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Go to big stage
By: Evangeline Selden | Mar 9 2012
Now I'm still so energized to remember the remarkable moment at some point many times ago. Just on the wonderful level, under the shiny lighting style effects, under... read more
strangely knocking at midnight
By: Evangeline Selden | Feb 7 2012
Because observed of some taking accident in some properties lately, I become more properly when go house each day. The May Festival's nearing maybe is another reason in some... read more
Philippines: Deadly Typhoon Nesat Left 21 Dead
By: Mary Rose | Sep 29 2011
At least 21 died, 25 injured, 33 others missed and 100000 evacuated as Typhoon Nesat with winds of 130 kph (80 mph) and gustiness of up to 150... read more
Hurricane Katia Hit Britain in Horrible Photos
By: Mary Rose | Sep 13 2011
Parts of Scotland are being battered by storm-force winds as the remnants of Hurricane Katia hit Britain with winds up to 132 kilometres per hour, the strongest in 15... read more
Costliest Hurricanes in US History (Photos)
By: Mary Rose | Aug 29 2011
Hurricane Katrina 2005 is ranked among the costliest hurricanes in US history with data based on estimated insured losses for property coverage and adjusted to 2009 dollars. The current Hurricane... read more
Joplin Missouri Tornado Caused 116 Deaths
By: Mary Rose | May 28 2011
The number of people killed by massive Missouri Tornado, which tore a 10-kilometre path across southwestern Missouri, soared to 116, according to the National Weather Service.   Authorities worried... read more
Top 10 Heavy Losses From Earthquakes
By: Mary Rose | Mar 26 2011
The official figure of damage in the earthquake resulting from tsunami and aftershocks in Japan (March 11) has not been declared. On March 23, the Cabinet Office of Japan... read more
Internet - The Most Reliable Source To Know Weather Forecast
By: Alice Shown | Jan 11 2011
Most people in the United States plan an outing without knowing what the weather is going to be. Whether a person plans to go out for fishing, skiing or... read more
Importance To Know Ski Weather Forecast Before Making The Trip
By: Alice Shown | Jan 11 2011
Most people in the United States love to go for skiing adventure. However, they should know how the weather variations can affect this particular sport. If a person knows... read more
Checking Hiking Weather Forecast Before Going Out
By: Alice Shown | Jan 11 2011
Going on a favorite hiking trail makes the heart beat faster for many individuals. Many people like spending some adventurous days amongst the wilderness. However, nature sometimes offers the... read more
Impacts Of Fishing Weather
By: Alice Shown | Jan 11 2011
Those who are veteran anglers know how to take advantage of the weather when fishing. However, an amateur fishing aficionado can also do a little study of fishing weather... read more
Severe Flood in Queensland, Australia by Cyclone Tasha
By: Mary Rose | Jan 3 2011
Tropical Cyclone Tasha, first identified on December 24, 2010 was a short-term but devastating tropical cyclone causing severe floods in Queensland, and New South Wales, Australia... read more
Factors influencing climate at various locations in world
By: rajendra | Jan 3 2011
Places such as Iceland and Greenland experience tough weather conditions as it remains snow covered nearly half of the year. And if you visit the county of Kenya and Namibia... read more
Emergency Cleaning And Restoration Services
By: Paul Buchanan | Jan 3 2011
It's not always the case, but when disaster strikes, you can be left with all sorts of questions that need to be answered and tasks that need to... read more
Top Extraordinary Weather Phenomena Worldwide
By: Mary Rose | Dec 27 2010
Weather is understood to be a changeful and variable state of atmosphere, and various weather phenomena are also different in different parts around the world. All the changes and... read more
Ways to enjoy eco-friendly Christmas
By: Neil Jhonson | Dec 21 2010
CHRISTMAS TIME is a great time across the world to enjoy beautiful colours and decorated homes. Everyone wants to decorate his or her place as much as and more than... read more
