filed, on 2nd december, their counter affidavit before Kerala High Court in the 'suo motu' case against the grant of... read more
Durable Vs Springing Power of Attorney - Which One Do You Need?
By: Paul Kraft | Aug 31 2010
One of the most important documents you should have in your estate plan is a Power of Attorney. But do a little research on POAs and you'll discover there's more than... read more
Use UK Intellectual Property Law to Protect Your Bright Ideas
By: Tim Bishop | Aug 31 2010
Eureka! Remember Archimedes in his bath? While the concept of having a bright idea is centuries old, the thought that it could have legal protection is relatively new. The... read more
Action to Quiet Title
By: Simon Waker... | Jul 19 2010
An action to quiet title is more like a lawsuit which is filed in a court to claim ownership of a property. It is filed in a court which has... read more
Probate | Estate Administration | Wills and Estates (Part 2): Accessing a Deposited Will
By: DynamicLawyers | Jul 9 2010
Wills and Estates Please note that the information provided herein is not legal advice and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. It may not be up to date. Laws... read more
Building Law Reports
By: Bharat Book Bureau | Jul 8 2010
Building Law Reports Established for over 30 years and edited by leading barristers at Atkin Chambers, Building Law Reports are widely recognised as the leading set of law reports for... read more
Free Quick Claim Deed For Your Property Title Transfer
By: deepak | Jul 7 2010
If you are married and want your wife to share your property, how can you bring her into your property title? You can simply sign Free Quick Claim Deed... read more
Power of Attorney Form Authorizing an Agent to Represent You
By: deepak | Jul 7 2010
What is power of Attorney and why do you need it? To answer such question, it is necessary to understand the reason, for issuing this legal document on... read more
Benefits of understanding the value of your IP
By: Tyron Stading | Jun 15 2010
IP can be expensive to develop, commercialize and maintain—so we intuitively understand that it has value. Many IP professionals wonder, though, just what makes it valuable and... read more
When Can You Use Your Trademark?
By: Marilyn Taylor | Jun 14 2010
So you have finally come up with a way to identify yourself from the competition, what do you do now?  The obvious answer is to register your trademark.  Next... read more
Using a Law Firm for Trademark Filing
By: Marilyn Taylor | Jun 14 2010
So, filing for a trademark seems difficult to do yourself, and you are correct, it is very difficult if you don't have experience in the field.  However,... read more
The Price of Trademarks
By: Marilyn Taylor | Jun 14 2010
So you have been thinking about filing a trademark for use, but then you stopped to think about filing for an intent-to-use application.  How much does each cost is... read more
ETEAS and ETEAS Plus Systems
By: Marilyn Taylor | Jun 14 2010
If you are thinking about filing with the USPTO for a trademark, the most obvious question to come to mind is, "How much does registering a trademark cost?" ... read more
Checking Your Trademark kin Databases
By: Marilyn Taylor | Jun 14 2010
Keeping up with the pace of your trademark being infringed upon can be tiring and exhausting.  However, you filed a trademark for a reason, namely to retain the... read more
Monitoring Your Trademark on Google
By: Marilyn Taylor | Jun 14 2010
If you are looking for trademark infringement only on the USPTO website and such, there is a very high chance that you are missing a large portion of what... read more
The USPTO for Trademarks
By: Marilyn Taylor | Jun 14 2010
Obviously, individuals and companies get a trademark for a reason, namely to maintain the integrity of their brand and to separate themselves from the competition.  However, one... read more
IPR law firms - 365companies Leader in offering IPR Services
By: Chaman Goyal | Jun 14 2010
IPR law firms offering IPR Services at affordable price to our global clients according to client's requirements and expectations completely. To enhance customer satisfaction thorough offering quality IPR Services and... read more
Can Your Intellectual Property Be Stolen?
By: Art Saborio | Jun 14 2010
Intellectual Property is something that is created by you and sold online or physically in a store. Your Intellectual Property are things that consist of anything you may have thought... read more
Why the Legal Services Act is a Great Opportunity For IP Lawyers to Grow Their Practices
By: Eria Odhuba | Jun 13 2010
Every now and then, some legislation comes into force that gets many professional services businesses terrified about the changes they have to make to in order to survive. If you... read more
Using Seminars to Convert Prospects For Intellectual Property Legal Professionals Into Clients
By: Eria Odhuba | Jun 3 2010
A couple of weeks ago, I got a letter from a law firm inviting me to a seminar covering employment law. Now, I am sure the content for... read more
Power Of Attorney: 6 Factors You Should Consider When Nominating the Best Agent
By: Sutiyo Na | May 27 2010
  Ever wondered how your modest finances or properties are handled, in case something occurs to you or you will have to go away somewhere? In that case consider the... read more
Company Law Firms With Their New Services Like Company Incoprporation and Business Registration
By: Chaman Goyal | May 27 2010
As with the increasing number of companies that are getting launched with their different product or services, raises the demand of law firms in India. Now day's the technology... read more
Let Your Tenants Be Part of a Homeowner's Association in Your Landlord Forms
By: james kahn | May 27 2010
Place in your landlord forms to allow your tenant to be part of a Homeowner's Association most especially when they living in a subdivision or a good small community. In... read more
Miami Beach Business Lawyer
By: Mark Stylan | May 26 2010
A reliable business lawyer can help your company in any way and put it out from any kind of problem that may pose a potential lawsuit. It simply means that... read more
Portfolio Optimization In Three Stages
By: Corey Rozon | May 26 2010
As your intellectual property progresses and grows it is very important to adjust your portfolio to take advantage of the ever-changing technologies in the current marketplace. Since every situation and... read more
Division of Property During a Divorce
By: Farhan Hassen | May 24 2010
In a Divorce proceeding, the Court has the power to "justly and equitably" award property. Therefore, it is extremely important to note that the Court does not automatically... read more
Cybersquatting Under the UDRP & ACPA - One Arbitrator's Insights For UDRP Respondents
By: | Apr 16 2010
Cybersquatting is big business. But many domainers simply fail to appreciate cybersquatting law. In this article, one UDRP arbitrator weighs in on common mistakes and misconceptions about the UDRP. We... read more
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