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Some Famous Authors of Books

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This article discusses some of the famous authors of the ancient times who made a mark in the field of professional writing. John Bigland who was born in 1750 in Holderness east of riding of Yorkshire, born from poor parents Bigland strived and excelled in his education. He did not at any point of his life let his background stand on his way to success. Due to his tireless effort, in early 1800 John Bigland secured a job as a village school master. This was the beginning of his career; three year down line he published his first work that becomes a success to the surprise of many. His milestone opened up more opportunities and his career flourished making him a professional author.

This first publication was followed by a series of other interesting publications that made a mark in the field of history and geography. He also wrote several articles in the magazines and contributed to the writing of the Georg Lytton, 1st History of England and his other works such as letters of study and ancient modern history. Bigland has also contributed to other major publications and research in the field of history.

His work made him earn an international recognition, just to sample a few of his great books that he wrote such as History of Spain from the earliest period to the close of the year 1809(1810), A geographical and historical vie of the world and exhibition and a complete delineate, The philosophical wonders or The history of the Roman tribune and the pries and many other great publications touching on issues such as the historical background of animals and religion. Furthermore his books can be accessed in most of the leading libraries all over the world hence making it easier for student’s access information on various issues in the field of humanities. Technology has made things even more interesting as this great boos can now be downloaded just by the click of a button in the leading websites such as ebooogle dot com absolutely free.

It is believed that Bigland lived for 82 year; he spent his last days of his life in his in finningley near Doncoster, south Yorkshire. Though this great scholar is gone, it is evident that he left a huge foot print in the field of history; his work has been carried from one generation to another and has continuously made a difference.

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