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Trademark Registration India - Its Process and Benefits
By: Chaman Goyal | May 20 2013
Trademark is also written as Trade Mark and Trade-mark. It is a symbol, design, sign, word, symbol, device, or any combination to make difference... read more
Trademark Registration India - Helpful in Getting Logo and Design Registration
By: chaman goyal | Jan 12 2013
Every individual means that business person, should to represent the symbol, name that relates to the commerce and expresses for products or services. For many years, mark... read more
Protect your rights, protect your asset
By: Amit | Feb 8 2012
The concept of business has changed a lot during past several years. Arrival of more products has intensified the competition and the advertisement and publicity has become essential for any... read more
Corporate and Commercial Law Services by Top Law Firms in India
By: Amit singh | Nov 24 2011
Law firms are doing great business than ever before. With growing financial independence, globalization and urbanization, crime has grown too. There are innumerable chases of cheating, theft,... read more
Corporate and Commercial Law Services by Top Law Firms in India
By: Amit singh | Nov 24 2011
Law firms are doing great business than ever before. With growing financial independence, globalization and urbanization, crime has grown too. There are innumerable chases of cheating, theft,... read more
Trademark Registration, what It Means and Who Need TM Services?
By: Amit Singh | Nov 22 2011
Trademark refers to a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization, or other legal entity to assign their identity and rights over the products or... read more
Utility patent: know how to file it
By: Jenny Jag | Oct 5 2011
When it is the discussion about patenting ideas or methods or processes, then we need to understand thoroughly about different types of patents. We should know that anything has... read more
Know all details about patent filing
By: Jenny Jag | Oct 5 2011
When you have anything new and you want to get its ownership legally, then the importance of patent comes into the picture. But, for the patent filing,... read more
Hub of all Business Law Services, Global Jurix Law Firm India
By: Amit Singh | Sep 23 2011
Today, all types of legal issues of customers can be solved easily and completely through best and top law firm of India. Best law firm in India can provide... read more
Utility application: review application before you submit
By: Jenny Jag | Aug 25 2011
While we invent anything new in idea or product, we need to apply patent for that invention. Patent is found to be one Government approved rights, which any... read more
Utility application: legal right to protect machine or process
By: Jenny Jag | Aug 25 2011
Proper understanding of the idea of patenting of any product is very much required. Especially, if you have invented any new idea or product, then the patent filing... read more
Patent registration: confirms the ownership of the product or idea
By: Jenny Jag | Aug 25 2011
No matter from which country any invention is taking place, but rule for ownership is confirmed for all. If any kind of invention or any kind of idea takes... read more
Patent software: protect your invention with the help of it
By: Jenny Jag | Jul 25 2011
Before we know about patent preparation, we need to understand the meaning of patent. Patent is nothing but the Government granted rights which are given to the new inventors,... read more
Trademark Registration - Secure Your Product and Business Legally
By: dharmaraj kumar | Jul 12 2011
A Trademark is a sign that's used to distinguish the goods & services of one party from those of others. A Trademark can be even a letter, number,... read more
Patent and Trademark Application - Give Protection to Your Product and Business
By: Amit Singh | Jul 1 2011
Patent enables the owner of a concept, an inventor, to keep out others from using it while not consent for a comprehensive amount of your time. The patent... read more
Company and Business Registration Services in India and Abroad
By: Amit Singh | Jun 17 2011
Business registration on-line may well be a 1 stop, online, self-serve application that allows you to register for a Business vary, equally as for four program accounts:... read more
Law Firm in India - Global Jurix Law Firm
By: Amit Singh | Jun 10 2011
Global Jurix is a top law firm in india, which has reached high specialization corporate and commercial law, intellectual property services and procedures of Indian legal system and... read more
Trademark - Its effects, advantages and limitations
By: Amit Singh | Jun 6 2011
Trademark is a kind of sign which can distinguish a used by a person business organization to actually recognize the provident services to clients with which the trademark appears create... read more
Importance of Copyright and Trademark Registration for Product and New Companies
By: Amit Singh | May 24 2011
Copyright, the operator of India offers a wide range of materials and other services to the financial or material to give them the right to control use of their... read more
Patent Registration and the advantage of its Renewal
By: manoharsinha | May 15 2011
For the first patent registration of a patent application must be made within the protective restrictions someplace the candidate lives. Some documents are also required to be attached to the... read more
Why Company Registrations Is Important For Your Business And Its Legal Aspects
By: Amit Singh | May 11 2011
The company is a separate legal entity, registered under the Act. Each country has a different procedure for the registration have. In India, companies under the Companies Act... read more
Protect your Ownership Right and Trademark through TM Registration
By: Amit Singh | Apr 9 2011
Trademark registration is, of course, prime indication of your ownership of the trademark, and so if there ever is a difference of opinion about your trademark,... read more
How To Protect Brand Name, TM and Patent Name
By: Amit Singh | Mar 22 2011
To make your business entity brand there are two important phases, which are very important to run the business successfully. brand registration in India creates the definite quality and... read more
Register your trademark to protect your Company name and Brand name
By: Chaman Goyal | Mar 19 2011
Trademarks are a source of helpfulness for a business. Trademarks discriminate your goods from those of a third party and tell consumers the source of the goods and pass on... read more
How to Maintain Your Brand - Trademark Registration, Litigation, and Renewal
By: Amit Singh | Mar 12 2011
We all know the importance of trademark, is kind of logo, design, symbol, image with small text or combination of these elements. In the corporate sector... read more
Trademark Registration Build your Business image Globally with Legal Aspects
By: Amit Singh | Feb 24 2011
A trademark is popularly recognized as brand name, is a visual mark in the form of a word or a device or a label applied to the commercial goods... read more
Trademark Registration ensures full Ownership on Mark to Company
By: chaman goyal | Feb 4 2011
Every company has its own identity. They use different types of symbols for organization. Such symbols are known as a trademark or trade mark or trade-mark. They use it for... read more
Trademark Registration Reinforces in Trademark Litigation
By: dharmaraj kumar | Jan 30 2011
Every country has unique symbols to represent the company in the national and international market. The unique identity helps its consumer to distinguish products of their company with other company.... read more
All of IPR Services which you Need - Trademark, Patent, Copyright Registration, Search, Litigation India
By: Chaman Goyal | Nov 12 2010
Law firm is a business entity in order to is to advise clients about their legal rights and responsibilities and also other types of services like to represent their clients... read more
Trademark - 7 Facts To Know Before Getting One!
