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The Romanian Security Project offers a setting for Hackers to Share
By: Agnes Aldridge | Nov 14 2013
Have you ever wanted to learn more about Hacking, send out some programs of your own, or start taking part in projects to challenge major corporate and government... read more
Always Select an Efficient Business IT Support
By: Khalid Kamal | Mar 26 2012
In every business sector information technology is important for the growth of the business. It helps the company in the critical situations when the firm needs an efficient business... read more
Versatility of Windows Server 2008
By: Khalid Kamal | Mar 26 2012
Due to an advanced and highly demandable server provider Windows is providing best class services and tools to the users around the globe. The Windows servers are developed with the... read more
Benefits of Outsourced Infrastructure as a Service
By: Fateh Singh | Mar 23 2012
Today in this vast field of competition, infrastructure as a service has a major role in the growth of the business sector. May be many people not know about... read more
Significance of the Monitoring Tools for Public
By: Fateh Singh | Mar 23 2012
To keep the track of the activities through monitoring software is a good activity that keeps the business entrepreneurs updated about their business and ensure that it is going smoothly.... read more
Remotely Offered MSP NOC Services
By: Khalid Kamal | Mar 10 2012
At the present business conditions the current status of the IT set up and staff has become very crucial and complicated too. As most of the business units are doing... read more
Protection from Identity Fraud: Your Business, Your Life
By: Venkat Sure | Feb 7 2012
Have you ever had a huge credit card bill without even purchasing the things listed in the credit card statement? Have you ever been arrested for outstanding parking tickets even if... read more
The Fastest Way to Charge an iPad
By: lisa | Feb 7 2012
  The iPad battery is fantastic because of its long lasting capabilities.  However, the downside is that it can also take a very long time to charge an iPad 2.  There are many iPad charger options... read more
Do You Know How Do I Remove a Computer Virus
By: wow gold | Feb 6 2012
  Life, computer is everywhere, we do use it we want to do, but we should also protect it, do you know this knowledge? Antivirus safety call... read more
Do You Know How Security Sphere Is a Rogue Application
By: wow gold | Feb 6 2012
In life, we cannot be separated from the computer, I use computers to make all kinds of things we need to do, but taking advantage of that... read more
Advanced Biometric Tools as Key Solution for Security Issues
By: simon mathew | Jan 27 2012
With the rapid advancement of technology, the issue of technical security is becoming more and more complex day by day. Access control and biometric access control are the latest... read more
Addressing Security Concerns Will Not Be An Easy Task
By: janny | Nov 19 2011
Addressing these security concerns will not be an easy task. With Apple's unique operating system infrastructure, it is a challenge to create anti-virus apps that effectively protect against malware... read more
Need for an Effective Healthcare Compliance
By: Gladeya Smith | Sep 30 2011
Business practices today are inevitably required to be ‘compliant' to a plethora of regulations and Standards. Either you can arbitrarily choose to be compliant or ensure compliance through a systematically... read more
Threat Management Solutions - Integrating Security And Compliance Regulations
By: Gladeya Smith | Sep 30 2011
The advent of technological innovation and the globalization of the business space have made organizations dependent on technology to collaborate, communicate and share all valuable data and day to... read more
Understanding the Significance of PCI Compliance
By: Gladeya Smith | Sep 23 2011
There are certain rigorous requirements companies must adhere to when processing cardholder data, in order to be PCI compliant. Due to the ongoing compromises occurring at a number of... read more
Vulnerability Scanning - Tracking security breaches
By: Gladeya Smith | Sep 22 2011
Today, the business environment is so much technology oriented that most organizations depend on their ability to collaborate, communicate and share information online. These organizations make use of... read more
Why Remote Virus Removal Services Have Become So Much Popular?
