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Start Using The System Of Video Conferencing Into Your Business
By: Start Using The... | Feb 3 2014
If it has been difficult for you to bring two different teams from different locations to interact each other, you can be relieved. It is not always necessary to... read more
Contact Center on Cloud: The Right Solution for Indian BPO Industry
By: Pooja Chopra | Nov 28 2011
Besides facing severe competition from countries like Philippines, South Africa and Latin America, Indian BPO industry has to struggle with increased operational expenses, rising manpower cost and... read more
Choosing your Internet Phone System
By: James Allen | Nov 22 2011
If you want to communicate efficiently in the present computer age and want to avail the benefits of advanced communication technology, then you have to opt for Internet phone... read more
Apple To Launch Redesigned iPhone, iPad, iMac and Macbook Air In 2012?
By: lisa | Nov 4 2011
A new report from Digitimes has claimed that Apple will revamp the iPad, iPhone, iMac, and MacBook Air lines. The report did not mention the MacBook Pro, Mac... read more
Tips to Extend the Motorola Droid Battery Life
By: skysing1231 | Aug 8 2011
You are able to no just use your Motorola Android wise phone to consider digital pictures, but aslo to see the internet and play lots of multimedia games. Because... read more
Terms Of International Phone Cards
By: johny | Aug 3 2011
Galore people cognize use a world phone cards board can save big money. But you must copulate something around sound cards, so you can buy a aright lineup,... read more
Effective Solutions for Varied Telecom Needs
By: James Misurata | Jul 26 2011
With extensive development in technology, Dubai has witnessed immense growth in telecommunication. The dramatic evolution of this sector has completely transformed the way people communicate with each other. Misurata... read more
Bluetooth Devices for Mobile Headsets
By: Jenny Jag | Apr 22 2011
There is no doubt that the latest computer headsets have enriched the fun while playing the PC games and hearing the hard hip-hop music. With the introduction of these headsets,... read more
Different Advantages of Office Computer Headset
By: Jenny Jag | Apr 22 2011
Generally, most of the office computer headsets come with a standard 3.5 mm and a USB connection. A standard 3.5 mm headset is available with two 3.5 mm connectors.... read more
Plantronics Wireless Office Headset: An Overview
By: Jenny Jag | Feb 15 2011
Headset has become a necessary accessory in this multi-task oriented world. Offering the complete usage of functionalities such as clear voice, minimal interference and disturbance, the headsets allow... read more
Types of Wireless Mobile Headsets Available in Market
By: Jenny Jag | Feb 4 2011
If you spend most of your time on calls, then certainly the mobile headsets are for you. Purchasing a headset will allow you to multi-task along with providing you... read more
The Special Functional Aspects to Look for while Buying Computer Headsets
By: Jenny Jag | Feb 4 2011
Computer headsets are as important as buying a computer. Given their wide usage and utility in day to day life such as voice recognition in chatting and listening to music... read more
Benefits of Toll Free Numbers in Businesses
By: Jessica N King | Dec 8 2010
A company can get several benefits from taking up toll-free numbers. This method has been used as a means of advertising. It is a good way of reaching many consumers.... read more
Looking After Your Telephone Headsets
By: Nicola Snaith | Dec 6 2010
Many people frequently use telephone headsets both in the home and workplace. You may use them to listen to music on your iPod, to talk on the mobile phone... read more
Telephone Headset Solutions
By: Nicola Snaith | Dec 5 2010
The telephone is a method of communication that has become widely used throughout the world in both homes and businesses. In fact, without the telephone, our economy would... read more
How Toll Free Numbers Operate
By: Jessica N King | Dec 3 2010
Toll-free numbers offer the public one of the easiest ways to make calls without any charge from any given area of the globe supported by the operator codes. Due to... read more
Video Phone - 5 Little Known Secrets How Video Phone Can Work For You
By: Piotr Sienkiewicz | Dec 3 2010
I want to introduce you new piece of technology - the Video Phone. This product slowly entered into general use after the 1950s and has continued to develop more and... read more
Imagine Life Without Phone Numbers
By: Jessica N King | Dec 3 2010
Communication plays an integral role in the lives of human beings. People love keeping in touch with loved ones and there is no better way of doing this than speaking... read more
The Benefits of Using a ShoreTel Conference Phone
By: Vincent Rogers | Nov 28 2010
Does your company use conference phones? These phones are perfect not only for conferences, but also virtually any type of meeting. Passing around a phone from person-to-person during a... read more
Automated Telephone System: 4 Key Automated Phone Answering System Considerations
By: Joe Arthur | Nov 28 2010
Are you interested to learn more about how an automated telephone system like an automated phone calling system that can help your business expand its profits? In this article,... read more
Disadvantages of Bundled Calling Plans
By: Lee Goodin | Nov 21 2010
There is a lot of hype out there with big companies offering you cable, internet, and telephone service all in one. For a lot of people, they... read more
How to Save Money by Choosing the Right Long Distance Telephone Plan
By: Asim Irshad | Nov 21 2010
Long Distance rates are on the rise! Have you ever said to yourself, "Some companies charge a monthly usage fee and I don't have to pay a monthly usage... read more
Phone Recorders For Working Moms
By: Tom R Rasmussen | Nov 21 2010
Do you ever wish that there are more hours in the day? Do you ever feel like your work will never end? Do you wish that you have a personal... read more
Reasons Not To Use Analog Phone Recorders
By: Tom R Rasmussen | Nov 21 2010
Most people who love technology recommend digital phone recorders, and many would advise very strongly against analog, or audiocassette, recorders. While the audiocassette was the hottest thing... read more
Professional Servicing Of Toll Free Conference Calls
By: Adrian Fisher | Nov 16 2010
Companies, who want to efficiently do business with buyers, should set up toll free conference calls for their teleconference board meetings. The service would be well accepted by... read more
The Deal Behind On Hold Messaging
By: Harry G Mason | Nov 7 2010
The business of customer support is booming. So much in fact that jobs are already fast being outsourced to a growing number of countries. Why wouldn't it? There are over... read more
Call Forwarding As a Business Tool (Local and International)
By: Michael Framer | Nov 5 2010
Businesses have used local for many years and for many reasons. Common reasons for using a call forward service include: establishing a local presence in a service area, improving... read more
Cordless phones - With the best designs
By: Dennis Jaylon | Oct 25 2010
Telephones are the best way of communication. As everyone knows it has become the necessity life of almost all the humans. This may be true in some of the cases... read more
Are Phones With Cords A Thing Of The Past?
