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Dissertation Writing
By: frazierleiter47@g... | May 20 2011
Dissertation writing gives you a chance to showcase your ability and originality, to make a mark on the professors, and to highlight your competence as a researcher. Remember... read more
Weekly Impressive Wildlife in Pictures: May 2
By: Mary Rose | May 4 2011
The nature is always a mystery to people. Through decades, what people found is that the more we learn about the nature, the greater natural world is. The... read more
World's Strangest Nature Disasters
By: Mary Rose | Apr 22 2011
People all know that the weather is pretty wild and unpredictable sometimes; however, not everyone can imagine how disastrous nature is on these extreme weather cases.   Great Smog, London,... read more
10,000 Mysterious Sharks Off Florida Coast
By: Mary Rose | Mar 24 2011
The famous shark expert and conservationist Jim Abernathy came across a huge school of fish being attacked by hundreds of hungry sharks while traveling in the flying inflatable boat called... read more
Two-headed Animals Around The World
By: Mary Rose | Mar 14 2011
Born with bizarre body shape, it becomes difficult for little animals to live a normal life. They have trouble in moving and eating. These unlucky animals must battle everyday... read more
Landslides Destroy 400 Homes in Bolivia
By: Mary Rose | Mar 1 2011
A landslide is known as a geological phenomenon including a wide range of ground movement, such as rock falls, deep failure of slopes and debris. Although the action... read more
Funny Weekly Wildlife Pictures: Feb 21
By: Mary Rose | Feb 23 2011
Nature always tells human beings a lot of stories about weirdest existence and oddest scenes about animals on Earth. Recently, the Guardian has released a series of the most... read more
World's Most Incredible Natural Wonders
By: Mary Rose | Jan 26 2011
Nature has offered a lot to human beings although human are gradually eliminating this by destroying natural environments that hold great value and spectacular scenes. It is always amazing to... read more
Amazing Images of American Alligators by Todd Winner
By: Mary Rose | Jan 22 2011
Alligators are considered as one among the most dangerous species in the world. They are described as “living fossils” which have been extant for 200 million years. These dangerous predators... read more
World's Most Attractive Fish
By: Mary Rose | Jan 20 2011
Raising fish is a fun and enjoyable hobby which is popular nowadays. It can be seen that keeping fish is an interesting way to relax as well as make your home... read more
Marvelous Discovery of Largest Stars on Planet
By: Mary Rose | Jan 19 2011
A star, a massive luminous ball of plasma arranged together by gravity, has a mysterious matter within our universe. Such large and sparkling stars in the sky are... read more
Most Strangely Colored Animals on Earth
By: Mary Rose | Jan 19 2011
There are millions of species on our planet and many of them can change their color. Color is the most magnificent visualization of creations in the world. Animals change their... read more
Enjoying Cambridge by Foot
By: Peter Merifield | Jan 13 2011
Cambridge is the perfect place for those that enjoy walking. The whole town together with its University and University colleges can be enjoyed by foot. If you have arrived in... read more
World's tallest flying bird
By: surbhi chaturvedi | Jan 12 2011
The Sarus crane, the tallest flying bird in the world have been spotted in agricultural fields near this Himachal Pradesh town. Bird enthusiasts are excited after their regular sightings in... read more
Control your anger my children
By: PROF GHULAM... | Jan 11 2011
Control your anger my dear child By Ghulam Mohyuddin wani Yes I am stubborn. My elder brother and a cousin sister were perhaps responsible for it. When we were young they used... read more
Moon water most likely originated from comets
By: stephans58 | Jan 11 2011
Some discoveries in space science have changed the established thoughts and paved ways for unanswered questions of fundamental science. The recent analysis of Moon water is an indication to the... read more
Most Magnificent Weekly Astronomical Events
By: Mary Rose | Jan 10 2011
Along with changes and notable events in many fields of life during the previous week, astronomical events including eclipses, moon phases, meteor showers, occultations, oppositions,... read more
