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Katy Perry 2012: Singer Spotted With Blue Hair and Blue Ring At LAX Airport (Pictures)
By: Mary Rose | Jan 18 2012
On Tuesday afternoon, January 17, the famous pop singer Katy Perry was reported to leave Los Angeles for Singapore. Katy Perry showed off her new blue hair donning... read more
My hate no way relieve,Never!
By: Evangeline Selden | Nov 25 2011
This is the luxury ground lobby of one of the best tallest hotel with 5 stars in our city. The yellow light shining around the corner, all the little... read more
Stars With Fertility Problems
By: John Stevens | Oct 1 2011
There are a lot of celebrities who struggled for a long time to conceive; some succeeded while some others failed after using fertility treatments like in-vitro fertilization.   Celine Dion The famous Canadian... read more
How To Control Your Anger And Stay Calm
By: Jacquelin Bongivengo | Feb 20 2011
No one is perfect, although some of us like to think we are. Humans are born with different shortcomings and that is what sets them apart from another. Anger... read more
Best Tips For Buying Golf Cart Seat Covers
By: Jade Warren | Feb 18 2011
Golf cart seat covers will protect the seat from the weather. The seat covers are a great solution for hot, sticky, or cold seats. Most covers will fit... read more
Is Mysticism Relevant In Solution Focused Counselling
By: Mirek Kanik | Feb 4 2011
“What is the relevance of Mysticism in Modern Counselling and how is it experienced by practising counsellors?” Part II. 1.Area and Topic To follow the popular view one may tend to be persuaded... read more
Links Of London Jeweler Special Gifts For Spring Festival
By: Linlucy | Jan 28 2011
Do you know something about Tory Burch clothes? Many girls cannot reject nice and trendy lady, if they pick discounted Tory Burch shoes together with distinct style, they'll... read more
Barack Obama: A Year in Pictures
By: Mary Rose | Jan 15 2011
By winning the election in the race for White House, Barack Obama, 47-year-old first-term senator from Illinois, marks the first African-American president in 200 years of history.... read more
Oracle 1z0-215 Exam
By: victoria | Jan 13 2011
1Z0-215 exam is one of the best certifications from Oracle and hence the competition is tough. But at Oracle, your talents and potential will get the right break and... read more
The Origin of Hindu Mantras
By: Jeremy Winters | Jan 12 2011
When trying to understand the finer aspects of one's religion, it can sometimes be a difficult journey. However, when investigating another person's religion, you should be prepared... read more
Arizona Shooting: A World Beyond the Violence in Tucson Lies in Our Hands
By: David Robert Ord | Jan 10 2011
Daily Spiritual Insight from Eckhart Tolle's Stillness Speaks Whenever you hear public figures, whether in politics or in the media, attacking other people, you already know they aren't the... read more
71-169 Exam
By: xxm | Jan 10 2011
Visualexams's high quality 71-169 training materials. 71-169 Visualexams is maintained and run by a team of IT experts who administer and give a diversity of useful material, which will... read more
Earrings The Last Fashion Statement
By: TwertBrown | Jan 10 2011
Earrings are an important part of every woman's wardrobe, whether you are headed for a day at the beach, in the office or in a marriage. The earrings... read more
Chinese Player Can Bring More Exerting Moment With Amazing Talent
By: Linlucy | Jan 7 2011
Do you knowNBA Jerseys? Chinese basketball Jerseys play an important role in NBA Club. Chinese people have a spirit of challenge. They are interested in explore unknown things. The four... read more
What true love is?
