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NOx Emissions from Ships a Major Source of Air Pollution on the California Coast
By: -- -- | Jun 15 2007
The California coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world. But instead of clean, fresh sea air, the cities and towns along the coast suffer from... read more
Heathrow Testing Biometric Controls On Passengers
By: James Marriot | Jan 10 2007
Passing the security checks gets tougher for the passengers at Heathrow airport. As part of a security exercise, Dubai & Hong Kong bound Cathay Pacific & Emirates flight passengers at... read more
Green Plus is now mandated in Mexican City of Guzman to help clean air
By: -- -- | Dec 22 2006
Biofriendly Corporation has mandated that the Mexican City of Guzman (population 120, 000) use fuel (gasoline and diesel) treated with Green plus liquid fuel combustion catalyst. All city vehicles,... read more
Biofriendly's UK sister company Green Plus releases details of E.ON report
By: -- -- | Dec 13 2006
The recent report by E.ON Power Technology in the United Kingdom shows us details of testing done on Green plus, liquid fuel catalyst that reduces harmful emissions, in... read more
Biotechnology Industry- New Business For India
By: James Marriot | Nov 3 2006
Biotechnology is the fast emerging sector in Indian Economy. It is expected that this sector will play a major role in boosting Indian economy in upcoming years. If we talk of... read more
Indian Biotech Market - Firm And Steady Growth
By: James Marriot | Oct 16 2006
Biotechnology sector of India is not a new one. It has been nourished since its inception by national government. Nevertheless, this industry is still in the infant stage. Currently,... read more
How a New Database for Women Scientists Can Promote Agricultural Biotechnology
By: James Njoroge | Oct 10 2006
The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) has come up with this online database of women scientists working in the field of agriculture. The database's objectives are: * To promote activities... read more
General SEO Information
By: | Aug 2 2006
With millions of web pages clogging the internet, and the number of pages increasing by thousands every day, it is only natural that one is finding it difficult... read more
Indian Biotech Industry Successful IT cousin
By: James Marriot | May 18 2006
Closely following information technology, the next success in India is biotechnology. As per Mckinsey by 2020, only two main biotechnology companies will comprise a market capitalization, which... read more
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