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EDUCATION COLLEGE The Science of Online Destination Marketing

The Science of Online Destination Marketing

By: Stella Richard | Jan 3 2013 | 501 words | 1254 hits

The internet has changed the way the world conducts business. For better or for worse, business owners and marketers around the world are expected to evolve their strategies with the changing trends in how one communicates with their audiences. This change has also seeped into the travel and tourism industry in various ways.

Travel agents and business owners are now expected to revamp their business patterns by integrating internet technologies and tools with concepts they learnt in tourism school to ensure long-term success.

The shift of this entire industry onto a digital platform has played a significant role entirely revamping the way business is conducted in the travel and tourism sector. With audiences acquiring more access to travel information, they are in the position to compare rates, plan their own itineraries and make their own reservations. In such times, destination or travel marketing demands a lot more aggression and innovation. Here are some essential tips on effective destination marketing -

1. Tracking Consumer Trends –
While it is viable for a number of product or service providers to simply split their marketing budget equally over a period of 12 months, considering the nature of the travel business, it is recommended that you design your strategy in such a way that you marketing plan builds up to the peak travel seasons of summer and also the holiday season at the end of the year.

2. Engage Potential customers with your Existing Customers-
This is extremely crucial to the success of any destination marketing strategy. Audience members today are always looking for reviews with respect to travel destinations, things to do, places to go, etc.

By simply giving them access to reviews and tips and encouraging customers to post information on your web portals, you are engaging audiences and aiding them in making well informed buying decisions.

3. Building Credibility
In addition to building a dynamic and engaging portal, focus on building a long term relationship with travelers through email and social media platforms. Try not to spam inboxes and build a relationship based on credibility. Also, encourage feedback.

4. The Power of Words
The internet offers this wonderful tool in the form of blogs, where you can offer some great content specific to destinations that you wish to promote. Also have guest bloggers come and write for your blog, offer first hand experiences and exiting information on various spots around the world.

5. Alternative Content
Travel marketing has a lot to do with how one is able to package their product. Satisfy your customers by putting up pictures of the destinations you are promoting. Get creative and have travelers compete on your website for the best travel pictures. Coax them to share their happy vacation memories with you and the visitors of your website.

Additionally, remember to synchronize your offline and online marketing strategy so that there is no disconnect in customer perceptions. Try to design targeted marketing strategies specific to age, gender and interest. Most importantly, avoid exaggerating at the risk of the credibility of your travel portal as well as the destination in question.

About author:
Eton College is a PCTIA accredited private career college specializing in Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism, Business Administration training and Tourism School in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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