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EDUCATION REFERENCE-&-EDUCATION Lake City High School Seniors and HVAC Training

Lake City High School Seniors and HVAC Training

By: William Hauselberg | Nov 6 2012 | 405 words | 1093 hits

In today's job environment, high school graduation can be a time of considerable stress, especially for those seniors who are not planning to attend college. Fortunately, the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) repair or installation field can provide a long-term and profitable career for the wise high school graduate, especially in the Lake City area.

HVAC Careers and the Job Market

With an increasing number of homes, businesses and factories that require effective climate control at all times, the HVAC repair and installation field continues to show robust growth. Graduates of a Lake City cooling school can look forward to a field that is projected to have above average growth for the foreseeable future, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

This is especially important given the rising number of Lake City businesses and households that require effective and reliable climate control systems. Here, a Lake City heating school graduate has the advantage of a customer base that cannot afford to do without an effectively functioning HVAC system. In addition, stores, medical facilities and office buildings often have a full time HVAC technician on their staff, adding to the long-term employment opportunities for HVAC qualified workers.

Finally, HVAC certified workers can also find employment in industrial fields, such as working on refrigeration systems mounted in trains or cargo ships. This further expands likely HVAC careers for Lake City graduates who are trained in this field.

Training for a HVAC Career

HVAC training includes a wide variety of subjects to prepare the graduating technician for his or her future career. In addition to learning how to repair, install and evaluate HVAC systems, students are also educated in how to handle the refrigerants used in most air conditioning systems.

Effective HVAC technicians must be well trained in how to safely handle and dispose of refrigerants while remaining in compliance with environmental and safety regulations. A graduate of a Lake City cooling school will be fully prepared to obtain the necessary environmental certifications to maintain or install every aspect of an air conditioning system.

In today's challenging economy, finding a long-term, secure and well paying career is a vital concern for any high school senior. Those who graduate from a Lake City heating school will find themselves in a field that is not only growing, but is also known for offering secure and well-paying job prospects. For the new high school graduate, few careers can match the benefits of working in the HVAC field.

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