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Tucson Injury Lawyer
By: Georgette Owens | Jan 9 2012
Accidents can happen at any time, and you will rarely be given a heads up. You can, however, obtain a heads up about how to choose the... read more
Chicago Personal Injury Attorney
By: Hector Obrien | Jan 9 2012
If you find the need to hire a personal injury attorney, it is quite important to hire legal representation that has had prior experience handling personal injury law cases.... read more
Find A Solicitor In Your Area For All Of Your Legal Needs
By: Jerry Howell | Dec 7 2011
If for any reason you find you need a solicitor in the UK, you can easily Find a solicitor online. There are online companies available that can help you... read more
Discover How A Solicitor Search Can Help You Find The Best Divorce Lawyers
By: Jerry Howell | Dec 7 2011
No matter where you live in the UK, if you find that you are in need of a family law solicitor, you can find a number of solicitors... read more
Colorado Bankruptcy Attorney
By: Shelby Lara | Nov 15 2011
I was in a consultation the other day with a potential client. He had been unemployed for several months, so I asked him how he had been making ends... read more
Charleston Alimony Attorney
By: Marcia Sanders | Oct 7 2011
Any person going through divorce proceedings can be awarded alimony payments that are to be paid by his or her former spouse. Sometimes this is decided by a court,... read more
Brooklyn Accident Attorney
By: Neva Nguyen | Oct 4 2011
If you have suffered injuries in any type of accident that are serious enough to merit legal representation, you deserve adequate compensation for yourself and your family. This means... read more
The Role of a Trust in Disability Planning
By: Richard Schneider | Jan 12 2011
One aspect of estate planning involves disability planning, which is creating a contingency plan in case of incapacitation in later years.  A living trust is one estate planning tool... read more
Four Reasons to Consider a Living Trust
By: Richard Schneider | Jan 11 2011
A living trust is a powerful estate planning tool, and we discuss four reasons a family should consider using this tool within their estate plan. --------------------- A living trust is a... read more
By: Emiley David | Jan 4 2011
Business litigation is that area of law that provides help in the preparation and presentation of a lawsuit or other resort to the courts to determine a legal matter or... read more
Doing Business in Cuba and law group
By: Ashley | Dec 21 2010
  If you are starting a business, it is important to understand your options. Different corporate entities have different benefits and formalities that must be followed. Your choice of corporate... read more
Senior Divorce
By: Josh D. Simon | Dec 16 2010
It may come as a surprise to learn that a segment of the population isuntying the knot more frequently than ever before: seniors. Why Senior Divorce is on the Rise A variety... read more
Avril Lavigne finalizes divorce from Sum 41 singer
By: Josh D. Simon | Dec 13 2010
Canadian rock star Avril Lavigne has a new reason to sing "When You're Gone". It's because her husband is now gone, officially. The punk-pop singer, 26, and Sum... read more
Comic George Lopez's wife wants a divorce
By: Deborah Lynn Zutter | Dec 8 2010
George Lopez doesn't have much to laugh about these days, as far as his love life is concerned. The Mexican-American comedian's wife of 17 years, Ann Serrano,... read more
Charlie Sheen Files for Divorce
By: Josh D. Simon | Dec 3 2010
Both People Magazine and report that 1 of the 2 and a half men is heading towards divorce. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller filed their separate divorce law papers yesterday... read more
Randy Travis Divorces after 19 Years
By: Josh D. Simon | Nov 30 2010
As reported by Colorado Springs', country singing and songwriting (former) superstar Randy Travis has divorced his manager and wife, Elizabeth ("Liz"). The divorce law papers, filed on... read more
By: Emiley David | Nov 26 2010
Horses have played an indispensable role in human history known for its intelligence and sensitive nature Horses suffered untold abuse and neglect in work, war, and so-called entertainment... read more
Utilizing an Offshore Consulting Company in Panama
By: Graham Gallagher | Nov 25 2010
Panama is progressively turning into 'the' place to host an offshore company account.  As with other small tropical islands; mainly in the Caribbean, Panama has several advantages such as... read more
Greg Norman marries interior designer Kirsten Kutner
By: Josh D. Simon | Nov 22 2010
Australian golf legend Greg Norman hasn't let his rough divorce from Chris Evert slow him down. Less than a year later, he's already hitched again -- to his alleged... read more
Ethical Duties Of Real Estate Attorneys
By: ccbrownlaw | Nov 10 2010
There are many professional duties and fundamental ethics available where a real estate attorney easily explains about the client. Being honest in the real estate litigation: Normally a real estate lawyer should... read more
New ADR & Mediation Guide Featured in the November 2010 issue Arizona Attorney magazine
By: Alberto Stellpflug | Nov 6 2010
Phoenix-Mesa, AZ  - Arbitration, the trial alternative, has seen significant changes in recent years, and Arizona Attorney magazine covers them in its November 2010 issue with... read more
Dallas gay couple's right to divorce rejected
By: Deborah Lynn Zutter | Oct 29 2010
DALLAS -- While California legislature continues to flip back and forth on Proposition 8, a different kind of controversy over same-sex marriage is happening over in Texas. There,... read more
Fundamentals of professional negligence
By: Ray Kersten | Oct 28 2010
Most of us have heard of professional negligence, but certainly we are not aware of its consequences. The most common perception of professional negligence is the indifferent attitude of... read more
Web Copy Legality: What You Need to Know
By: Michelle Salater | Oct 28 2010
Have you ever thought about whether your marketing copy is legally accurate? The truth is you need to be just as careful about what your business publishes as you are... read more
Legal service is gaining importance day by day
By: articlemaster | Oct 20 2010
A lawyer, according to Black's Law Dictionary, is "a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law. The... read more
Tips to hire a California business lawyer
