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EDUCATION EBOOKS Launching a website for your eBooks

Launching a website for your eBooks

By: roger boo | Feb 19 2013 | 498 words | 1913 hits

EBooks writing and publishing business has now become favorite of many good writers. Now most of the freelancers know that they can have their own eBooks published and sold for better earning from their talent. EBooks writing is not as difficult as it seems. Writers with experience in simple article writing can learn the art of writing eBooks quickly.

So how your eBooks will sell online for giving you the profit you want. Well here are different ways of selling your eBooks online and you can use many online marketing tools and techniques for making more money from selling your eBooks.

One simple method of selling eBooks online is getting benefit from an already popular online sales website. Like, Amazon has now offered free eBooks publishing facility for writers. You can upload your eBook there and can make changes in it whenever you like. You can choose a rate for your eBooks, and then whenever a copy of your eBooks is sold from that platform they’ll pay you good percentage of earning. Surely the website will keep its little share of profit but still you can get a lot from selling your books on the site.

The advantage of using existing popular online selling sites for your eBooks is that you’ll not need to spend time in marketing of your eBooks. As Amazon and similar websites are already so popular, so many customers will view your eBooks every day.

But here is nothing better than having your own website for selling your eBooks. You’ll have your own website visitors, fans and complete hold on the profit too. Developing a website for any purpose is not so difficult now. If initially you don’t want to invest a lot of money in developing a website you can start with any free webhosting, but it’s not recommended. Instead of this if your find some low cost and good quality webhosting services, you’ll have your domain name from the beginning and once it gets popular your profit will be much greater than your investment.

For the designing of your website, you can take help form some friend who knows about it or can learn some basics of doing it yourself too. So it’s not necessary to spend money on our website’s designing. But if your don’t have time for exploring and learning all this you can hire services of some web designer for helping you in completing the task.

Now when your website is launched and your eBooks are online for selling, you need to work on two important points. First of all select payment methods for your customers. PayPal, credit cards or whatever you prefer. Now make these payment methods available securely on your sites for doing a successful online business. Secondly you need to develop a marketing strategy for making your website popular. Use Search Engine Optimization techniques for keeping your website a favorite of search engines. Then try using online marketing tools and social networking websites and platforms for staying in touch with your readers.

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