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ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRITIES Decide on Boots based on Climate, Temperature and Weather

Decide on Boots based on Climate, Temperature and Weather

By: yuqing | Nov 6 2010 | 650 words | 483 hits

As we all know, the climate, temperature and weather in various places change differently. Some may snow deeply but some may rain heavily. It's clear that a pair ofgreat winter boots depends on the special features on temperature, weather such as snow and rain besides the chic styles. I will discuss these four elements in details in the following.

First, snow is a essential aspect determining your choice. If it often snows heavily, you are supposed to choose tall boots which will keep you warm and dry when you walk through the snow piling a few inches or more. Make sure that boots are flat or low heel since it's easy to cause twisted ankles or other injuries on the snowy roads.

Second, the level of degree centigrade plays an significant role in your boots option. If the temperature falls below freezing frequently during the winter, I advise you to choose one with insulation as jacket or coat are often full of down insulation. For instance, waterproof boots are designed with high-tech material to keep you dry and hot in your body heat. What's more, some are made from fuzzy materials such as fur, fleece, shearling and faux version. On the other hand, it's lucky for you to live in less cold climate at least above freezing so that you can choose any one kind of boots there from many designer fashion boots with unlined leather, man-made materials or even a very thin leather lining as well as boots with sheepskin which will keep your feet comfortable though they are lined. However as for this situation, boots with insulation won't be the best selection for you because they can make you too hot or uncomfortable.

Third, consider the rainy weather as well for their effect on our every day life. A pair of rubber rain boots will help you have a comfortable winter if the rain is not very cold. Some may need one lined with some materials I mentioned above to be warmer. If it constantly rains or ice storming, a waterproof boots with traction will go with for you better. Rubber soles work well in stopping slipping in different raised areas. Possibly some may feel like buying one with smoothy leather sole. Don't worry about since a cobbler will make it less slippery by adding a rubber pad or sole to the boots. Or boots with wedge heel will give you more grip from toe to heel.

Four, there are a number of sorts on sale such as ankle boots, mid-calf boots, knee boots and thigh-high boots besides sorts mentioned above. If you wouldn't like to tuck your pants in the boots but over it, be sure the boots are at proper tall and wide enough so that you won't have trouble in pulling your boots into the boots.

At last, check out wether the styles and colors you find from magazines, websites and street trends as well as your favourite stores is popular in this winter or not. The proper colors can keep your boots fashionable more easily than details like lace, straps, studs or brands, as those are all the rage.

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