By: Emiley David | Oct 15 2010
A business lawyer is a professional who serves business in gaining huge capital and reaching top of its business growth chart. The lawyer is specialized in handling all sorts of... read more
Requirements for Patent Protection in the UK
By: honylyn | Oct 15 2010
There are a number of points which must be considered before applying for a patent for a product or process within the UK. The following must be ascertained: 1. Whether the invention... read more
Guys in White Hats
By: Pace Lattin | Oct 14 2010
Internet advertisers have been getting a free ride. While the folks who purvey spam and adware have been getting lots of attention, the people behind the products advertised in... read more
Social Media for Lawyers
By: Chronis | Oct 12 2010
Social media is all about developing relationships. Blogging and using social networking sites such as Linked-In, Facebook and twitter allow you to reach a wide audience of potential clients. ... read more
Understanding the validity of your will
By: Charles Johnson | Oct 12 2010
Can a will written on a piece of wood be considered as a legal document? Isn't it seems to be a filmy story? Yes, it is a story but... read more
Internet as a Legal Research Tool
By: Genny Brown | Oct 8 2010
In recent times Internet has become a primary method of conducting legal research. Individuals have been using the internet to find information regarding various matters such as lawsuits, legal... read more
Service of English Legal Proceedings outside England
By: Leigh Ellis | Oct 6 2010
Service of documents is about bringing the legal proceedings to the attention of the defendant. It is important, as a court will not wish make orders contrary to a... read more
Oregon Personal Injury Law Firms
By: jamesrake | Sep 14 2010
This article is an overview of the Rhode Island Personal Injury, slip and fall and car accident claims process. This article answers the following questions- How do Rhode Island... read more
Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?
By: jamesrake | Sep 10 2010
You can bet the defendant and his insurance company are working diligently to limit or eliminate their liability. Selecting a personal injury attorney early on is the best way to... read more
Debt Relief: What Are the Alternatives to Bankruptcy?
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
For the millions of Americans struggling with debt, there are a lot of voices that claim to help. Unfortunately, the variety and differences in the options can be... read more
Protect Your Vehicle From The Repo Man With Bankruptcy
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
Falling behind on payments for any type of vehicle happens to the best of us. Sometimes life deals you adversity that you didn't expect. It may start with an unexpected... read more
Does My Chapter 13 Payment Change With My Income?
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
The decision to file for bankruptcy is not one to take lightly. With the multiple bankruptcy plans available and the changes to bankruptcy law that occurred in 2005, it... read more
Bankruptcy for Small Businesses
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
The entrepreneurial spirit is one of the touchstones of American culture that has made our country so strong. The willingness of driven individuals to step out and risk their financial... read more
What Are Five Benefits of Bankruptcy?
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
Bankruptcy is not something to jump into haphazardly. Chances are, if you are considering bankruptcy, you have considered every option possible to dig yourself out of debt. If... read more
Bankruptcy Property Exemptions
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
The process of bankruptcy offers debtors a clean slate when they are overwhelmed by financial burdens. Once a bankruptcy case is completed, however, the debtor will still need... read more
How To Protect College Funds In Bankruptcy
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
The cost of a college education has skyrocketed in recent years and there appears to be no end to tuition increases. For the 2009-2010 school year, the average cost... read more
What Happens If I Don't Make My Chapter 13 Payment?
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
No one plans on dramatic financial changes, but they happen. When changes do arise to an individual in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they might be misled into believing there... read more
New Bankruptcy Law Explained
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
On October 17, 2005, new bankruptcy law went into effect, changing the process of filing for bankruptcy throughout the United States. This new shift in law requires... read more
Is It Possible To Own a Home After Bankruptcy?
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
One of the most common misconceptions people have about bankruptcy is that by filing, they will never be able own a home again. While bad credit can be a... read more
How To Protect Your Investments In Bankruptcy
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
Serious financial problems rarely happen when you expect them. Personal injuries or other illnesses that leave you disabled can cause huge medical bills to pile up yet cut off the... read more
The importance of managing human resources
By: Dirk Rowell | Sep 9 2010
Managing resources within a business can be time consuming and can cost money. In order to ensure your business run efficiently you need to keep on top of them. The... read more
Bankruptcy Exemptions What Is Eligible?
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly referred to as "liquidation" bankruptcy. It cancels debt entirely in the course of approximately three months and is an attractive option for many people considering... read more
What Are the Differences Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
By: Bass.Franklin | Sep 9 2010
Being in debt can be a stressful, confusing, and often scary situation. It can feel like you are in a deep hole and all you want to do... read more
Avail legal advice from the best law firm of Charlotte NC
By: articlemaster | Aug 18 2010
However there are certain times when you are in great need of such a person who want to come out from a situation just similar to that of hell. Because... read more
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