Bird Deaths: Italy Adds Up Mystery
By: Mary Rose | Jan 10 2011
Reportedly, on the last few days, thousands of dead birds are falling from sky into Italy which adds more mystery into the dead bird’s accounts as well as... read more
Symbolism of Butterflies
By: Criss White | Jan 9 2011
There are many things that people associate with other living creatures. Just as a black cat may mean misfortune for some people, butterflies also symbolize so many things to... read more
The Concept of Death in Islam (2) the Death is created
By: Safaa Abdel-Aziz | Jan 7 2011
The Concept of Death in Islam (2) the Death is created This is the second article of the series, The Concept of Death in Islam. In this article, the Quran... read more
Most Weird-faced Creatures
By: Mary Rose | Jan 6 2011
If you look at some following photos, you may think they are animated characters, not real creatures living in the world instead due to their abnormal faces. Potoo,... read more
Top 5 Most Annoying Backyard Pests
By: Joe Cline | Jan 6 2011
Let's face it; people don't like insects even though they were here long before we were. However, there are actually some that are more annoying pests than others. Some... read more
Mesotherapy Cost | Mesotherapy Cost in US
By: govindahotactors | Jan 5 2011
Before I move on to mesotherapy cost, let me tell you how mesotherapy differs from liposuction. As mentioned earlier, liposuction is a surgical procedure that is performed under... read more
Delhi Temperature Today | Temperature In Delhi Today | Weather Forecast Delhi
By: sweety345 | Jan 5 2011
The cold wave also intensified at Gulmarg in Kashmir, the north, Pahalgam in south Kashmir. The cold wave has intensified in the northern region, and claimed at least eight... read more
The Difference Between Real and Lucky Bamboo
By: Linda Aviles | Jan 3 2011
Bamboo is not only favored by the Panda, it is also favored by us as well because of its wide range of uses. Bamboo is considered a symbol of... read more
Best Spectacular Wild Animal Fightings in Pictures
By: Mary Rose | Dec 31 2010
For wild animals, showing teeth does not mean smiles to the camera and photographers. The only explanation for their exposing teeth is they face up with brutal situation leading... read more
Most Colorful Animals on Earth
By: Mary Rose | Dec 31 2010
Color is the most magnificent visualization of creations in the world. Whether it comes to flowers, plants and animals, vibrant hues or amazing color are captured everywhere on... read more
Coldest Places on Planet
By: Mary Rose | Dec 31 2010
Winter is all around with snow, river froze and ices everywhere. Venturing around in the cold this winter is really hard due to record-breaking low temperatures crossing all corners... read more
Biggest Volcanic Eruptions in 2010
By: Mary Rose | Dec 28 2010
The Mount Tambora in Indonesia which erupted in 1815 has warned the whole world of how far-reaching the volcanic damage can be. The volcanic eruption caused death toll of 100,... read more
Christmas is around: Know the main traditions of the festival
By: Neil Jhonson | Dec 22 2010
THE LITERATURE reveals that the history of winter or December time festival dates back over 4000 years. It is said that the festival traditions were celebrated centuries before the Christ... read more
Cleveland West Pierhead Lighthouse Turns Into Icy Sculpture
By: Mary Rose | Dec 20 2010
The Cleveland Harbour West Pierhead lighthouse is covered by ice after fierce winds blowing up massive waves over the lighthouse in Ohio State, America. In subzero air temperature,... read more
The True Cost of Owning a Dog
By: ifacompare | Dec 16 2010
As Christmas draws ever closer the question of what to buy loved ones will become a central issue that most people will begin to ponder. For some people the answer to... read more
Interesting and Fun Facts About the Giraffe
By: Linda Aviles | Dec 15 2010
Known for their long neck and spots, giraffes have been on earth for over 20 million years now. The first giraffe was known as the Climacoceras, which resembled... read more
Save Tiger Mission - Nations join hands to double the tiger count by 2022
By: Subhash Kandpal | Dec 15 2010
