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EDUCATION K-12-EDUCATION 10 Tips for Better Communication in Online Tutoring

10 Tips for Better Communication in Online Tutoring

By: Maya Angel | Feb 21 2013 | 361 words | 1586 hits

Here are 10 tips to communicate better in online tutoring:

  • Use colored pens. Use various color pens to write on whiteboard. It will keep your communication easily readable and visually organized
  • Use pointer as often as possible. The student may not find out quickly the movement of your mouse showing whiteboard. Use pointer tool to guide the student with clear visibility to locate tutor activity. Use of pointer will be less strenuous to your eyes
  • Student takes permission to read, write and draw while tutoring. The student should remain active with reading and writing activities while tutoring.
  • Student should not feel shy asking queries, doubts, and solutions to the online tutor. You can ask tutors experience, general knowledge on the subject, helpful online resources, etc. Ensure that you do not cross the line asking personal o private information.
  • Be genuine with the tutor. You can ask tricky questions but do not examine tutor knowledge at each stage. When tutor ask questions, do not seek answer from your family member or friend prompting sitting beside you. Do give positive feedback. Do not be over confident.
  • Make use of resources. You can access all possible resources during your tutoring hours. Leverage the power of internet to get useful study material and resources under the guidance of your online tutor.
  • Convey your attention to your tutor through live chatting. With non voice based tutoring, tutor cannot see your facial expression, body language or voice to ensure your presence. Be attentive with feedback on live chat box. It will create more live classroom.
  • Continuously give feedback while tutoring. Affirm your tutor with gestures and verbal communication. For example, draw various smiley gestures to convey your understanding and difficulties. It will show your genuineness. 
  • Avoid giving negative feedback. Avoid using feedback of your incomplete understanding using negative phrases. Refrain your negative feedback with good phrases like "teacher, please explain it again".
  • If you are taking VoIP based tutoring then takes turns and halts while talking. VoIP technology may not be fast during heavy network traffic. If you want to ask question then wait until tutor finishes speaking to avoid interruption.

Follow these practice while tutoring online, it is sure to get best communication with best delivered learning.

About author:
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