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Writing at least could keep me from decreasing
By: lizaying | Feb 6 2012
Some friends reminded me kind-heartedly probably I wrote too much, but if I stop writing it, I will feel hard to write something again. Probably composing each day... read more
Try to Protect your second face
By: magicjewelrybox | Sep 21 2011
To see whether a woman be happy you can see her hands, hands like woman's second face, have no facial expressions, but do not pretend to record... read more
Something about iTunes
By: bbritin | Aug 22 2011
We all know iTunes is a digital media player application that released by Apple in January 10th, 2001 at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, it been used... read more
Noise Hearing - The Age of Noise Protection Devices
By: Gladeya | Aug 15 2011
In this era of high sound environment, what are the benefits of noise protection devices, apart from preventing the wearer from tinnitus? It is a fact that,... read more
Effective Solutions by telephone company Dubai
By: James Misurata | Jul 12 2011
Advancements in the field of networking and telecommunication have led to the emergence of several organizations which provide several sophisticated telephone devices. Any reputed telephone company in Dubai indulged... read more
Be Careful What You Ask For!
By: Leo Petrik | Dec 11 2010
Recently I asked one of my networks for help. I was looking for topics that I could write to, to meet a personal challenge that I had set myself. Many... read more
How to Be More Assertive in Business
By: Chris Farmer | Dec 9 2010
Essentially, there are three levels of communication. These are passive communication, assertive communication and aggressive communication. If you are having trouble getting the balance right, then you may... read more
Dealing With Bad Behavior From Your Supervisor
By: Jennifer Rambkee | Dec 8 2010
Hard enough when the children are caught misbehaving, but what do you do about a misbehaving supervisor? Shocked into mute Meg had been in a professional position for years when the... read more
5 Tips for Effective Workplace Communication
By: Beth Terry | Dec 3 2010
Being able to communicate effectively at work is so important to your personal success and the success of your team. Good communication in the workplace means ideas can be shared... read more
7 Ways to Improve Employee Morale
By: Michael F McDougall | Dec 1 2010
APPROVE 1. Action 2. Personal 3. Praise 4. Respect 5. Openness 6. Value 7. Enjoyment If you want to have employees that are happy to be at work it is essential that... read more
Basic Letter Formatting Etiquette
By: Jason Hank | Nov 27 2010
Are you interested in writing a letter? Before you begin writing your letter you need a few essentials, such as a writing utensil, envelopes, proper stationery and... read more
Practicing E-Mail Etiquette In The Workplace
By: Kathleen G. Huertas | Nov 25 2010
The wonder of e-mail. E-mail has created a whole new set of problems for some in the workplace. It enhances the efficiency of our communications, however it is proven... read more
How to Write an Efficient Memo
By: Krystalina Soash | Nov 23 2010
Have you given much thought to a memo lately? Well, just what is a memo and what is its purpose? According to Webster's Dictionary, the word memo is... read more
Asterisk VPS and Other VOIP Software on VPS
By: Meghan Morrison | Nov 16 2010
VPS hosting services have the capacity to allow the website developer to run many of the popular VOIP applications available, including Asterisk, which is the more popular due... read more
Employee Training - Making Sure To Train New Employees Contextually
By: Dr. Diane Hoffmann | Nov 13 2010
From my experience in working with or within different organizations, I have found that in most cases, companies leave a lot of new employees in the hands of... read more
Diligence, Particular And Detailing Are Essential For Effective Work Output
By: Ernest Kabu | Oct 22 2010
Diligence! Diligent is derived from the word, "diligence". "Diligence" is a noun, which expresses its own meaning. It is just like using a physically present human being to... read more
Establishing Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything
By: Keith J Johnston | Oct 20 2010
"Trust is the glue that bonds great people, processes, and environments, and ensures long-term success. If this critical component is missing, everything else falls apart." -... read more
Running Effective Meetings: Stop Chasing Rabbits!
By: Jory Fisher, J.D. | Oct 8 2010
You know exactly what I'm talking about: out-of-control meetings with out-of-control people with out-of-control emotions resulting in a poorly crafted action plan AT BEST. Heaven help us. If I had... read more
Secrets of Dealing With Difficult People - The Art of Listening
By: Maynard Brusman | Oct 7 2010
Dealing with Difficult People Are you having trouble coping with difficult people where you work? If you are, then you probably have plenty of company. The workplace is full of... read more
Dealing With an Annoying Person
By: Jaxky Lim | Oct 6 2010
Dealing with an annoying person in the office can be troublesome sometimes. They are like parasites. They suck the peace and harmony out of the office environment. They act with... read more
History Of Communication - In Quirks And Quartz
By: Dr. Diane Hoffmann | Oct 4 2010
The history of communication is a large subject to cover. Communication encompasses so many facets that it is not possible to cover it all in its diversity of topics. Its... read more
Informal Communication - How It Differs From Formal Communication
By: Dr. Diane Hoffmann | Oct 2 2010
Both informal communication and formal communication take place in any organization whether it be business or our personal family lives. But we need to recognize the difference. Informal communication is casual... read more
3 Suggestions for Effective Communication
By: Shaw Funami | Sep 28 2010
In an office, one morning, Mr. Smith talks with 2 of his coworkers. Mr. Smith, the general manager, asked them why sales of a new product... read more
Cats, Dogs, and Users - A Taxonomy For the IT Professional
By: Glen Gage | Sep 16 2010
IT people love to classify things, that is a key part of how we think.  We have to abstract the real world into concepts or else we could never... read more
A Road Map For Writing
By: Dr. Sandra Folk | Sep 13 2010
I'm staring at my computer screen, wondering how to begin writing this blog post, and drawing a big blank. Hmm...maybe I should make another cup of coffee,... read more
Making a Victorian Business Card Holder
By: John Rowbotham | Sep 7 2010
What better option that a Victorian business card holder, when you are looking at adding that soft, classy feel to your office? You can keep a Victorian business... read more
Jealousy on the Job Damages Relationships
By: Barbara Bowes | Aug 28 2010
When you think about it, there are a lot of very different elements that make up the workplace personality -- so much so that it's a wonder we can... read more
Achieve Effective Workplace Communication
By: Eric Douglas | Aug 24 2010
One of the major problems with businesses is that management and employees cannot properly circulate their ideas, concerns, or suggestions due to people unable or unwilling to participate... read more
Understanding - 3 Parts to Connecting the Puzzle
By: Brock Patterson | Aug 23 2010
Working on puzzles is a fun way to spend with family. You look at the options to see what picture or design fits your fancy, check out the total... read more
Is Employee Disengagement Hurting Your Business?
