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Top Cute Animal Photos of 2011
By: Mary Rose | Dec 31 2011
Human beings are often the main subject of photos since we are more disciplined and can understand the need to capture beautiful images.But animals also flirt from time to time... read more
Top Animal Stories of 2011 (Pictures)
By: Mary Rose | Dec 23 2011
The death of 16-foot long Burmese python in Everglades National Park and the world-famous polar bear Knut, 2 separate brown bears’ attacks caused 2 hikers dead, sudden loss... read more
Destination Costa Rica: The Perfect Wedding - By Michael Brown
By: Perhaps it was... | Aug 31 2011
Perhaps it was destiny. But who can say? It does sometimes seem as though this beautiful nation, fringed with 750 miles (1200 kilometers) of pristine gold and white beaches,... read more
World's Best Animal Pictures
By: Mary Rose | Mar 12 2011
Posing photos about animals, especially tiny ones is a difficult job for all photographers because they will spend much time patiently waiting for good chances and taking pictures. A... read more
Most Attractive But Toxic Caterpillars on Earth
By: Mary Rose | Dec 5 2010
We all like gazing at the fragile beauty of the colorful butterflies or moths when they flutter gracefully through the air. However, it is unbelievable that the origins of... read more
Beekeeping Suit - Gloves or Not?
By: Wade Mease | Dec 3 2010
So you've finally decided to start beekeeping. Now, your next job is to get everything you need to start your new found hobby. Among other things, finding the... read more
How to Escape From a Greedy Wolf Without Other's Help
By: Jennifer Ellison | Dec 3 2010
When it comes to wolf nowadays, people often think it is hard to see it unless in remote areas such as mountains or the cold Arctic, but not... read more
If You Choose to Live Among Turkeys
By: Wendy Ai | Dec 1 2010
Turkeys are large birds with bodies measuring 3.6 to 3.8 feet with a wingspan of 4.1 to 4.8 feet. They weigh between 5 and 19 pounds. There are three species... read more
Lifespan of a Butterfly
By: Kum Martin | Nov 28 2010
There are innumerable species of butterfly that exist on earth and each species has a different life span. So, no particular number of days or months can be used... read more
The Largest Rodents: Beavers
By: Navodita Maurice | Nov 23 2010
Beaver is primarily a nocturnal and semi-aquatic rodent. It belongs to the genus Castor and is presently represented by two species commonly known as the North American Beaver and the... read more
Ostrich: The Largest Land Bird
By: Navodita Maurice | Nov 23 2010
Ostrich is a large flightless bird native to Africa. It is scientifically known as Struthio camelus. It is the only living species of the family Struthionidae. Ostrich shares the order... read more
The Dragonfly and How To Catch It
By: Jonathan J Russell | Nov 7 2010
One of the best things to do during the long days of summer is to go exploring outside. Going to a park or an open field yields numerous wonders. There... read more
Wildlife Control In The Forest
By: Anna Woodward | Nov 6 2010
Many times people dream of having a cabin in the woods but wonder how they will deal with wildlife control. While living in the city or suburbia, the only... read more
Delicate and Alluring Dragonflies
By: Navodita Maurice | Nov 5 2010
Dragonflies are the insects belonging to the order Odonata and are very frequently found in the gardens and the children are also seen running after them in order to catch... read more
Birds I View Photos
By: Bill Feaver | Oct 31 2010
Getting pictures of birds both perched and in flight seems to require an unusual amount of patience and dexterity with a camera. The website titled Birds I View Photos has... read more
Hopper Bird Feeders Have Many Advantages
By: Kathy Laurie | Oct 29 2010
Hopper bird feeders have advantages over most other bird feeders. They are the most versatile and the easiest to maintain. Basically, a hopper feeder is shaped like a house... read more
How Do Dolphins Find Their Way Home In The Dark?
