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Predictive Dialing - Putting Telemarketing into High Gear
By: Redcloud | Jun 11 2013
The best way for a business to increase its sales is through telemarketing. With telemarketing campaigns, a business can reach millions of prospects that are using telephone. However,... read more
Web-Based Predictive Dialer for Telemarketing
By: Redcloud | Jun 10 2013
A web-based predictive dialer, as the name suggests, is a browser-based telephone dialer that primarily utilizes Software as a Service (SaaS) web technology. Such dialers are often known... read more
Getting the Right PBX Service for Your Business
By: James Allen | Dec 10 2012
Before deciding which PBX will be right for your business, you must make an in-depth study of what are your exact communication needs. How many of your employees will... read more
Introduction and Use of Internet Phone
By: James Allen | Dec 8 2012
Internet phone service (VoIP) is a strikingly different kind of technology as compared with the traditional telephony. Earlier, landline phone relied on copper wires and analog signals for voice... read more
Affordable Phone System for Business
By: James Allen | Nov 7 2012
Business is a sort of interesting game just like life where we plan out several strategies. One such great strategy that is common to all business types would be the... read more
How VoIP PBX Has Changed the Shape of Business
By: James Allen | Oct 26 2012
Ever since its introduction, VoIP PBX has made it lot more convenient for companies to communicate with customers and other business associates. The plain truth is VoIP PBX minimizes... read more
The Benefits of Using iPhone Application
By: James Allen | Apr 4 2012
It is true that Apple has not yet opened the iPhone and iPod Touch for full application development, but then there are abundant Web-based applications out there. In fact,... read more
Business VoIP helps small businesses control costs
By: Tyson Bird | Mar 26 2012
Cost cutting is an effective business strategy that is widely used across the world. Money saving is crucial in all types of businesses, particularly small business. Managing operating costs... read more
A telephone system using Business VoIP is ideal for Small Businesses
By: Tyson Bird | Mar 26 2012
Business VoIP has been defined as the future of business communication. This has many specs that attract the small scale entrepreneur. It creates a phone system that is more effective... read more
Future of the Phone System
By: James Allen | Mar 9 2012
The future of the phone system is set to rock on for the features of this phone are just out of the world. It is a revolution in and is... read more
Advantages of Mobile email Service
By: James Allen | Mar 9 2012
Our world is a very busy world where we are always tied up with something or the other. At least, we as humans have made it seem that way... read more
Benefits of Blackberry Service for Small Business
By: James Allen | Mar 8 2012
Technology has severally revolutionized our lifestyles drastically. We as humans have come a long way in terms of development from the time of our evolution. It is something that we... read more
IP-based Virtual PBX System
By: James Allen | Feb 17 2012
Every business organization in today's world scenario requires a virtual PBX service. The system has become mandatory for every company in order to work more efficiently and effectively as it... read more
What are the Features of Cloud PBX Services?
By: James Allen | Feb 14 2012
Cloud PBX is Internet-based voice and data communications where telecommunication applications, switching and storage are hosted by an outside service provider. Earlier, these services were applicable only for... read more
Finding the Right VoIP Phone Service for Your Business
By: James Allen | Feb 8 2012
Voice over IP (VoIP), also referred to as VoIP Phone, Digital Phone, Internet Phone or Broadband Phone, is a type of phone system that uses an... read more
Strategies for Improving Business VoIP Quality
By: James Allen | Jan 31 2012
VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol and these are voice calls routed using the internet protocol. VoIP is a big milestone in the technological advancement in the... read more
Toll Free Numbers Provide Many Advantages for Businesses
By: James Allen | Jan 21 2012
With the ushering in of open market economy, competition has become increasingly fierce across all business sectors. This apart, the slowing down of the economy in almost all... read more
Business Phone System - About Hosted VoIP
By: James Allen | Dec 7 2011
Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system is a veritable boon to business enterprises of all sizes as the VoIP equipment, servers and related services are hosted by the... read more
Choosing the Best Cloud PBX Service
By: James Allen | Nov 29 2011
Cloud PBX is a boon to business enterprises as their entire communication system can be made more efficient and less expensive. Cloud PBX service means all the required equipment,... read more
Business VoIP and the Office Environment
By: James Allen | Nov 29 2011
One incredible feature of business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system is it can integrate seamlessly with the office environment, and your staff may not even realize they are... read more
Cloud PBX Phone System Buyer's Guide
By: James Allen | Nov 26 2011
An effective phone system is critically important for the development and growth of business. A phone system helps businesses to help communicate with customers, suppliers, colleagues, business... read more
Difference between Business VoIP and Cloud PBX
By: James Allen | Nov 25 2011
Business VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the latest technology that offers business enterprises an efficient telecommunication system at a relatively low cost. The salient feature of VoIP... read more
Reasonable Call Forwarding Services
By: James Allen | Nov 25 2011
The Call Forwarding feature is an extraordinarily useful feature as it enables you to forward your calls to another phone number, including your home number, office number,... read more
What Are the Features of Virtual PBX Services?
