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ENTERTAINMENT ARTS-&-ENTERTAINMENT Useful tips to Get Lots of Gold on RuneScape Quickly

Useful tips to Get Lots of Gold on RuneScape Quickly

By: jackredslock | Feb 1 2014 | 334 words | 996 hits

Runescape is a lot like life. Without money, don't get anywhere. You need lots of gold to get the best weapons, armor and tools and go far in the game, and building up gold can take a very long time. There are two ways to get lots of Runescape gold quickly.

1.Mine iron ores and store them in your bank account. The Dwarven mine is the best place to mine iron ores, and the Fallador bank is the closest to deposit. Continue until you reach 500 iron ores.

2.Withdraw the 500 ores in note form so you can have them all at once. At the Fallador bank, start saying "Selling iron ore."

3.Complete the trade with whoever offers, which should come up in no more than five posts. Do this right and you should get 50,000 gold pieces for the iron, and it should take only two hours. You can repeat this to double it.

4.Buy steel bars for 650 gold each. Then, smith them into cannonballs (four for each bar), and sell the balls for 200 each. This is just until you have enough money to buy the items to merchant.

5.Open up the Runescape forum website as well as the game website together. You will advertise the products you sell on the forum.

6.Start buying Treasure trial items and sell them back on the forum. Put the word "auction" on your post to have people raise the price themselves. Hats like cavaliers may be the best items to merchant.

7.Switch to Dragon items once you have the money to buy them and you're used to merchanting. This is where you'll really make lots of gold. Many people will buy Dragon items, so you'll have to do business fast.


1)You will need to build your mining level to at least 21 to mine iron effectively. Power mine copper and tin to reach this level. You should also get an iron pickaxe at level 10 and a mithril one at 21

2)You must be a Runescape member to get most of these items.


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