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EDUCATION ARTICLE-WRITING I was moved by a man's biography for so many times

I was moved by a man's biography for so many times

By: lizaying | Feb 16 2012 | 543 words | 885 hits

For so many years, I didn't shed a single drop of tear for anything, because I was a little numb after working in society for five years and nothing could move me to tears. Sometimes when I was disappointed, I always liked to keep my discomfort by other things such as examining biographies of celebrities. I just study Wang Baoqiang's life story and was shifted to holes. Actually I do not check out his videos and TV dramas, but I was shifted by his having issues course so much.

In 1999, Wang came to China and run nothing except 500 RMB. Just imagined of 1999, I was able to research fortunately at university without stressing about anything. Not attractive, shorter, no qualifications, not even able to talk mandarin with complete confidence, even the only element he knew---Kung Fu was not good either, however, he went to China alone. He had not even the opportunity to follow the prospective guidelines because he was a man. The only element he could do was remorseless have difficulty. As long as he do not quit, you can't say there was no wish.

It was May Celebration of 2000; Wang had no cash to buy food. Lastly he was not able to endure it and broken at his neighbor's home to have five steamed buttocks. If a man could go through this type of life, nothing could conquer him. He also desired to give up, but he also imagined, it was the key time, insistence was important. Some individuals could run quick at first, later, would become reduced and reduced, can't endure it, and then quitted. He realized persistence, which was the most estimable personality of people. Lastly he obtained cash from his dad and swore that he did not get in touch with his family until he became well-known. When there was no highway for him to go back, Wang also requested himself, "can you carry on?" Though Wang was not a creator with fictional ability, but his terms were all genuine and actual. I could experience his pleasure and despair greatly. Once determined, one would protect it with his own life, which was the mutual understanding of effective individuals.

When he completed it, he never predicted him to make an award in Fantastic Equine. When he first used the tap cleansing his arms and fingers, he even does not know how to let water streaming out. Instantly someone assisted him, when he transformed around, it was Andrew Lau. For initially in his life, he met Andrew Lau. Typical individuals do not have the sensation, the personality of celebrities; I sensed Wang was really delighted immediately at some point. When he obtained the award, he was too energized to talk.

Through the blackest moment at some point, finally Wang was able to get his beginning. After I completed examining through the publication, I just sat in relaxation instead of mindless reverie now. I used to experience it was incorrect to be too left to cry; now I considered it was actual. I also comprehended the indicating of a tune further, "all my daily normal life is just for the day." One must have some wonderful times in life, or else just reside in useless.

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