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EDUCATION COLLEGE Essential Qualities of a Charming Air Flight Attendant

Essential Qualities of a Charming Air Flight Attendant

By: Stella Richard | Jan 7 2013 | 533 words | 1267 hits

The cabin crew of any flight is expected to play a vital role in making every passenger that is flying at ease. Not only do they have to make sure all their needs are met, but they also need to put the comfort and safety of the passengers first. As glamorous as it is to be a part of a dynamic cabin crew that flies all across the globe, it takes a lot to become an excellent Air Flight Attendant.

Simply put, cabin crew, stewards and stewardesses are expected to instill certain personality traits in the form of approachability, warmth, and friendliness that helps passengers feel comfortable while they are on a flight. Here is a list of some qualities that are expected to be inbuilt in all members of the cabin crew –

1. One of the most crucial traits that a stewardess or member of the cabin crew must possess is attitude. It is important to have the right attitude towards the people you interact with as well as your work in general. With a number of unexpected variables on the job, it is not easy to remain positive at all times. A positive attitude is a challenge, and you better be up to it!

2. The first thing the crops up in your mind when you think of a flight attendant is, ‘Beauty’. Not only must you be prepared to spend a lot of time and energy in grooming yourself as a crew member, but you also need to work on your inner self, i.e. your personality.

3. As a member of a flight crew, you are expected to possess a certain caring quality and empathy which allows you to easily meet the needs of the passengers you are hosting. However big or small their demands, it is always important for you to respect their needs and provide what is best in your capacity.

4. Putting aside the glamour and the opportunities of this job, if you are not dedicated to a career in aviation, you many tend not to enjoy your work. Passengers are very sensitive to simple signals that you give out in the way you talk to them, and carry yourself. If you show any kind of disrespect or lack of interest in any form, you are risking an unsatisfied customer and more importantly an unsatisfied career for yourself.

5. As a stewardess you are also expected to have a certain glair and grace in the way you carry yourself. With a smiling face and welcoming body language you can make everyone comfortable and feel welcome and at ease. You need to be a people person who enjoys meeting new people, building relationships and working in teams. You need to be able to build a harmonious relationship with your colleagues so that you and team are able to deliver quality services.

At the end of the day the key to building a successful career in any field is directly related to how much you enjoy and love your profession. Pursue the aviation industry only if you are truly passionate about the career. If you love your job, you will be able to naturally mold yourself into the best flight attended the airline can find.

About author:
Eton College is a PCTIA accredited private career college specializing in Air Flight Attendant, Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism and Business Administration training in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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