Lapland and coping with the snow
By: tim warrington | Dec 21 2010
Lapland is equipped to deal with the snow and not much disruption exists even when there are record levels of snow. We often compare countries like Sweden and the U,... read more
Trends Keyword
By: abdulwadud | Dec 17 2010
Trends Keyword, Hulk Hogan's marriage with Jennifer, Michael Jackson's Last Song and Sexual Health, Indonesia Siap Bersaing di SERP, School Board Shooting Full Video, Best Gift for Christmas And... read more
Heavy Snowfall Leaves Europe Paralyzed
By: Mary Rose | Dec 13 2010
Heaviest snowfall and most freezing weather in Europe have caused travel chaos and paralysation during the past 30 years. Almost of the flights were canceled making passengers get stuck in... read more
Heavy Snow Hits Britain 2010
By: Mary Rose | Dec 1 2010
The worst November snowfall has brought chaos to Britain since weather forecasts warned that temperatures might go up to be a teeth-chattering -2C or 3C- below average. This is the... read more
2010 Hurricane Season Summary
By: Rich Johnson | Nov 26 2010
The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season was a busy one. As of early November there were 19 named storms of which 12 officially became hurricanes. Four of those hurricanes became major... read more
By: Joseph Ante | Nov 26 2010
If a large natural disaster in late 2012 of massive coronal mass ejections take out most all electrical devices and electrical energy production then mankind will be set back to... read more
What Is In Store in 2012?
By: Richy Rallod | Nov 25 2010
In Reality, the so-titled 'Doomsday' has been referenced in many ancient records. The Mayans calendar, for instance, which can foretell lunar eclipse in the distant time to... read more
Heavy Snowfall in Russia's Far East
By: Mary Rose | Nov 16 2010
Winter 2010 has just come with the interesting weather conditions such as drizzle, coldness, snowfall, and etc. In the western countries, it's time snow fell and... read more
Heavy Rain Blasted Britain on November 11
By: Mary Rose | Nov 15 2010
Strong winds with the speed of up to 100mph and heavy rain hit the Northwest of Britain causing power outages, local flood and the death of a woman on... read more
environment|global warming & climate change
By: Anupam | Oct 30 2010
Global warming, as well as climate change, is a subject which demonstrates very little sign of cooling down.   Here's the lowdown on why it's happening, precisely... read more
First Photos of Tsunami In Indonesia
By: Mary Rose | Oct 27 2010
On October 25, a strong earthquake caused a tsunami in West Sunmatra, Indonesia. The Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysics Agency warned that there would be small tsunamis... read more
A White Christmas in Winter 2010/2011?
By: Marie Coles | Oct 25 2010
Dreaming of a White Christmas in 2010/2011! We're not only speaking of a Dreaming of a White Christmas Christmas party here either as snow is expected this year. The weather... read more
Crisis Planning Methods for Typhoons
By: Ramsi | Oct 22 2010
Just about all countries close to key marine body tend to be seriously affected from time to time through the appearance of typhoons. Inside the Pacific, the weather disturbance... read more
Emergency Planning Guidelines Should A Tornado Comes Up
By: Ramsi | Oct 22 2010
Starting from March towards May of each year, the the southern part of states are in some cases plagued by terrible environment occurrence also known as tornadoes. For northern... read more
Whoever Heard of a Tornado in the Big City
By: Grubb Young | Oct 13 2010
There was a potential tornado within New York City recently. The hurricane it originated in was effective enough to produce tornado circumstances, which put the city on watch and... read more
What Is The Disadvantages of Solar Energy?
By: milton | Sep 24 2010
Disadvantages of Solar Energy Those in favor of the development of solar energy believe that there are much moreadvantages of solar energy as compared to its disadvantages. Whether this claim really holds... read more
Disaster Early Warning System - Can We Build It?
