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EDUCATION REFERENCE-&-EDUCATION What's Next After Taking Fashion Designing Courses?

What's Next After Taking Fashion Designing Courses?

By: David Alexander | Dec 8 2012 | 413 words | 2437 hits

Many prospective and current students of fashion designing courses are clueless about the steps they are supposed to take once the course is over. While it's apparent that all of them are eager to utilize what they have learned and carve a niche in the world of fashion, the transition from fresh graduate to budding designer may still be a blur. Here are some ideas to ease the confusion:

Be specific. It's a big world out there so you might want to be more specific about the pieces you'd like to design. Perhaps you're a mom who's more inclined to make children's clothes or you are someone extremely fascinated in creating wedding gowns. Specialization can help you find your niche easier and narrow down your prospects. It will also help you plan your next steps and create a long term goal.

Stay current. It pays to broaden your knowledge and dig every bit you can about fashion as it will surely spice up your answers in future job interviews. Additionally, learn about trends because even if these are changing swiftly, they come back too. When you are already employed, you will know how to cope with the changes or even come up with something that could be the hottest thing next season.

Connect. Many fashion designing courses related jobs are not advertised through traditional means. Hence, you got to be more resourceful in job hunting. Try to meet people who are in fashion or related industries like modeling and advertising. Make sure that your close friends and relatives know that you are looking for a job as they might be of help. Join business and professional networking sites like LinkedIn too.

Volunteer or become an apprentice. Working for free may not be good news to your bank account but it can rev up your resume and open doors for lucrative opportunities. Think of it this way: instead of salary or design fee, you get exposure, experience and contacts. Though it's hard to imagine famous designers working their way up, they definitely had their share of rise from the ranks stories.

Enroll in a school that has a job assistance program. Many schools offer fashion design certificate and diploma courses but not all are dedicated in helping their graduates find a job. This is why you should be careful when signing up for a course. Aside from a course that covers everything you need to know to get started in fashion designing, job assistance makes the deal more worthy.


About author:
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