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EDUCATION EBOOKS Why eBooks are more affordable than paper books

Why eBooks are more affordable than paper books

By: roger boo | Feb 19 2013 | 500 words | 1113 hits

EBooks are more affordable than paper published books for many good reasons. First of all, we know that for publishing a printed book, publishers need to invest good amount of money on quality papers for printing. Then printing equipment and other material cost are added to that. There are different qualities of paper for books and their covers. Writers and publishers have to make a good estimate of their budget before publishing their books and distributing them in the market.

Not only paper and printing costs make printed books expensive, but also the distribution costs. As the printed books need to be transported using different types of vehicles to different areas. All this transportation expenditure is than added to its actual price, and buyers have to pay too much extra money for buying printed books. Then there are taxes of different states or countries on books as well. All of this increases the price of printed books.

On the other hand eBooks need no paper, ink or other expensive, material for publishing. EBooks publishing is so simple and easy that writers prefer to self-publish their eBooks online instead of consulting any publishing companies.

EBooks publishing is not only simple but also cost effective for writers and publishers. When a book is ready to publish you can even publish it online for free. So no printing or publishing cost is added to e-book’s actual cost. The process is simple for everyone and eBooks are easily accessible too.

When you don’t need to go to any library or book shop for finding an eBook, it saves your time and travelling expenses as well. Time is money after all. So, why to spend your time and to travel for finding a good book on the subject when you can find it on the internet easily?

Free eBooks searching and downloading is now in trend too. So in this way you’ll not be spending any of your money for reading and keeping a book with you for as long as you like. EBooks are surely cost effective and easily available for everyone. So, more and more students are also consulting eBooks for finding relevant information on any subject.

EBooks searching is as simple now as searching any type of information on search engines with key words. You can download your selected eBooks in any format of your choice in a very less time. Then you can easily carry your eBooks with you in a pocket size eBook reading device anywhere. All these benefits of eBooks if compared to printed books surely make the eBooks a winner.

Writers and publishers also now don’t want to spend a lot of money in buying printing material and hiring transportation services for distributing there books. They like the convenience of publishing eBooks online. In this way they can update or make changes in their books at any time, but once a book is printed and you want to make any changes, you’ll have to reprint the whole books aging, and it can cost a lot.

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