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EDUCATION K-12-EDUCATION How to Help Students to Succeed in Math?

How to Help Students to Succeed in Math?

By: VIkas | Feb 18 2013 | 481 words | 2738 hits

The myth prevails that intelligence and aptitude for Math is inherited, however, it is not true. According to research, the most successful children in Math are those who work hard and not those with high IQ's. The children who believe in myth have fixed mindset stop trying and see challenges as their limit of their capabilities. On the contrary, the children having a growth mindset take challenges as a chance to learn and improve. Math is the most primary subject that lays foundation of various branches of science and technology. It is an academic institution, parent and tutor plays vital role in developing the right mindset of the student.

Here are few tips helping child learn Math and reach to the path of success:

  • It is very important to tell your child that anyone can succeed in Math.
  • Never excuse your child. Often parents say in front of their child that "Even I was poor at Math". It stops your child to learn the subject accepting that it is beyond their mental level.
  • Praise and motivate your child when you find him working hard. Ensure him that he is only responsible for his own success. Lay emphasis on improvement over perfection.
  • Never compare performance of your child among others. It gives impractical measures of success and stops him moving further on personal improvement.
  • Do not get crazy when fails in the test. Use failure as a chance to learn. When your child does not perform well in the test then share your childhood experiences about how you face the situation and struggled to improve your performance in the next test. Tell your child to ask queries and solve doubts right in the school classroom.
  • If you find the situation is worse and out of control then hire a Math tutor. Math is the subject of practice and hiring an experienced tutor will keep your child on the right path. Online tutoring serves the best in Math homework help, assignments and test preparation. Online tutors not only give one-to-one Math tutoring but gives hands-on support round the clock. They use proven tools and techniques with fun based Math activities like Math games, quizzes, puzzles, flash card, etc. Look for tutor who encourage your child to put independent efforts to learn the subject.
  • Ensure that your child is placed in an appropriate level of learning. Talk with your child tutor to know his mental level of understanding at his present age. Often parents force child to take an advanced algebra course but ultimately find that the brain is not ready to grasp advanced learning.
  • Praise your child for curiosity and persistence to cope with the difficulties. This qualities not only help your child to drive success in academics but in his lives too.
  • To cultivate a growth mindset is not easy. It requires continuous efforts to make learn your child to believe in their ability and overcome challenges through hard work and practice.

About author:
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