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ENTERTAINMENT ART Significance of feathers in today's life

Significance of feathers in today's life

By: Steve Thomas | Feb 20 2014 | 626 words | 2040 hits

First Thought

What is the first thing that comes in our mind when we think of birds? It is their feathers with the help of which they fly. Feathers are the most exclusive feature of a bird's anatomy and they make them unique as an animal. We as humans have certainly wished at least once in our life if we could fly like the birds, over the mountains and valleys, over the rivers and lakes, in the deep forests and in the spectacular stretch of blue sky. The feeling of flying in the sky itself gives us so much of happiness.

Role of Feathers

We often think that the function of the feathers is just flying, but you would be amazed to learn that it is way beyond that. The body of the birds is covered with different types of feathers. When we see a bird we just notice the big wings with which they fly and the feathers that makes those big wings. The fact is that if we closely see a bird we would realize that the body of the bird is covered with 6 different types of feathers, big and small both: Tail feathers, flight feathers, Semi-plumes, filoplumes, bristles and downy feathers. All these feathers do not play the role of aiding the bird in flying, but each one of them has its own special purpose in the adaptation of a bird. Apart from soaring high up in the sky, this epidermal growth helps the bird in the various essential functions like, insulating the birds from water and cold temperatures by the regulation of body temperature, protection from wind, sun and moisture, incubation of eggs, in swimming, floating, diving and camouflage. The list of functions does not end here, the other amazing role played are, aiding in digestion, constructing nests, transporting water, escaping from predators, sending visual signs and also keeping the feathers clean on the body.

Human Usage:

As we have learnt above that feathers are excellent insulators, they are used in high quality beddings like, pillows, mattress and duvets. These soft feathers which are excellent in trapping heat are used as the filling in winter jackets, outdoor beddings and sleeping bags.

Other than the above mentioned utilitarian functions, feathers have great religious and cultural value associated with them. For example, Eagle feather in USA and Canada, Peacock in India, etc. Some feathers are also used in traditional medications. For example, in curing snakebites, infertility and coughs, Indian peacock feathers have been used.

Now a day, feathers are in great demand by the soaring fashion industry. They are used in making not only exclusive accessories and jewelry, ladies hat, but, also in hair braiding. Women are looking forward to the long and colorful hair extensions or saddle feathers tied or clipped into their hair. Designers are attaching the plumes to everything from dresses to shoes. The feathers used for such purposes can be washed, blow dried, curled and flat ironed and they classically stay on the hair for a stretch of few months. These qualities make the feathers an eye-catcher to the fashion giants. Its bendiness and durability not only appeals the hair dressers, but also to the home decorators in furnishing and decorating a room or office space, for decorating hats or caps, used as an exotic piece of accessory like earrings, wall hangings, scarfs, used on the hood of a jacket, etc. The long pheasant feathers can be simply placed in a long stem vase and can be placed on the table as a decorative item. There various available online retail stores, offering feathers for sale. These online retail as well as wholesale stores has made the life of the feathers lovers easy, by delivering some of the finest feathers in the state-of-the-art condition.

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