By: Alan D Williams | Oct 29 2010
I love dolphins and everyone agrees that they are so intelligent, and they can do such incredible acrobatic tricks. But how do they find their way around in the... read more
Birdwatching With Binoculars
By: Derek Robinson | Oct 20 2010
Birdwatching is an interesting as well as a very useful hobby. It's not only enjoyable for the birdwatcher. It also provides important information about bird life, and the flora... read more
Kraits Are More Dangerous Than Cobras
By: Navodita Maurice | Oct 20 2010
Bungarus is commonly known as Krait. It is a poisonous snake belonging to the family Elapidae. There are 12 species and 5 subspecies of kraits known all over the world.... read more
Required Protective Clothing for Bees
By: John Smith B | Oct 15 2010
Nature is a wonder in itself and the honey bees that she keeps and the processes that they go through every day are quite fascinating. Bees make beautiful music with... read more
Grease Balls for the Birds: Feeding Birds in Winter
By: Wayne Anthony | Oct 7 2010
If you live in the Northern Hemisphere then you will know by now that winter is only a stone's throw away. That means freezing cold days and nights, ice,... read more
Do Mangrove Trees Walk?
By: Rosemary Mac Gregor | Oct 6 2010
The ecosystem (rainforest) of the Osa Peninsula is among the most complex on the planet and the wetlands made up of the drainage from the Sierpe and Terraba Rivers,... read more
Birds of Prey and Observation
By: Dale Coover | Oct 2 2010
Birds of prey. Birds that hunt for food using there keen sense of vision. They hunt vertebrates and can include other birds. Their talons and beaks are relatively large and... read more
Your Honey and Honeybees
By: John Smith B | Sep 30 2010
There are so many hobbies that one can choose from to do in their spare time. Hobbies are meant to be pure enjoyment so that you can relax a bit... read more
Alaska Seafood Harvesting
By: Amol Gupta | Sep 26 2010
Sea food is my weakness. They taste so good that you just cannot resist. I have heard a lot about South East Asian seafoods. Of course they are good and... read more
Purple Martins - Birdhouse Recommendations & Martin Colonies
By: Lynn Jacobsen | Sep 22 2010
Purple martins are the only North American bird that will nest together in multi-level birdhouse "condos" and create martin colonies of up to a hundred individuals. These birds are recognized... read more
Plants in India
By: Debalina Debroy | Sep 10 2010
The natural beauty of flowers, plants and jungle of India has always lured human being across the globe. Our mother land possesses global identity not only because of its... read more
Pizotes Are Costa Rica's Cuddly Wild Creatures
By: Matthew Jorn | Sep 1 2010
The most common critter in Costa Rica is the lovable Pizote. Known to the scientific community at the White-Nosed Coati (Nasua narica), this creature is a curious blend of... read more
Getting Your Birds Ready For the Fall Bird Watching Season!
By: Rebecca Lauer | Aug 31 2010
Bird watching is a highly educational and fun activity, something that every family should enjoy every fall. However, there are some concerns that one must resolve to ensure... read more
Getting Information on Pollock, the Lesser Known Alaska Whitefish
By: Allie Moxley | Aug 25 2010
Whether you know it or not, you have probably enjoyed Alaska pollock on numerous occasions. How is such a thing possible? For the simple reason that it is the... read more
The Giant Anaconda - King of Snakes
By: Greg Isaacs | Aug 25 2010
The larger an animal is, the greater our fascination with it. When it comes to reptiles, out of all the monsters there are including, alligators, crocs... read more
Bird Enthusiasts Create a Bird House Hobby Club
By: Craig Bennett | Aug 23 2010
Resurgence in the interest of bird watching prompted one community to start a new bird house hobby club. All ages are welcome to join, and other communities are encouraged... read more
Beetles Strange Life Story
By: David Bunch | Aug 14 2010
Most beetles lay only a few eggs at a time. Weevils lay single eggs, and may drill a hole for each; ladybirds lay them in batches, on leaves.... read more
Interesting Facts About Beavers
By: Rolands Ruza | Aug 7 2010
Family of Castoridae includes two species, Castor canadensis (the common or true beaver) and Castor fiber (European or Eurasian beaver). Eurasian beaver in the past lived in the Eastern... read more
The Extremely Endangered Mississippi Gopher Frog
By: Matthew Jorn | Aug 6 2010
The Mississippi Gopher Frog or Dusky Gopher Frog is a very rare species of amphibian. Its natural habitat is temperate and made up of coastal forests and intermittent freshwater marshes... read more
Practical Tips Against Bear Attacks
By: Wendy Ai | Aug 2 2010
Bear attacks are very rare but it is always safe to assume that it can be prevented especially if you love outdoor adventures. If you love to have picnics in... read more
A Quick Overview on the Life of Penguins
By: Wendy Ai | Aug 1 2010
Penguins are among the most iconic and popular arctic animals and more often than not, these amphibious creatures is often the subject of children stories, movies, cartoons,... read more
Are Red Salmon Actually Red in Color?
