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EDUCATION COLLEGE Flight Attendants- Then and Now

Flight Attendants- Then and Now

By: Stella Richard | Dec 13 2012 | 505 words | 1219 hits

The career graph of a stewardess has undergone tremendous change over a period of time. Not only does the job demand a different set of qualifications, but there is also a world of a difference in the type of perks this job has to offer.

The 1970’s – 1980’s

A classic example being, back in the 70’s stewardesses were expected to have minimum two years of college education. Airline companies were very particular about the height and the weight of the cabin crew that they hire. As a matter of fact, the weight of the stewardesses were measured on a regular basis during training period and all extra weight was expected to be shed of at the cost of losing their jobs.

Additionally, every stewardess that was hired was also expected to hold a nursing certification so that they could be of help to the passengers in case of any in-flight medical emergency.

This was also a time where the uniforms of the stewardesses were a matter of pride for company as well as those wearing them. They were meant to be professional and classic at the same time. These uniforms were designed keeping in mind the image the airline company wanted to project to the world. The comfort of the wearer was the least of the priorities at this time.

The 1990’s

Come the 90’s the flight attendant in many countries requires only a high school degree and no additional certification. Many airline companies have also shifted focus from the height and weight requirements out of fear of raising issues that result in lawsuits against the company and the aviation industry in general.

The dawn of the internet, evolution of technological tools and its implementation in the aviation sector has had a tremendous impact in the way flight attendants are hired and even it has even benefited how they conduct their work.

Factors such as the changes in the size of aircrafts has resulted in a shift of their overall job profile, which for some may not be as glamorous as one had dreamt of in their childhood.

Becoming a Stewardess

For the better or the worse, the job of a stewardess is ideal for those who enjoy social interactions, meeting new people and working in teams. It still offers the same level of glamour with respect to the opportunity of seeing many new places around the world, even if it just for a single night.

Another benefit of the job is that most travel tends to become extremely cheap and if your airline also offers benefits to your family and friends, you are able to visit a range of selected destinations.

While many shove the job of a stewardess as a ‘Fancy In-Flight Waitress’, the job does demand its due respect because of the hard work they put into it with respect to erratic and long hours of work. Eventually, all the hard work pays off with the opportunities and perks the job offers in the form of international travel and opportunities to meet a range of people which result in personal and professional upgrade.

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Eton College is a PCTIA accredited private career college specializing in Flight Attendant, Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism, and Business Administration training in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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