By: Mohsin Ali Farhad... | Jan 6 2011
What true love is? To define true love, would be to ruin its' purity, therefore, It has no definition. There isn't an example even Shakespeare could describe. Poets... read more
Digital Land and the Virtual Real Estate
By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 30 2010
The age of information is upon us.  As vertical expansion on this planet continues, mankind's high technology has opened access to a horizontal expansion into a cyberspace of digital... read more
Xenoarchaeology and Exhumation
By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 30 2010
An interesting sub-discipline of archaeology has arisen called xenoarchaeology.  Xenoarchaeology concerns itself with the physical remains of intelligent extraterrestrial cultures.  While this concept has often fallen into the hands of... read more
The Occupant of the Aether
By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 30 2010
Existence doesn't require an explanation… only occupancy.  Long sought is a prime location, the naval of creation.  An often attempted extrapolation is the time-stamp zero.  While these originations,... read more
Holarchy, the Nested Hierarchy of Holons
By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 30 2010
Arthur Koestler coined the terms "holon" and "holarchy" in 1967 in his book The Ghost in the Machine.  Most recently these words have been repopularized by the philosopher Ken Wilber.  The... read more
Article 325: God's Authority in the Hands of Ungodly Politicians and Theologians makes people of the Earth suffer
By: hasan A. yahya | Dec 30 2010
Hasan A. Yahya, Ph.Ds, a writer from the Unholy Land Many intellectuals believe that dividing the world into underdeveloped, developing, and advanced developed countries is not the... read more
Four Interior Factors of Consciousness Development
By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 30 2010
Exterior factors, such as technological, economic, and cultural shifts can facilitate consciousness development, but does not guarantee growth.  Ultimately the development of consciousness depends most upon... read more
The Predicament of Nuclear Man
By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 30 2010
In his book The Wounded Healer, Henri J. M. Nouwen presents his readers with the characteristics that cast modern youth into their role as "Nuclear Man."  Nuclear man subverts ritual... read more
The Beautiful We Had Lost during The Whole of Our Life
By: Cicy | Dec 28 2010
Promises are often like the butterfly, beautiful hover and then disappeared, but I believe the oath you had given me, as well as the surely coming spring.   The... read more
Common Fallacies of Philosophical Debate
By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 23 2010
The following is a list of common logical fallacies of debate.  While this reference is not comprehensive, the most frequently encountered are discussed briefly below with examples so that... read more
WikiLeaks Search Needs Theory Construction in Sociology
By: hasan A. yahya | Dec 19 2010
 Hasan A. Yahya, a writer from the Arab Land WikiLeaks, may be, constitutes a good opportunity for research in social sciences in general and Sociology in particular. Selecting... read more
The Apollonian and Dionysian Struggle Within the Human Personality
By: Norman W Wilson | Dec 14 2010
The Apollonian and Dionysian Struggle Within the Human Personality PART FIVE Norman W Wilson, PhD In this section, the discussion will focus on the contrast offered by an Apollonian perception of... read more
Education in the Arab Countries - Part Six
By: hasan A. yahya | Dec 14 2010
Hasan A. Yahya , a writer from Palestine In this article we describe the situation in research, science  and technology. Arab countries have some of the lowest levels of... read more
Singapore Is The Most Ideal Country To Start A Company
By: Diane Enriquez | Dec 13 2010
Studies have shown that Singapore has been the best location to set up a company. In fact, reports by the World Bank and IFC shows that Singapore has been... read more
"Off With Their (Political) Heads!" Shouted The Queen of Hearts
By: Bruno Korschek | Dec 12 2010
Any number of recent events have reinforced the notion that many in our political class really do not know what they are doing. The world has gotten so complex but... read more
Life for Famous People
By: Madhumita Roy | Dec 12 2010
As we grow up, we hear more about life. We get to read or listen more of such short, pithy sayings on life. But have you ever wondered... read more
A Matter Of Perspective
By: Kurt Schaal | Dec 10 2010
I have a passion for putting things in perspective. Take an orange, say about 4 inches in diameter. Pretend it is our sun with a diameter of 1 million... read more
The Destructive Role of WikiLeaks-o- phobia in World Politics
By: hasan A. yahya | Dec 10 2010
 Hasan A. Yahya, a writer from Palestine No one interested in politics or non-politics does not know Julian Assange, the main spokesperson for WikiLeaks. Muslims, however,  have... read more
Technology: Good Or Bad?