By: Cole Rees | Oct 25 2010
Simply stated a phone with a cord was once the only kind of phone you could get for your home. They can still be found and for good reason. Even... read more
Mobile phone deals with free gifts like laptops and Sony PlayStation
By: adam caitlin | Oct 25 2010
Mobile phones deals with free gifts or the contract deals gets you your favorite phones at cheap rates and also with incredible offers and gifts. Compare online and get the... read more
Discovering The Essential Features In Phone Systems For Small Office
By: Adam Hannemann | Oct 22 2010
In order to properly run and manage a company in a small environment there are a lot of requirements which you will have to satisfy. One instance of these demands... read more
Cordless Phones - Your economy mobile phone
By: Dennis Jaylon | Oct 22 2010
The earliest invention of all that is still there in a modified way that is the invention of Gram Bell. He was the one who invented a way to communicate... read more
Business Phone Systems - Information and Advice
By: Mark Thomas Walters | Oct 21 2010
As a business or company expands, so do its telephone requirements. As more and more employees are added, a business telephone system will need to be set up.... read more
Phone Systems - Choosing The Best Telecommunications For Your Home Or Business
By: Alfred Ardis | Oct 21 2010
Communication is everything in day-to-day life, as we all live in a fast paced world. Whether you are in a home environment or working in a place of business,... read more
Cordless Phones and home phones feel the true freedom
By: Dennis Jaylon | Oct 20 2010
As the article starts you may have the question like why I need cordless phones. With patience and using your faculty of mind consider the situation that you are in... read more
SIM free Mobile Phones no hidden agenda
By: Aliks George | Oct 18 2010
A contract signed in for 24 months for as low a sum as £ 20 ultimately entails you to shell out £ 480 on handsets that may not even be... read more
How to Get a Toll Free Number For Your Business Or Website
By: Eric Slone | Oct 17 2010
Let's first talk about some of the benefits of getting a toll free number. Firstly, if your business has this type of contact information, your consumers perception can... read more
Bring radical changes in home phone experience with DECT phones
By: Dennis Jaylon | Oct 14 2010
There was a time when letters were only ways to communicate with near and dear ones living in distance. Then with invention of telephones, people started staying connected with... read more
Cheapest Phone Service, Best Quality
By: Rick Phares | Oct 9 2010
Phone companies claim to be competitive. In actuality there can be some major differences between plans, included features, rates, and extras. In order to get the best... read more
Toll Free Numbers Facilitation
By: Kathy Mercado | Oct 9 2010
We always think twice before calling a long distance number, especially if it is an international product and you want to know more details about it. The reason for... read more
Unified Messaging Solutions: Best Practices
By: Craig A Ure | Oct 9 2010
The 21st century is indeed the technological age. This is the point in time when gadgets are born almost everyday. In addition to that, current technologies are being updated... read more
The Importance Of PABX Systems In Busy Offices
By: Steve Tetluk | Oct 7 2010
Time is money, and most busy offices cannot afford to have calls from their clients ignored or dropped. This is where PABX systems come into play. PABX systems are... read more
Custom Toll Free Number - Importance of Toll Free
By: Vipul Tanna | Oct 7 2010
Why is it important to get a custom toll free number? Toll free numbers have great importance to the business industry today. It is one of the best business tools and... read more
Headsets - A source of full entertainment
By: Dennis Jaylon | Oct 7 2010
The telephones are there with the help of which you make conversation with your family, friends and relatives. There are various other mediums also with the help of which... read more
Difference Between Ordinary and Business Telephone Systems
By: Alex Tipu | Oct 7 2010
Phone systems tend to work as a communicative exchange, allowing people to communicate with each other, internally and externally. Phone-systems are obtained to permit each business to connect... read more
Cordless phones - Popular choices for office and home
By: Dennis Jaylon | Oct 7 2010
Among the fields that made rapid advancements, telecommunication is of the most remarkable ones. Telephones went through several changes in forms and styles and different high end technologies have... read more
DECT Phones - Cordless phones at its best
By: Dennis Jaylon | Oct 5 2010
The concept of cordless phones came with the necessity to move around while talking over telephones. Earlier all telephones were connected with wire that means all of those wire corded... read more
Nokia N8 - The Hottest Phone In Town
By: adam caitlin | Oct 5 2010
Nokia has been setting examples by delivering the best product in the market and getting the wonderful feedbacks. The Nokia has always being manufacturing mobile phones for everyone and they do... read more
A Buyer's Guide to Cisco Phones
By: Vincent Rogers | Oct 5 2010
Cisco has many phones that will be the perfect addition to your office. Here are a few that will be an asset to your business, whether it is a... read more
Phone Lines For Your Business
By: Sally Bantad | Oct 1 2010
Acquiring a business phone line for your company is something you have to do if there are lots of employees at the office. The phone line is really a fast... read more
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