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ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRITIES Corey Haim left behind an ailing mother

Corey Haim left behind an ailing mother

By: Joann Scheffler | Mar 11 2010 | 305 words | 531 hits

Corey Haim, who was taken to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center on March 10, 2010 and announced dead on at 2:15, took care of his breast cancer stricken mother while his mother was suffering from chemotherapy treatments


Corey Haim's death appeared to be accidental and may have been because of an overdose of illicit drugs. Ex-child actor Corey Haim, at the age of 38, living with his mother, said goodbye too early to life. His unexpected death made his mother devastated. The mother seemed distraught and heartbroken when stating sadly to Radaronline reporters about her son.


The mother reported that she called 911 shortly after her son went down attempting to get out of bed. She disclosed that Corey Haim had been experiencing flu-like symptoms for a few recent days.


According to reports earlier, a full investigation of Canadian actor's death has been carried out by the LAPD. An autopsy will determine cause of death. There was no evidence of foul play except four prescription bottles near Corey Haim's bedside found.


Reports earlier indicated that the LAPD has conducted a full investigation of Corey Haim's death and found no evidence of any foul play revealing that there were no illegal drugs found at Corey Haim's residence but that they found four prescription bottles near Haim's bedside.


Corey Haim's friend, Corey Feldman said that that was a tragic loss of a tormented and wonderful soul. Haim and Feldman appeared in the film "Dream a Little Dream" which spawned the Billboard Hot 100 number one single Rock On for Michael Damian. Susie Feldman expressed her final thoughts on Corey Haim's unexpected death by saying that he was a"tortured soul," and wished him be finally at peace.


Haim got into drug habit which plagued him through 2000. This hindered his endeavors to comeback despite the success of his 2006 reality show The Two Coreys.

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