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Finding An Excellent Phone Service Deal
By: James Benjamin | Nov 7 2005
In this day and age most of us are in need of a cellular phone to make our life easier so here are some good pointers that best suits our... read more
Declarative Programming - Strategies for Solving Software Problems
By: Roy Furman, M.d.,... | Nov 5 2005
Many software and hardware producers take pride in the exponential pace of technology change, but for users and consumers of their products and services the rapid technological obsolescence often... read more
Blu-Ray set to take the world by storm!
By: Paul Colbert | Nov 1 2005
The Blu-ray Disc belongs to a new generation of optical discs capable of staging high density data. Blu-Ray technology is based on a blue-violet coloured laser. The blue laser operates... read more
Driving Factors to Upgrade Your PBX System
By: Charles Carter | Oct 25 2005
Your PBX system has served you well in the past and with a bit of upkeep and maintenance will continue to meet your needs in the future. However change is... read more
Secure Remote Connectivity to Your Switch. What are the Options?
By: Charles Carter | Oct 25 2005
With the threat of Phreakers (Phone Hackers) and Computer Hackers becoming even more present, and many Pbx systems migrating to Servers - many businesses are looking to secure the... read more
Should you buy Refurbished or Excess Telecom Equipment?
By: Charles Carter | Oct 25 2005
The competition to provide telecommunication equipment at affordable prices is a driving factor behind the growing telecommunications 'refurbished equipment' market and you may be able to take advantage of the... read more
New Telecommunication System Considerations
By: Charles Carter | Oct 25 2005
So, you're in the market for a new telephone system or looking to migrate to a larger system? The choices are abundant, but how do you make a... read more
Best Carbon Blacks Deals
By: Mayur Palta | Oct 13 2005
Additives - Carbon Black, "What's Next?" The rubber chemicals industry has faced a highly challenging period the last several years, and numerous challenges remain. Though volume growth has been quite... read more
Is Quantum Physics the End of Dualism?
By: Thomas Herold | Oct 2 2005
The exploration on consciousness will be an increasingly subject in Quantum Physics as any observation is changing the results of the experiments we perform. At the very small the illussion... read more
IP or Not IP That is the Question
By: Julie Drake | Sep 27 2005
Will the technology I invest in today be obsolete in 5 years? Will the only systems installed in 5 years be IP systems? Is it a mistake to consider digital... read more
Leading Manufacturing Journalist Thomas R. Cutler Discusses Lean in Time Compression Technologies
By: anonymous | Sep 25 2005
The September/October issue of Time Compression Technologies magazine includes a feature article, "Lean Manufacturing: How Big is the Market? Lean Enterprise: How Much Bigger is the Market?" authored by... read more
ENERFAB 3 Month Implementation with ERP Software by Encompix
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 24 2005
After a three-month implementation, ENERFAB went live with Encompix, the nation's leading ETO (Engineer-to-Order) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System. Moving from a "green screen" system to Encompix was... read more
TR Cutler Profiles Midwest Patterns in InMFG Reed Business
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 24 2005
Thomas R. Cutler, the nation's leading manufacturing journalist profiled Midwest Patterns (MPI), a custom moldmaking manufacturer based in Quincy, IL. The feature article can be found read more
Analytics Provide Sales Trends and Buying Patterns from PRONTO ERP
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
According to Tom Verzi, Director of Marketing for PRONTO North America, "Hidden in the depths of enterprise databases are the patterns and trends that can shape the future... read more
iShop by PRONTO North America Provides e-Business Solution
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
According to Tom Verzi, Director of Marketing for PRONTO North America, "Customers expect to be able to communicate and transact with suppliers through a web-based interface for convenience,... read more
TR Cutler Profiles Home Run Inn Pizza Hand Held Integration with PRONTO ERP
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
Frozen Food Age magazine reaches a critical subset of the grocery market consisting of frozen food retailers, wholesalers, brokers, manufacturers and managers of public refrigerated warehouses and... read more
Packet8 Adds User Chat And Blogging
By: Michael Lemm | Sep 20 2005
In what could be considered a first, Packet8 has introduced a free add-on service for its VoIP phone subscribers that includes subscriber message boards and, oddly enough,... read more
e-Kanban by Datacraft Solutions Profiled in IndustryWeek
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
IndustryWeek examined how e-kanban solutions are core to an effective lean manufacturing initiative and provides a detailed report on the industry leader Datacraft Solutions. According to Matthew Marotta, founder... read more
Why Use DS3?
