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BUSINESS BUSINESS Why Online Trading Accounts are Taking Over

Why Online Trading Accounts are Taking Over

By: Antonia Berkeley | Feb 15 2014 | 934 words | 1209 hits

Trading in stocks online is not like going to the mall and picking a product where the price is set. Investments are priced in real time through bids actively happening between sellers and buyers. There are new techniques to online buying and selling that have combined with intelligent research tools and statistics to make it easier to invest right from your home computer. When you set up an online trading account, you typically join an online trade broker who will behind a vehicle for investing in ETFs, trading stocks, mutual funds, options, etc. However, it's key to look for online trading accounts with brokers who offer discounts, commission free trading, research tools and customer support options.

Are Online Trading Accounts for Everyone

They offer benefits to experienced and beginner investors while also allowing for an independent style of research and trading. You can set up your own investing strategy and even simulate stocks in order to research if it would work for your portfolio. Others don't want to rely on a website to make trades. They would rather trade the old-fashioned way, but online trading offers so much more than an easy trade option. You get to view real-time reports, research all stock quotes, check out the forex in real-time and even use tools and education materials to improve your trading strategy. Some online brokers even provide one-on-one guidance from a professional broker. Most experienced investors have accounts with several online brokers.

What Every Online Investor Needs

When you start shopping for online trading accounts, you'll undoubtedly run across 20 or more options that all seem to offer cheap trade options and a ton of features. There are some features that you really need, and there are others that you won't ever use. There are also fees, commissions and high-priced options that you want to avoid. It also depends on what type of trading you intend to do. If you're a very active trade, it will be important to find an online broker that offers discounts for active options traders. Other online brokers are better because they have more research tools and educational opportunities like seminars, guides and daily updated blog. The best online brokers will provide a low commission, discounts for active traders, several research tools and lots of professional guidance from brokers through an education portal.

Is There Such A Thing as Commission-Free ETF Trading

There are quite a few online brokers that don't have any commissions on ETF trading. Typically, these companies provide a limited number of trades before commission starts to kick in. You should always read reviews on any online broker that you want to trade with beforehand so that you can understand users' experiences with their online trading accounts first. In some cases, commission-free may not be such a good deal if you can't make the trades that you want or the customer service is so poor at a certain broker.

How Important are Research Tools

You definitely want to go with an online trading account that has provides a dashboard, real-time reports, stock quotes, forex reports and even virtual accounts for simulation of strategies. There are a number of helpful tools that can automatically find stocks for you and even conduct research with reporting features while you're away from the computer. These are most helpful if you're an active trader who wants to know what's going on with the market every step of the way. In any case, you always want an online broker with some research tools and reports so that you know what your stocks are doing and can easily make new investments.

What are Expert Advisor Accounts

Some online brokers have autotrading, which uses the expertise of an expert broker or advisor to make trades on your behalf. While this could be risky, most of these go by your own strategy and can't make decisions unless you allow it. Automated trading is best for those who want to keep up their investments but don't always want to participate every day in the stock market. You can define all of the settings for these automated accounts and even use them to conduct trades on the forex.

What are Islamic Accounts

If you are an investor who practices Islam, many online brokers offer what's called an Islamic account. These accounts are regulated under Shariah Law, which states that paying or earning interest on a loan or another financial transaction is not allowed.

Different Accounts for Trader Personalities

If you're not sure what type of online trading accounts suit you, it's best to try a number of different accounts and see if you like being an active trader or if you'd rather have the system make trades for you based on a strategy. Most online brokers have accounts for those who like day trading or who just want to deal in mutual funds. There are also those who want to make long-term trades and others who just want to simulate stock trading to research their ideas. You can set up a number of these accounts through online brokers and continue to grow your knowledge of the stock market through investing online. It's often one of the easiest ways to learn how the stock market works.

How to Create Free Trial or Demo Accounts

When you start looking for an online broker, you should always try an account before you buy if possible. A number of brokers offer this service, and you can sign up easily. You create a free account and begin trading on a simulated engine. You can test research tools and even try your own strategy, which can allow you to see if trading with the company is right for you.


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