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EDUCATION SCIENCE Useful tips on selecting the right lab equipment supplier in New York

Useful tips on selecting the right lab equipment supplier in New York

By: Jeremy Linder | Apr 23 2013 | 515 words | 2592 hits

You can come across a lot of lab equipment dealers in New York.So a right equipment purchase can be made only after making a thorough study on the available dealers and the products which they offer.Here are some useful tips on selecting the right lab equipment in New York.

Get a list of best lab equipment dealers in New York

First of all, get a list of the best medical lab equipment dealers in New York.This list can be acquired by doing a web search by accessing the Yellow pages or local directories for New York.

Choose a reliable supplier

After getting the list, sort it out based on the type of equipment you are planning to buy.See whether they offer the equipment you need.Only a reliable laboratory equipment supplier can ensure a successful purchase. Here are some important points to be considered for choosing the best supplier.

Trustworthiness: the trustworthiness of the dealer is one of the key factors you should be looking at.This can be verified by getting information on its deals.Opt for an experienced dealer to assure a good deal for your investment.

Online store: it is good to opt for a distributor with online store option.This will offer greater flexibility.Online stores can also offer quality devices at cost-effective rates.

Latest models: if you are looking for the latest advancements,check to see if the online store offers instruments that feature advanced technology.Leading manufacturers offer advanced devices that are designed to offer highly precise and consistent results in minimum time.If are looking to save space in your lab,see if the dealer offers high quality benchtop models of the lab equipment you want.Also, see if the store can supply the reagents and consumables for the devices you buy.

Budget: Buying medical equipment can be expensive. If your lab has a budget constraint,look for a store that offers a leasing option.This will allow you to buy new equipment in installments.For instance,a reagent rental agreement plan linked to equipment purchase would specify the minimum number of tests that your lab has to pay.The cost of the instrument would be spread out over the duration of the agreement as part of the cost per agreement (CPT) price and the minimum number of tests needed.

Reliable customer service: choose a medical laboratory equipment store that offers reliable customer service and provides satisfactory answers to your pre-purchase queries.The right supplier would guide you on choosing the type of equipment most suited for your operations.

On-time product delivery: another aspect to consider is on-time delivery.Ensure that the store has a reasonable shipping policy so that your products are delivered within the stipulated time period.

After sales support: the support from the dealer team after making the purchase is critical.Choose the dealer offering a good after sales support in the form of installation support and onsite maintenance and repair services.

Choose the right equipment

After choosing the right equipment supplier,visit their online store.Choose the product you need after carefully studying the technical specifications.Check pricing -you can get a particular device at a price much below regular from a reliable dealer.Going these tips can definitely help you select the right lab equipment in New York.



About author:
Block Scientific offers a range of new and used lab equipment from industry leading manufacturers.We are a leading medical equipment supplier based in New York,known for our quality products and sales support.    
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