By: Allie Moxley | Jul 29 2010
Although sockeye salmon can grow up to 3 feet long and weigh up to 15 pounds, they are actually one of the smaller of the salmon species. That does... read more
The African Lion
By: Joseph Muthui | Jul 23 2010
Lions are the only social members of the cat family. They are also known as Panthera Leo. The group known as a pride normally consists of up to fifteen females,... read more
Bilogial Peculiarities and Medical Importance of the Lice Family
By: Funom Makama | Jul 21 2010
Lice fall into the class insecta of the order Anoplura. Their bodies are flattened, dorso-ventrally. Lice are wingless insects with shortlegs. Order Anoplura displays incomplete matamorphosis. Lice are divided... read more
General Biological Characteristics of Flies
By: Funom Makama | Jul 21 2010
There are many species of flies. Broadly they can be divided into bloodsucking and nonbloodsucking types, and the mouth parts for each are appropriately adapted. The role of the... read more
Biological Characteristics and Medical Importance of Fleas and Bugs
By: Funom Makama | Jul 20 2010
Fleas Fleas are wingless insects. They are bilaterally compressed and covered with stiff hairs directed backwardly. Strong legs help fleas to jump. They are of the Order siphonaptera which all display... read more
Victorian Bird Houses - A Favorite Style For Birds
By: Mary Fesio | Jul 17 2010
One of the most decorative items one can put in a yard is a bird house and bird feeder. One of the most popular styles of bird houses is the... read more
Loggerheads Rescued by SeaWorld Orlando
By: Stephanie Dallas | Jul 16 2010
On May 6, SeaWorld Orlando rescued their 303rd sea turtle of 2010. As are many rehabilitated turtles, this large male loggerhead presented itself covered in barnacles and emaciated.... read more
Worm Farming - Fascinating Hobby
By: Manisha Kumar | Jul 14 2010
Many people think worms are just good for fishing lures, but worm farming can be a fascinating hobby for any child - or adult for that matter. They are... read more
Most dangerous and venomous spiders
By: Mary Rose | Jul 7 2010
Spiders are known to use venom to kill their prey after they capture it in their web or by other means. Among spider species, venomous spiders along with snakes... read more
Linden Wolbert, Beautiful Real-life Mermaid
By: Louis Brown | Jun 25 2010
Linden Wolbert, the 29-year-old professional scuba diver, has so far been best-known as the Caribbean mermaid. This real-life mermaid splashes through Caribbean Island to go around the world... read more
Shark Attack!
By: Igor Gromada | Jun 24 2010
Craig Rogers was sitting on his surfboard, scanning the distance for his next wave, when his board suddenly stopped moving. He looked down and was terrified to see... read more
The King of the Jungle
By: Dickson A Wambugu | Jun 18 2010
This is the Lion. He is the favorite of all the wild cats and the most famous of the big five. The lion lives in a pride of about three... read more
The Rhino
By: Steve Mwangi | Jun 15 2010
This is another member of the big five community found in Kenya. It consists of the white and black rhino. The black rhino is the one commonly found in Kenya.... read more
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