By: Kyle Springer | Sep 20 2011
Almost every computer or laptop suffers a virus attack at some time or the other. Today, Internet has become the number of information and people use it for many... read more
Helpful Information on Computer Virus Removal
By: Kyle Springer | Sep 20 2011
Computers are subject to viruses at all times, regardless of the care you take when online and using your email. If you don’t detect and remove them properly,... read more
Take Advantage of SEO Submission Services and Watch your Web Traffic Increase
By: Jon Bird | Sep 19 2011
Smart online business owners are taking advantage of the SEO submission services. Everyone who owns an online based business knows that website traffic is one of the best ways to... read more
HIPAA - Ensuring Security of medical data through compliance
By: Gladeya Smith | Sep 14 2011
HIPAA HITECH Acts, it has now become mandatory for them to protect Patient healthcare information and show to the authorities that they have implemented policies and practices that are... read more
Spreading the Wings - IT Security Compliance
By: Gladeya Smith | Sep 3 2011
Today's globalized business environment is technology driven and information about the company and its dealings are made accessible to a number of recipients across the globe. This paves way for... read more
VMware Hosting - Keeps Data Secured & Make Your Nights Tension Free
By: Tapas | Aug 31 2011
With lots of threats to the computer databases in the present time, it is important to establish protocols to defend data on computers. One such way is making use... read more
Compliance Solutions for Small Medical Practitioners
By: Gladeya Smit | Aug 19 2011
Even as Small Medical Practices (SMP) are comprehending the importance of compliance, there are many such practitioners who have taken it upon themselves to understand the requirements of compliance... read more
Tips to Ensure HITECH Compliance
By: Gladeya Smith | Aug 17 2011
THE HITECH or Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) came into effect on February 17, 2009 aimed at providing funds and safeguarding the usage... read more
Forgot Windows 7 Password?
By: Susan | Aug 12 2011
Many people ask me the question that how to recover their lost Windows 7 Password on my site or Email. I know they urgently need to access Windows 7 for... read more
How Prepared Are You for the Upcoming HIPAA Audit?
By: Gladeya Smith | Aug 8 2011
With the long overdue HIPAA privacy and security compliance audit program scheduled to begin later this year or early next year, it's time for every healthcare entity to do... read more
Staying Clear of Health Information Breaches
By: Gladeya Smith | Jul 29 2011
Did you know that 2.7 million Americans were affected from around 32 major health information breach incidents recently? The bulk of the people were affected by the information breach that... read more
Addressing Vendor Related Security Threats Effectively
By: Gladeya Smith | Jul 20 2011
Business relationships are built on reliable and trustworthy collaborations. You cannot run a business without a support system. A business needs to expand and for this it becomes vital to... read more
Cybercrooks Drive Away With 63,000 Dollars from Car Dealership
By: apple tan | Jul 12 2011
The recent $63, 000 hack of a Kansas car dealership highlights a dangerous vulnerability companies sometimes face when balancing their books online. The controller for Abilene, Kansas based Green Ford... read more
Canada: New Tact Belligerent For Cybercrime
By: apple tan | Jul 12 2011
Canada is becoming a new breeding ground for cyber criminals, according to a report obtained by the Financial Post. According to the report by the cyber security company,... read more
Hackers Compromise So-net Entertainment, A Subsidiary Of Sony Corp
By: apple tan | Jul 12 2011
So-net Entertainment Corp., a Japan-based internet service provider and a subsidiary of Sony Corp., said a hacker accessed its customer rewards site on May 16 and 17 and... read more
Sony Ericsson's Canadian Online Store Hacked, Customer Details Stolen
By: apple tan | Jul 12 2011
Sony Ericsson has confirmed that its Canadian digital download platform, the "eShop, " has been compromised. 2, 000 users are affected, according to statements from a company spokesperson... read more
Rancho Los Amigos Center Loses Laptop, 667 Patients' Data Leaked
By: apple tan | Jul 12 2011
In compliance with federal law, the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) provided notification of a patient privacy breach resulting from a missing laptop computer at the... read more
Healthcare compliance requirements made Simple
By: Gladeya | Jul 11 2011
