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Comment The King's Speech

By: Vicky | Sep 21 2011 | 619 words | 384 hits

After watched the movie ‘The King's Speech, I summarized three points in this movies. I will sharing here to us. The three points is agony, affliction and humiliation. As we all know that the people's feelings full with in our daily life. When some be happened, we will not adapt to changes in time. Ok see the points.

I watched the movie, "The King's Speech" with more trepidation and fluttering heartbeats than I expected. While actor Colin Firth ably portrayed the pitiable nascent King George V1, I experienced aching echoes of images and agonies, reverberating back sixty years.
Transmitting shattered words in pained staccato stutters, the "King" triggered long forgotten feelings with pitiless interior dialogues, booming in my head.

Long discarded, locked in memories, laboriously etched in my mind's crevices, began smoldering from wounded encounters. Sounds bubbled up like volcanic lava, detonating my lips like falling soldiers in an exploding minefield.

Often stored within a stutterer's mind, there lurks a free ranging lexicon of angst and unexpressed fears unexpectedly springing to life from a bookshelf of remembered emotional episodes.
Each episode, real or imagined, was woven within a fabric of everyday events, of disturbed thoughts, feelings and breathing patterns, along with pictures of humiliating and unmitigated disasters.

The King lived with his unshakeable, debilitating stammer from childhood. His disability increased in excruciating importance as his public duties escalated and began to pervade his regal duties and obligations as head of state during World War Two.
In the darkness of the theatre, I sat watching him stand before an intimidating new fangled radio microphone, quivering, so conscious of self. I empathized with each hesitation during the "The Speech", the tension resonating through the air of anxiety, sinking into my core.
Bertie knew dread in seconds. Me too. He knew any shred of shattering in his voice would be relayed instantly through this cursed radio contraption, piercing every British and colonial subject's ears.
Each effort in speaking struck personal chords of disruptive chopping sounds. Newly minted pressures would bring more performance anxieties- familiar to stutterers world over- straining and sabotaging meanings.ïˆIf you already have enough movies on play and want to enjoy on ipad. You may interested in ipad 2 jailbreak. Go here can learn more.ï

In the public setting of grammar school, with ever-increasing heart-pounding torment, I feared my one debilitating destiny: the name "Humphries" to be called next. Black-robed teachers formally called on me to speak my unique utterances of broken sounds.
Like an erupting adolescent pimple, what clatter, letter, bugaboo sound would I stumble upon next? Whoever the audience, what imagined set of guffawing kids, of admonishing teachers, of embarrassed adults, would discover my red raw Achilles Heal: the raised flag of my dysfunctional, inarticulate voice?
My turn. Now- unless, God, bell, pleeeease ring. You. Target. Action. "You're on stage". Read, part of this story, that play, what matters? Anxiety overruled understandings, meanings of poems or passages: agony compounded what may be a normal experience for others, into the morass of perceived failure and humiliation.

For years, I tried to visualise snapshots of audiences of teachers, classmates, mates, and family looking away trying on faces of assumed detachment or indifference.
But profoundly within, I imagined an endgame: an apocalyptic hyper-humiliation. In the presence of other students, one's image is at stake: acceptance in the peer group, not a murky future of failed friendships.
Every episode meant more stress, making it harder to talk fluently, steadily eroding self-confidence, enhancing feelings of inferiority (called a complex then) and more isolation.

In sum, this movie is wonderful. We can learn more life is preferred. If you also agree with me. You can download on you ipad or iphone see anywhere. Here I recommend free ipad video converter to you download videos. Hope you will like. Enjoy yourself!




About author:
Vicky is an independent computer engineer, specializing in Mac,Apple ,Lenovo and LG. She think originality and the feeling of one's own dignity are achieved only through work and struggle.Originality and the feeling of one's own dignity are achieved only through work and struggle. -Dostoevsky
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    The King's Speech