13 nations around the globe have join hands to deprive the specie of tigers from falling on the verge of extinction. The nations that are the residence for the tigers... read more
Flying Fish: Most Special Creature On Earth
By: Mary Rose | Dec 14 2010
Flying fish, a member of the Exocoetidae, lives in the warm tropical and subtropical waters. The most outstanding and striking feature of the unique fish is the pectoral... read more
Strange Mating Habits of Animals
By: Mary Rose | Dec 10 2010
Reproduction is the biological process in which parents produce new offsprings. Hence, reproduction can be considered as a fundamental function and feature of life. The reproduction requires the involvements... read more
Interesting Facts for Lion Lovers Around the World
By: Linda Aviles | Dec 10 2010
The lion is one of the most social of all feline species. With a roar so loud that it can be heard 5 miles away and with a running speed... read more
Learn The Different Bonsai Styles
By: Dinah Jackson | Dec 9 2010
In the world of bonsai, trees are trained and pruned to imitate the forms found in natural full-sized trees. Since bonsai are always designed to be seen from a... read more
Industrious Animals on Earth
By: Mary Rose | Dec 7 2010
Human beings often think that they are the most industrious species on Earth. However, we may feel shamed if knowing workloads that some animals do everyday. Actually, many... read more
World's Disasters in 2010 Through Pictures
By: Mary Rose | Dec 6 2010
The newly data released that 236, 000 people have been killed in disasters and 256 million people have been affected by many disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tropical... read more
Citrine: A Stone of Simple Beginnings
By: Kayla Davis | Dec 6 2010
Citrine has been a stone that has been known for generations. It is a stone that is quite common, and even is labeled as the birthstone for the month... read more
Beautiful But Dangerous Aquatic Species
By: Mary Rose | Dec 5 2010
You may see extremely beautiful aquatic animals sometimes and you think that they are not dangerous. To some extend, you are wrong! According to scientists, there are about... read more
10 Facts You May Not Know About Rhinos
By: Gareth | Dec 3 2010
Rhinos are instantly recognisable, with their huge body and their distinctive horns. We know lots of things about rhinos but there are a number of things you may not... read more
Personalities I admire: Arab Navigator: Ahmad ibn Majid, (Julfar-Oman), Ras al-Khaimah, UAE
By: hasan A. yahya | Nov 27 2010
  Personalities I admire: Arab Navigator: Ahmad ibn Majid, (Julfar-Oman), Ras al-Khaimah, UAE Hasan A. Yahya, a writer from Palestine Ahmad ibn Majid was one of the most famous... read more
Beekeeper Honey and Its Many Benefits
By: Richard T Winters | Nov 26 2010
For most people beekeeper honey is just a tasty byproduct of pollination of the many cultivated crops around the world. But in reality this natural sweetener we call honey has... read more
Why Do You Need To Utilise Natural Organic Products?
By: lisa lucero | Nov 22 2010
The use of natural organic products has grown more popular in recent years due to the intense campaigns run by international organizations. Organic producers and farmers worldwide now get assistance... read more
Beekeeper Supplies for Beekeeping
By: Marilyn Oseen | Nov 21 2010
Using proper beekeeper supplies is the chief requirement for safety in beekeeping. This hobby or pastime can be very dangerous and harmful if beekeepers do not practice the protective measure... read more
Attracting Hummingbirds With Beautiful Plants, Discount Hummingbird Feeders
By: John P. Jacobson | Nov 19 2010
Do you enjoy the presence of hummingbirds? Well if your trying to attract hummingbirds to your discount Hummingbird Feeders you can view a number tips here. The number one thing... read more
Most Amazing Transparent Animals
By: Mary Rose | Nov 18 2010
Our planet is full of uniqueness. Do you believe that animal world is the same? Let take a look at ten amazing transparent animals below and you can find how... read more
Has Man Harmed The Earth Or Made It A Better Place To Live In?
By: Yasmin M Elias | Nov 13 2010
Man, with his desire to build and improve the lifestyle for himself, has ignorantly created the ecological imbalance. This is indeed a great concern for the biodiversity. The... read more
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