By: John P. Flanagan | Sep 12 2010
Tornado detection and warnings IN THE PAST -  warnings for natural disasters such as tornadoes, lightning storms, floods, tsunamis, or earthquakes, first came when a... read more
Biogas Technology - A Dynamic Approach To Desertification Challenge In Northern Nigeria
By: Isaac Akogu | Sep 10 2010
The evidence of climate change is glaring as the days go by. In Northern Nigeria, continually the environment is loosing grounds to desert encroachment. People living in these environment... read more
Be Prepared for Hurricanes
By: Jeremy P Stanfords | Sep 6 2010
Homeowners with property that includes a number of large trees should anticipate the possibility of 100 mile-per-hour winds uprooting trees and snapping large branches. If that should happen, homeowners... read more
Summertime Heat Wave
By: Grubb Young | Sep 2 2010
It's hot. Obviously, it tends to be hot during the summertime. Nevertheless, the summertime of 2010 seems to be rather a bit hotter than usual. June set a... read more
BSNL Exam Result,BSNL Exam Result 2010
By: gbvjdbd | Aug 23 2010
PSA is measured in nanograms of PSA per milliliter of blood (ng/ml). The PSA result is compared against the normal ranges listed by the testing laboratory. The normal ranges usually... read more
Hurricanes And Repairing Roof Damage With Tarps
By: Michael Stein | Jul 26 2010
Tarps are essential during the Atlantic hurricane season and everyone who has been through it before knows it. Those who haven't have likely been informed, otherwise they're going to... read more
Early warming signs
By: Jamie Francis | Jul 1 2010
Be prepared to say goodbye to the clear cut seasons that the United Kingdom is known and loved for and say hello to global warming and the introduction of severe,... read more
Tropical Storm Alex- 93L
By: Ernie Fitzpatrick | Jun 25 2010
Talk about the "perfect storm". Could there be anything WORSE than seeing a tropical storm or hurricane come into the Gulf of Mexico- next week? That would seem to be... read more
Global Warming
By: Charles Kelly | May 27 2010
Global Warming Introduction Global warming is the continous increase in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere caused by the increase in particular gases mainly carbon dioxide. Global warming can also be defined... read more
A Little Ice Age and The Fears That Could Have Developed Had We Had TV in the 1600's
By: Christofer French | May 27 2010
Follow This Fable - After All, Its Only A Fable Our international instantaneous information flow lets us see mining collapses, earthquakes, floods, wars, disasters of all... read more
Napoleon Hits His Waterloo, Super Tambora Causes The Year Without A Summer
By: Christofer French | May 26 2010
Worldwide Weather Patterns and Devastating Effects 1816 - The Year That Tambora (1815) Was Felt Around the World There are several reasons the "Year Without A Summer" occurred. We were having the... read more
2012 Underground Bunkers Offer A Chance To Survive Doomsday
By: James Atkinson | May 26 2010
Underground bunkers offer both protection for you and your family for the 2012 devestation. On the 21st December 2012 many bad things are forecast to happen including a possibble pole... read more
The Mumbai City Monsoon Season
By: Stafford Tandon | May 26 2010
Technically speaking, Mumbai City experiences only three seasons - Summer, Winter and Monsoons. The summers are scorching, the winters are hot too the Monsoons make up for... read more
After a Rain it is So Green
By: | May 25 2010
That statement would be absurd if you said it in the northwest or north east or for that matter just about anywhere except the southwest. If you have never seen... read more
How to Protect Your Family From Severe Weather Conditions - Weather Alert Radios
By: Brian Potter | May 24 2010
The world we live in is full of natural disasters. You've heard of major hurricanes, like Katrina. Or major earthquakes that shook the world with the devastation left behind,... read more
3 Warning Steps a Tornado is Coming
By: | Apr 18 2010
Tornado is known as a violently twisting column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground and capable in destroying just about anything with wind speeds of 250mph or... read more
The Longest And Coldest Winter in Beijing
By: | Apr 14 2010
I had witnessed the first snow fall in Beijing last year at early November, now in mid-March the snowy weather is still troubling me and the temperature is still... read more
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