By: Kurt Schaal | Dec 10 2010
Many will likely be critical of my contention that technology is neither good nor bad. How can it not be good that the lifespan of humans in industrialized societies at... read more
The Apollonian and Dionysian Struggle Within the Human Personality Part Four
By: Norman W Wilson | Dec 10 2010
The Apollonian and Dionysian  Struggle Within the Human Personality PART FOUR Norman W Wilson, PhD In Part Three, I presented the argumentation between the Nietzsche and Jungian points of view regarding... read more
Who is Allah? (8) A parable that mankind may believe
By: Safaa Abdel-Aziz | Dec 7 2010
Who is Allah? (8) What if the Quran revealed unto a Mountain? Many People do not know their Almighty Creator, Allah. This series is aimed to help the readers which do... read more
Hp0-m25 Training
By: xxm | Dec 6 2010
HP HP0-M25 can attract all organizations like a swarm of nectar-hungry bees. Having it under one's belt opens new realms of opportunities hitherto unknown and unconquered. Implementing and Administering Security... read more
The Apollonian and Dionysian Struggle Within the Human Personality PART THREE
By: Norman W Wilson | Dec 4 2010
The Apollonian and Dionysian Struggle Within the Human Personality PART THREE Norman W Wilson, PhD German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm, born in 1844, wrote critical texts on a wide variety of... read more
The Apollonian and Dionysian Struggle Within The Human Personality PART TWO
By: Norman W Wilson | Dec 3 2010
The Apollonian and Dionysian Struggle Within The Human Personality PART TWO Norman W Wilson, PhD   In Part One, I gave an overview of the two gods from Greek Mythology, Apollo,... read more
Aesthetics Verses Popular Art.
By: roberxedmc | Dec 3 2010
Aesthetics is usually thought of as beauty/ugliness however is more precisely described as creating something with no any concern for winning any Game. Beauty and ugliness is in reality aesthetics PLUS... read more
Priest embraced Islam, (5) Ex- Coptic Priest and Missionary (Egypt)-v
By: Safaa Abdel-Aziz | Dec 2 2010
Priest embraced Islam, (5) Ex- Coptic Priest and Missionary (Egypt)-v Part five   This is the fifth priest in this series of "Priests Embraced Islam". His name before Islam: Ibrahim Khalil Philobus His name... read more
How Edward Cullen Is Like Jesus Christ
By: Jerilyn Winstead | Dec 1 2010
In my writing about the Twilight series, as I thought about how Edward Cullen is the perfect man, I realized that the only real perfect man who has... read more
"Free To Choose" Was the Book Title - But Are We Really?
By: Lance Winslow | Nov 30 2010
Milton Friedman's philosophy has always struck a cord with me, perhaps because I am an entrepreneurial type and I think like that. And the book he wrote with his... read more
"Hey If You Humans Ever Get Tired of Your Silly Holy Wars - Then Give Me a Call" He Said
By: Lance Winslow | Nov 30 2010
Not long ago, I was reviewing some history books, and going through all the man-made chaos and controversy, sound and fury, and all the wars of... read more
God's Contradictions in Dealing with His Apostles
By: hasan A. yahya | Nov 29 2010
Hasan A. Yahya, a writer from Palestine  I am a good believer, no matter what would be your expression or judgment after reading this article. Lot, is a... read more
Dominance Drive As Primary Male Biological Drive
By: John Thomas Didymus | Nov 29 2010
The widespread but mistaken notion that sex is the primary male drive and that males compete among themselves primarily for the possession of the female arises from the fact that... read more
Altruistic Behavior in Male Social Animals
By: John Thomas Didymus | Nov 29 2010
The postulation of a primary social organism with an identity defined for a population of social animals at the genetic level, independent of the identity of the individual,... read more
Myth of Birth of The Hero
By: John Thomas Didymus | Nov 29 2010
In 1928, the psychiatrist Marion Kenworthy applied her interpretation of Rankian pscyhoanalytic theory to obstetrics and began promoting the view that children born of Caesarian section, having been... read more
Know Thyself: The Challenge of Psychoanalytic Knowledge
By: John Thomas Didymus | Nov 29 2010
Otto Rank, in his "The Birth Trauma" ("Das Trauma der Geburt") published in 1924, quotes his mentor Sigmund Freud as having said: "It is not for everyone to... read more
Personalities I Admire, Swedish Alfred Bernhard Nobel
By: hasan A. yahya | Nov 29 2010
Hasan A. Yahya, a writer from Palestine Even though Nobel, the inventor we selected to cover in this article invented a dealy weapon, the Dynamite in 1855,... read more
Untimely fee hike irks 'Islamic University' students
By: Agence India Press | Nov 28 2010
Untimely fee hike irks 'Islamic University' students Waheed Yaseen Agence India Press November 28, 2010 Srinagar: The Students of Islamic University of science and technology are very upset with the varsity authorities as... read more
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