By: Justine Jordan | Nov 6 2010
Trademark Facts 1. A trademark is a brand name. 2. You do not have to register your trademark but it does have its advantages. Once you do register your trademark it will... read more
Trademarks 101
By: Martin Carbone | Nov 4 2010
We've all seen the little "TM" symbol near names of commercial products but what does it actually mean?  The "TM" stands for "trademark" which, according to the United States... read more
By: Emiley David | Nov 4 2010
Civil Litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties that seek money damages or some specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. A lawyer who specializes in civil litigation... read more
Trademark Registration - Get Best Legal Services for Your Company, Product and Business
By: Chaman Goyal | Nov 4 2010
Today, trademark registration has got a lot of popularity in the legal world , but  a lot of trademark issues and cases are coming in  light and many... read more
Legal Law Services in India - Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Company Registration
By: Rahul Kumar | Oct 26 2010
The trade mark registry was recognized in India in 1940 and currently it administers the trade marks act, 1999 and the rules there under. It acts as a reserve... read more
Delhi High Court held that Prior foreign registration would amount to publication of such design
By: Sudhir Kumar | Oct 20 2010
Delhi High Court vide its judgment dated October 8, 2010 in re: Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd. v Wyeth Ltd. (FAO(OS) No. 458/2009), held that prior foreign registration would... read more
IPR Services from Online Portal Tm-India - Trademark, Patent, Company
By: Sonu Yadav | Oct 13 2010
A patent is a set of the exclusive rights granted by a government of country to an inventor or their assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for... read more
Trademarks - State Versus Federal Filings
By: Richard Chapo | Sep 16 2010
Getting a trademark is a smart move for nearly every business because it allows the business to protect its intellectual property should someone try to misuse your name or brand.... read more
How to Become a Trademark Agent in India
By: Ramaswami Natarajan | Sep 8 2010
A trademark agent or an attorney is a person who gives advice and deals which all the legal aspects of filing a trademark application to the grant of the application,... read more
Partnership Agreement
By: Miriam Taylor | Sep 7 2010
Partnership Agreement A partnership will be implied by the law when two or more people are in a business relationship together with the view to making a profit.  Where there is... read more
Methods for Name Change After Divorce
By: Rahul Jain | Sep 1 2010
With the ever increasing divorce rates, more and more women are looking to retain their maiden names or get a new name. However, most of these women are... read more
Trademarks - Three Reasons You Should Trademark Your Business Name
By: C. J. Harrison | Aug 25 2010
If you own a business, it's a good idea to trademark your business' name. There are several reasons why this is a very important decision to make to ensure... read more
Google's AdWords - An Advertiser's Friend Or Foe?
By: Maria Anassutzi | Jul 24 2010
You may have heard of and even have used Google's AdWords service where Google allows you to purchase other companies (even competitors) registered trademarks as advertising keywords in order to... read more
Different Types of Insurance Companies
By: Victoria Gustav | Jun 16 2010
There are multiple kinds of coverage corporations. While at times it may appear as if insurance is a burden, having insurance of any type would be a life saver. ... read more
Registering a Trademark in the UK
By: River C. | Jun 2 2010
It is critical to protect your intellectual property. Getting a trademark grants you several key advantages in the market. First, a trademark tells the world that you possess this... read more
Tariffs And Quotas
By: Charles Kelly | May 28 2010
Question 1: Tariffs and quotas: Tariffs and quotas are trade restrictions imposed on imports and exports, they are imposed on goods in order to protect domestic industry, earn government revenue... read more
Protecting your Brand with a Registered Trade Mark
By: Shireen Smith | May 27 2010
Your branding differentiates your products and services from those of your competitors, it lets your customers develop loyalty based on expectations of quality and service, and it can... read more
Across the Pond: The territorial nature of trade marks, and taking your brand abroad
By: Shireen Smith | May 27 2010
One of the most important things to consider if you intend to carry out business internationally is whether you are able to export your brand.  Developing brand equity can be... read more
Lemon Law Buyback - Ruling and Regulation to Apply For the Buyback
By: Super Writer | May 27 2010
Lemon laws are certain laws related to the education of the buyers of vehicles that are not up to standard quality and performance. This law is determined by the U.S.... read more
Starting a Business: Trade marks, company names, and domains
By: Shireen Smith | May 27 2010
Your business name can develop to become one of your most valuable assets, through marketing and the development of a relationship between the public and your brand.  This is... read more
Law Firms Services - Corporate, Commercial, Ipr, Immigration Law Services In India, London And Abroad
By: Mukesh Kumar | Apr 8 2010
In these days law firms plays an important role in providing worthful services to the corporate sector of the world. As with the growth in the economy and rising competition... read more
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