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EDUCATION COLLEGE Find Best Apprentice School in Australia

Find Best Apprentice School in Australia

By: Mark Ait | Apr 25 2013 | 427 words | 1635 hits

When looking for a good trade school one has to see whether the school is offering certain important things. In fact it is imperative that the trade school offers apprenticeships to all students who take up any trade course in the school. All apprentice information should be available easily and students should be able to access information easily so that they can apply for apprenticeship at the right time. If the company is giving apprenticeship incentives that also should be clearly mentioned.

In most good trade schools employment consultants support the young people all through the course and also during industry placement. They work with employers to achieve apprenticeship sign-ups in all the trades that they teach at their schools. The students can get apprenticeship information from the website of the trade school and through notices put up at the school.

Another important consideration when choosing a trade school is the entry time. It is ideal to enter a trade school in the 11th or 12th year so that at the end of your high school diploma you have covered almost 45% of the theory training of the trade course and could have also started earning by way of apprentice incentives which many companies give.

The result is for all to see. In good trade schools over 92% of all students on graduation at the end of Yr 12 are promised and get full-time apprenticeships with good apprentice incentives. This is because many companies that practice a certain trade want trainees or theoretically trained students of the trade from good trade schools on their roll. They are ready to give apprentice incentives to deserving students.

Work experience is a different option that is also guaranteed by the trade school. All apprentice information as well as information about work experience is given by the trade school and consultants help the students to take the right options so that they can learn and earn at the same time. A wide database of companies in various trades is available with trade schools and there is a team of consultants that are actively working with the companies as it is not only students who need apprentice information and apprentice incentives but also companies who need apprentices whom they can train and make into skilled employees.

It works well because it is a two-way need that is being fulfilled through trade schools. The goal of the trade school is to give young people a chance to complete their senior school education and at the same time begin their career by starting their apprenticeship with significant work experience.

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