By: Tammy AS Kohl | Aug 20 2010
Based on the current business environment it really has become an employer's market. Employees are much less likely to change roles or companies based on fewer job opportunities and fear... read more
How Shyness Can Affect Your Success on the Job
By: Timothy Arends | Aug 16 2010
I was at my local Wal-Mart the other day while it was in the process of being remodeled. I watched some of the store employees (mostly males) standing around discussing... read more
Team Collaboration Techniques For Your Business
By: Dana L Larson | Aug 12 2010
If your business team is looking to adopt a team collaboration solution and strategy into your business, there are many things you need to consider. From research to integration... read more
Why Are Interpersonal Skills and Communication Skills Important in the Business Environment?
By: Peter A Kay | Aug 12 2010
Communication skills in the business environment Good communication skills are important in many aspects of life, and the business environment is certainly no exception. No matter how talented an individual... read more
Why Visual Communication?
By: Shabari A. N | Aug 6 2010
Visual Communication Visual communication is the communication of ideas (not restrictive to business) in a way that is effective and appealing. As is known, visualization is an efficient way of... read more
Advanced Workplace Motivation Techniques
By: Mark Bing | Aug 3 2010
Workplace motivation is the key to performance improvement in an organization. With an effective motivation program in place you can be rest assured of increasing the overall status and profits... read more
How to Write an Effective Business Letter to Get Hired
By: D. Babb | Aug 2 2010
Many experts say that the key to getting hired is a professional business letter or resume. More important than the experience and achievements you put on your job letter or... read more
Derailing Behaviors - The Thin Line of Difference Between Right and Wrong
By: Mike Krutza | Jul 31 2010
Most people fail in business because they cannot distinguish between what's right and what's wrong. This kind of indecisiveness can occur in every aspect of their dealings, even their... read more
Is Abbreviated IM Style Communication Appropriate in Business?
By: Brett P Miller | Jul 29 2010
It is fairly well understood that instant messages and tweets have becoming common informal methods of communication. The question that I have is, to what degree is this acceptable... read more
Using the Psychology of Value to Improve Your Communication Skills
By: David Patmore | Jul 27 2010
On of the most powerful techniques I have discovered to help build effective communication, is something I have given the label 'The Psychology of Value.' Often when I conduct... read more
The Fine Art of Communication, Part 1 - "Turn it UP!"
By: Lorrie Boettger | Jul 23 2010
In today's world of fax machines, high-speed internet, cell phones, and just about every conceivable method of conveying information at the touch of a finger, effective... read more
Communication Skills - Avoid These Things
By: William R. Murray | Jul 22 2010
To be a better communicator, avoid these things: 1. Rushing to judgments, evaluations, conclusions. Instead, start with the facts. What did you observe? Describe what you saw... read more
Cleaning Business Challenges - Dealing With Personnel
By: Janice Fowler | Jul 22 2010
Believe it or not, one of the things that a small business owner needs to learn aside from how to run a cleaning business is to deal with personnel.... read more
Communication in Times of Change in Business
By: Rob Horlock | Jul 17 2010
We assume, rightly or wrongly, that homo sapiens have the best developed communication skills in the natural world because we have an expressive verbal language which is understood... read more
Privacy Has Its Place, But Not Necessarily at Work
By: Larry M. Elkin | Jul 14 2010
If you want to keep your personal business to yourself, you should not conduct it at work - especially not on your employer's equipment. Though it seems obvious to me,... read more
Learn How to Communicate With the 4 Main Personality Types
By: Alba Figueroa | Jul 11 2010
 About twenty four hundred years ago Hippocrates discovered the four personality types or temperaments. Each one of these personality types has its own strengths and weaknesses. We all have a combination of... read more
T3 Internet - The Backbone For Today's Internet
By: Ruben Noah F... | Jul 11 2010
T3 Internet lines are also called DS3 lines. They are high speed as they are the advanced version of T1 Internet line types. It is ultra high-speed connection that is... read more
Orient Yourself Towards Others and Relieve Pressure in the Workplace
By: Eric Douglas | Jun 23 2010
Imagine you're flying on an airline with an open seating plan like Southwest. You've found yourself an aisle seat. The window and middle seats next to you are open. What... read more
Voicemail is Rubbish
By: Adrian Swinscoe | Jun 18 2010
There is a stat that I learnt sometime ago where someone told me that between 70 and 80% of all people when faced with leaving a voicemail for someone they... read more
MPLS VPN is Reputable Support Throughout Numerous Networks
By: Roman Pearson | Jun 18 2010
Are you in search of a reliable network that is easy enough for you to handle? MPLS VPN is just what you are looking for. MPLS VPN is trusted and even... read more
Would the Real You Please Stand Up?
By: Margaret Meloni | Jun 13 2010
Mary Carol read the email from Tisha and was really annoyed. She had just met with Tisha yesterday and everything seemed fine. Now here was this really harsh email. It... read more
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