By: James Allen | Nov 22 2011
Virtual PBX offers several basic and many extraordinary features particularly useful for business houses to improve their communication facility. It can be said without fear of contradiction that it is... read more
Overview of Traditional PBX Systems
By: James Allen | Nov 22 2011
PBX is an acronym for Private Branch Exchange and the equipment is used for interconnecting telephone lines and extensions in an office or within a business premises. The exchange is... read more
Cost-Effective Toll Free Numbers for Small Business
By: James Allen | Nov 22 2011
A toll free number is quite often euphemistically described as a 'phone number with reverse charges'. It is called so, because it is the called party that pays for... read more
Affordable Cloud PBX Phone Systems
By: James Allen | Nov 22 2011
Selecting the right business telephone system may be difficult in the present day scenario with so much technological advancement in the telecommunication industry. But, you definitely need a sophisticated... read more
Advanced Features of Virtual PBX Service
By: James Allen | Nov 22 2011
Virtual Private Branch Exchanges are hosted PBX systems that allow companies to use a private branch exchange system without having to install the equipment at their business premises. Virtual PBX... read more
Reliable Business Virtual Phone System
By: James Allen | Nov 22 2011
Effective communication is critically important for every business whatever its size and scale of operations. There have been tremendous technological advancements in the field of telecommunications in recent times and... read more
Business Phone Systems - Before You Buy
By: James Allen | Nov 17 2011
No business organization can expect to stay and survive and grow unless it has an effective communication system in place. Business phone system is the single most crucial office equipment... read more
Everything About 800 Numbers
By: James Allen | Nov 10 2011
Toll-free numbers are also called 800 numbers because they are numbers that start with three-digit codes - 800, 888, 877, 866 or 855. Area codes for toll-free... read more
How to Reduce Your Telecommunication Expenses
By: James Allen | Nov 1 2011
Telecommunications play a crucial part in any business enterprise and they will typically include local and long-distance phone services, toll-free numbers, mobile and wireless services, email,... read more
Toll Free Number - A Big Business Image
By: James Allen | Oct 14 2011
A toll free number helps your small or midsize business acquire a professional image - apart from enlarging your customer base and boosting your sales performance. A toll free number... read more
Cloud PBX Service Makes Sense
By: James Allen | Oct 7 2011
Tremendous advancements have taken place in the telecom sector and if your business is having the latest business phone system, then you unquestionably have a distinct advantage over your... read more
800 Numbers - Perfect Solution for Small Business
By: James Allen | Oct 5 2011
If you are running a small business, then having a toll free number will help you expand your customer base, boost sales and edge out competition. With a... read more
Why is Cloud PBX Good for Small Business?
By: James Allen | Oct 4 2011
In today's age and time, if you want to successfully run your business and edge out competition, you need to have an efficient communication system with all the... read more
Small Business VoIP Is a Necessity for Successful Businesses
By: James Allen | Sep 26 2011
The foremost advantage of Small Business VoIP is it enables small businesses to present a professional corporate image to the callers at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone... read more
Getting the Most From Your Office Phone Lines
By: James Allen | Sep 23 2011
Needless to say, a telephone system is indispensible for any business, regardless of its size and scale of operations. But today there has been tremendous advancements in telephone... read more
Affordable Virtual Office Phone Systems for You
By: James Allen | Sep 21 2011
With competition getting fiercer in almost all business sectors, it is critically important for a business enterprise to have an efficient communication system for it to stay and survive... read more
Getting the Best Business VoIP Phone
By: James Allen | Sep 16 2011
An efficient communication system is critically important for the growth and development of any business - more so, in today's scenario when businesses are facing stiff competition. VoIP (Voice... read more
What You Need to Know When Selecting a Business Phone System
By: James Allen | Sep 15 2011
There have been tremendous advancements in telephone technology and today there are several business phone systems with a host of useful features. Business telephone systems assist in initiating and maintaining... read more
Unwinding the Mysterious Future of Small Business VoIP
By: James Allen | Sep 14 2011
During the initial years small businesses did not give much importance to VoIP as there was lack of a proper understanding of all the advantages of VoIP. But today VoIP... read more
Cloud PBX - Professional Virtual Office Features
By: James Allen | Sep 14 2011
Cloud PBX offers every conceivable phone system features you would need and expect in an enterprise phone system and interestingly, these features come to you at an affordable cost.... read more
Toll Free Hosted Number for Small Businesses
By: James Allen | Sep 14 2011
A toll free hosted number is a telephone number that can be called by your existing and prospective customers without incurring any cost and all the call charges will be... read more
Comprehending Virtual PBX Services
By: James Allen | Sep 13 2011
To those who may be less familiar, Virtual PBXs are a form of hosted PBX systems that allow businesses to enjoy all the PBX system features without having to... read more
PBX System for Offices and Small Businesses
By: James Allen | Sep 10 2011
It is widely acknowledged that offices and small businesses are the real avenues for employment generation and future industrial growth. Since communication facilities are critically important for the growth and... read more
Features of Call Forwarding Services
By: James Allen | Sep 10 2011
The Call Forwarding feature enables you to forward your calls to another phone number, including your home or office number or your mobile number or even voicemail. Although modern... read more
Things to Consider Whilst Choosing Internet Phone Service
By: James Allen | Aug 24 2011
VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. If you want to truly conduct business operations efficiently in the present computer age and want to avail the numerous benefits... read more
Distinguishing Amongst Variety of Toll Free Numbers
By: James Allen | Aug 24 2011
Toll-free number is a gift that business enterprises give their customers to encourage them to call more often. Toll free number is a facility where the call charges are paid... read more
Call Forwarding Service and Its Benefits
By: James Allen | Aug 19 2011
Call forwarding is an extremely useful and hence a popular feature in modern telephone systems. It diverts incoming call to any directed phones such as mobile phone, home phone,... read more
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