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EDUCATION ARTICLE-WRITING Blogging: A Writer's Business Tool

Blogging: A Writer's Business Tool

By: Kevin Fernandez | Nov 5 2013 | 504 words | 2528 hits

So you're a writer and you don't have your own blog! In an age like ours that is the most absurd and ironic statement. So you're one of those traditional guys who like to stick to paper and pen? Well, that's great, but you better start typing and uploading soon. It's the age of online journalism, and not taking advantage of important platforms like blogs can be detrimental to your writing profession. Here are some reasons why you must have a blog. Read on to get influenced... or inspired!

It makes people notice you

If you plan to make a profession out of your writing skills, then you obviously need to be noticed. Why wait for the opportunity for books getting published when you can just blog away and make yourself stand out. You have the necessary writing skills to back you up, create a blog, update it regularly, and share your content on social networks. It's as simple as that. Users will read your work and may even share it, bringing in new links to your blog and making it more popular.

They let you grow

Having a well designed and well written blog will let your readers know that you are not some amateur going gaga over his hobby. It will send across the message that you know your stuff and are serious about it. It can grab the attention of potential clients who are looking for professional writers. Blogs demonstrate that you have expertise in your field and are committed to your passion for writing.

Why keep it to your self

So you are a writer, and all you want to do is to write. About yourself, your day, politics, lifestyle, religion, any old thing! Then why keep it to yourself? Blogs give you space to think aloud and let everyone read what you think. And since blogs are personal, you do not have to follow any rules. Write the way you feel comfortable. So blogs become a reflection of who you are. By reading your blog, people form a kind of a connection with you. And if you are looking at writing as a profession, then it will draw quite a few career opportunities as well.

You are open to criticism

Although each one has a writing style if their own, a little bit of constructive criticism would do you good. By keeping your blog open to comments by readers, you will know what people think of your writing. Good comments will boost your morale and negative comments will help you improve. Take comments in good spirit, you may get new ideas from them as well.

So if you are a writer, and you want people to read your work, invest a little time and create your own blog. It opens out a whole new world of endless connections and interactions which helps you to take your thoughts to the world. A blog can be an excellent platform for you to build your career as a writer. So are you influenced enough? What are you waiting for? Blog away.

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