By: Michael Lemm | Sep 20 2005
If your business class DSL or T1 broadband service no longer has enough speed to meet your bandwidth needs for video or data transfer, you may be considering a... read more
Wireless Broadband Basics
By: Jeremy Maddock | Sep 20 2005
Wireless broadband is a general term used for the technology that is able to gain access to the internet wirelessly, and at high bandwidth speeds. Wireless broadband is available... read more
Broadband Phone Technology - Top 5 Reasons You Should Take Notice
By: Sabrina Hinds | Sep 20 2005
For the uninitiated, the term broadband phone is loosely used to describe the technology currently available where one can make telephone calls from a telephone system that sends the... read more
Technology and change are stressing your life
By: Clive Simpkins | Sep 20 2005
Years ago, Holmes & Rahe crafted the first formal measure of the impact of stress on people. At the top of their list are events like the death of... read more
WAP - Description
By: Jeremy Maddock | Sep 20 2005
WAP is an open international technology standard, which allows people to access wireless internet services using handheld devices such as PDAs and mobile phones. The WAP standard was jointly... read more
Mfg. Journalist Cutler Shows Global Competitive Strategies for ETO Manufacturers
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005 attracts 140, 000+ industrial automation customers, process control and instrumentation professionals each month. TR Cutler, the nation's leading manufacturing journalist, just authored a feature article about... read more
From Bandwidth Management to Bandwidth Governance
By: Amichai Lesser | Sep 20 2005
Businesses today are highly dependent on distributed applications to support every aspect of operations. If these applications under-perform for remote users or fail, losses of productivity, revenue and... read more
Mfg. Journalist Cutler Profiles ETO Manufacturing Issues in Quality Digest
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
Quality Digest online profiles Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing and a rundown of its different set of quality standards and tools. The feature article can be found at In the increasingly competitive world... read more
TR Cutler Details e-Kanban by Datacraft Solutions in Advanced Manufacturing Magazine
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
The current issue of Advanced Manufacturing includes an important case study regarding the selection, use, and cost-efficiencies of e-kanban. The article was authored by leading manufacturing journalist Thomas... read more
Mobile Photo Album
By: Serge Grabo | Sep 20 2005
Mobile Photo Album Technology for volume mobile content resellers. has developed a technology for digital photo album creation. The technology allows creating photo album in the form of multimedia slide show from... read more
Keep That Hard-Drive Clean, Would You?
By: John Deprice | Sep 20 2005
Your PC, just like your home, office or car, needs to be cleaned regularly. Find out what software solutions will do that unwanted task for you,... read more
Four Mistakes to Avoid During a Data Center or Server Move/Consolidation
By: Amichai Lesser | Sep 20 2005
Server consolidation and data center moves can deliver significant benefits - including cost savings, enhanced business continuity, optimized service management, and improved regulatory compliance. The impact of this... read more
WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) - Description
By: Jeremy Maddock | Sep 20 2005
WiMAX is another name for IEEE 802.16, an international standard that allows for computers to be networked together and access the internet wirelessly. Although similar to Wi-Fi, WiMAX... read more
Optum Health Focuses On Search
By: Peter Jermyn | Sep 20 2005
Optum Health Ltd ("OPM") advises that it has entered into an agreement with Wavtech Pty Ltd ("Wavtech"), its co-venture partner in Optum E.S. Pty. Ltd ("Optum ES"), in... read more
Plant Magazine Profiles Frank Brasier & Sons and PRONTO ERP
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
In the latest issue of Plant Magazine, leading manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler, profiled Frank Brasier & Sons, Ltd., based in Brampton, Ontario. Celebrating its fiftieth... read more
AME Boston Conference to Feature Marotta and Sumstine on e-Kanban
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
According to Matthew Marotta, President of Datacraft Solutions, "If American manufacturers labor costs were free, administrative costs would still make them the high cost competitor." Joining Marotta... read more
Pronto's PEER Process Helps GS Dunn Get Lean
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
According to GS Dunn's President, Ron Kramer, the forty person company provides a complete line of mustard flours, ground mustards, brans, and deactivated mustard,... read more
Fax Kanbans Fail the Lean Manufacturing Test
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
At ten minutes per fax, someone is spending 3.5 hours per day in administration time. That inefficiency results in less time to utilize more suppliers or improve the relationships... read more
ERP Software Leader Encompix Selected by Formglas
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
Formglas, Inc. ( recently joined the fraternity of Engineer-to-Order/project-based manufacturing companies. Formglas placed an initial order for 20 seats of Encompix with implementation and support services. Formglas, located... read more
Encompix ERP Software Helps AXH to Chill Out
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
Air-x-hemphill (AXH) combines more than 40 years of experience and leadership in the air-cooled heat exchanger industry. The company encompasses the entire spectrum of air-coolers from initial thermal design and... read more
Business Needs vs. Network Performance: Critical Challenges Facing Network Managers
By: Amichai Lesser | Sep 20 2005
Networking is getting tougher. Networks must deliver a growing range of services, from ERP, CRM and email to VoIP and web services applications, each of which has... read more
Leading Manufacturing Journalist Thomas R. Cutler Discusses Size of Lean Market including e-kanban
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
Cutler provided a detailed history of the lean manufacturing marketing including how e-kanban solutions are central to an effective lean manufacturing initiative. According to Matthew Marotta, founder of Datacraft... read more
The Manufacturer Magazine Explores the Impact of ERP Upgrades
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
The Manufacturer ( is an essential tool for US manufacturing executives, covering all aspects of managing a successful production operation. The Manufacturer is a magazine for manufacturers about manufacturers,... read more
The Pacific Scientific HTL e-Kanban Transformation
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
Pacific Scientific HTL, an internationally renowned maker of aerospace safety equipment and military defense hardware, adopted lean manufacturing several years ago in an effort to reduce inventory levels... read more
ERP Software by Encompix Works for Gehring of Farmington Hills, Michigan
By: Thomas Cutler | Sep 20 2005
Established in 1976, Gehring L.P. launched its North American operations in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The 50, 000 square foot facility provides a full service machine tool operation,... read more
the smartphone dilemma
By: Ian Tham | Sep 20 2005
Is it better to have a separate phone and a pda or is it better to have a device that combines the two together. On the surface, it seems like... read more
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