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EDUCATION ARTICLE-WRITING What is the real neaning of perseverance to our life

What is the real neaning of perseverance to our life

By: lizaying | Mar 12 2012 | 550 words | 1027 hits

Perseverance?It seems to be a typical concept, but it needs all your life to do it. The first person of persistence is Kuafu. He even compensated his life for seeking the Sun. Once you decide to do a thing, do you have the guts to engage in it all your life, even at the price of your life? No one around me comprehended me, really, it was typical. I can't understand myself either. I often sensed a big energy inside my body to create myself really irritated. Initially I thought I found some real associates, but they were all modified by the community and went with the river of community. Maybe I could research resource of celebrities to silent my unsettling center.

It was a warm day last night; I do not want to go out. My associates were all able to take it easy very much. They rode cycles all around Shenzhen to savor the wonderful surroundings of fall. I do not have the center to savor the great thing about autumn, even though it was my preferred period. The sky was amazingly pink and clear. The sun was really warm like the hands and fingers of mom. The fall air flow was really awesome. I sat on the terrace and tried to research my National literary works, which had two million websites. Most of them were about National Indians and National have problems for flexibility. Though I could research it without problems, I can't appreciate them, probably because of the lifestyle difference. I would rather research traditional works of the Far East. I just think whatever a publication it is, just want to research elements I really like. Why research it? I really like it. Why not research it? I dislike it.

After a while, I put the publication down and sat in a mindless reverie. For most of my life, I was just neither research nor play, just liked to sit in a mindless reverie. Initially I could see the surroundings of natural hill and growing woodlands. Now a new high building was assembled right before my screen. There was a time just moving past by my mindless reverie. Xu Wei desired to look at the sea each age of irritated. I do not want to look at the sea, so I research resource of celebrities instead. The cannot be seen energy in my body was just like a fireplace, if you could use it, it could become an awesome drive, or else you would be damaged by it. Sometimes I thought I was a fool, but I was not.

Of course, you can't adhere to well-known individual's highway to achievements. Actually, there is no one who can adhere to other individual's highway to achievements, but I find the mindset of persistence is always the same for all effective individuals. The roadways to achievements are very different, but the mindset of persistence in effective individuals is the same. There is always a saying, "retire after successful merit" in China. If you do not win advantage, how could you stop working quietly? There are so many roadways to achievements, you cannot say which one is better, the only you can do is to choose your own way and move to the end with persistence, even at the cost of your life.



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