Healthcare professionals often have to deal with quite a lot of healthcare compliance requirements connected to different operational procedures, service delivery practices, and managing of records. The general... read more
Improving Business Prospects with PCI Compliance Adherence
By: Gladeya | Jul 8 2011
The use of credit cards for any financial transaction has given customers the freedom to spend anywhere anytime without the fear of being robbed or losing any money. Every business... read more
South Korean Prosecutors Blame North Korea FOR The Attack On Nonghyup Bank
By: apple tan | Jun 28 2011
Recent investigation results showed that North Korea was behind the April 12th attacks on South Korea's National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Nonghyup, which paralyzed its online operations. A probe by... read more
Massachusetts Unemployment Office: Data Breach Caused By Virus
By: apple tan | Jun 28 2011
The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) reported that the Departments of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) and Career Services (DCS) networks and individual computer terminals, as well as... read more
Square Enix Confirms 25,000 E-mail Addresses Taken in Website Breach
By: apple tan | Jun 28 2011
Hackers have broken into two websites belonging to Japanese video game maker Square Enix. Just hours after Sony began its steps to fully restore its PSN service following a cataclysmic... read more
X-Factor TV Show Contestants' Personal Information Exposed in Data Breach
By: Apple tan | Jun 28 2011
The auditions for the upcoming season of the Simon Cowell-hosted singing competition The X Factor, an Americanized version of the British reality series, got off to a rocky... read more
Data Breach Affects About 4,000 SEC Workers
By: apple tan | Jun 28 2011
The Los Angeles Times reports on a data breach that affected employees of the federal Securities and Exchange Commission on May 19, 2011. "About 4, 000 agency employees, including... read more
Bin Laden Death Leads to Cyber Attacks
By: apple tan | Jun 28 2011
As the world reacts to the death of terrorist Osama bin Laden, cybercriminals are leveraging hijacked domains to poison Web searches related to the event. The poisoned search results... read more
Lack Of Security Training And Skills To Protect Network Security Could Cost Millions
By: apple tan | Jun 28 2011
Massive data breaches could occur if organizations overlook their network security. The Epsilon breach may have affected 75 companies, or 3% of Epsilon's customers, and the estimated number... read more
Hackers attack Norwegian Armed Forces
By: apple tan | Jun 28 2011
The Norwegian military stated on May 19 that it had been the victim of a serious cyber attack that took place in the end of March, a day after... read more
Be confident about your Website security with cheap SSL certificate
By: SSLMatrix | Jun 14 2011
It is very difficult to gain customer's confidence in today's e business due to lake of security. So it is compulsory for every e business holder to take trust building... read more
How to Break Ms Word Password?
By: Michelle | Jun 6 2011
If you have read the novel "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", you must remember that there was a character said free programs were available on the web to... read more
Secure Your Domain plus Sub domain Over Single Wildcard SSL
By: SSLMatrix | Jun 1 2011
Secure your main domain and sub domains with a single Wildcard SSL Certificate by With a single Wildcard SSL certificate you can secure your main domain and sub domains. If... read more
Ten Must-use Online Privacy Tricks
By: Jason Ford | Jun 1 2011
Internet is the bleeding area for identity thefts who are trying to steal your password, hack your Facebook account and insecure shopping cards. Here are ten simple online privacy... read more
Watch out for Cold Calling Virus Scammers
By: Reno Computer... | May 23 2011
Cold Calling is a term used by advertisers who call you trying to sell you something. The "cold call" just means that they have no relationship with you before... read more
A Crusade for Enforcement of Healthcare Compliance Principles
By: Debrah | Apr 18 2011
Healthcare organizations are perpetually under rigorous screening with the enactment of HIPAA and HITECH laws meant for checking health care data breaches and privacy violations. These organizations have become hapless... read more
Getting the Best Deal with Healthcare Compliance Solutions
By: Debrah | Apr 4 2011
The consequences of violation of healthcare compliance regulations may have infused terror in those responsible for management of healthcare services. Yet, instances of willful negligence are still persistent. The... read more
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