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EDUCATION ARTICLE-WRITING The last year's bonus will be sent out in most of companies

The last year's bonus will be sent out in most of companies

By: lizaying | Feb 7 2012 | 436 words | 1391 hits

Today Beijing's climate really excellent, sunlight beautiful vividly, some heated, let individuals sensed the valuable heated relaxed in freezing winter climate indeed. Going for walks at random on the capital's road alone, split up from the well known place, a unique quality. With the beginning of the new season, the last season's reward will be sent out in most of organizations. Before the Spring Festival's returning, most of individual will get a certain variety as the yearly buoys. Merely the variety is different in different corporations or different obligation opportunities indeed.

Yesterday evening, man presented with down me his year-end reward, 20000 Yuan. He said it's maybe not as same as regular due to the firm economical position Oh, it's absolutely not a big variety, evaluating with regular decades, decreased greatly indeed, even only equivalent the individual earnings tax of some other companies' year-end reward gainer. But no matter! You should know I do not thoughts at all. As my mind-set, whether it's more or less, always another more capital to our household. How much the variety we cannot anticipate more, what we should do and what we can do is we function hard and tougher to arrive at the better efficiency on our obligation.

Money's variety, it's no enough in some level, but it's always enough too. Provided that we carry a thankful center, what a variety is always delighted, otherwise further more capital is insufficient pleasure too. To capital, I think its ok as extensive as it can carry me delighted, sometimes only 100 even further less only 10 Yuan maybe still is delighted too, just as our 5 garlic on stays with 2 Yuan per sequence you purchased from the freezing breeze flow turbine. What a lovely sensation in such a freezing winter! Husband, if your year-end reward arrive at or more than100, 200 countless numbers even further more, can you still buy garlic on stays for child and me on the way going home? Can you keep in thoughts where the property owner is after overdrinking in black night?

My year-end reward has not been sent out until now. TheSpring Festival is nearing soon, that is a delighted competition too. My year-end reward should be sent out in this week's time too. Though I am in cost of the hr office, but now I know nothing about it. Wish my reward as lovely as garlic on stays, as for how many post, not so essential actually. In the limitless individuals sea on the planet, still handed down easily even should to should, even deal with to deal with.

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