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ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRITIES E-Commerce Has Become Main Export Route of Ceramic Tile Industry

E-Commerce Has Become Main Export Route of Ceramic Tile Industry

By: globalbm | Feb 1 2014 | 460 words | 1252 hits

E-Commerce has become new competitive battlefield for ceramic enterprises

The bright future and vast potential for online shopping is rapidly expanding, and a creasing number of ceramic tile and sanitary enterprises attach their great importance and put a new premium on E-Commerce to expand their brands and profits. E-Commerce will become the new battleground between ceramics and sanitary industry.

According to some investigation statistics for the recent situation, over the past two years, the consumption volume of E-Commerce for home appliances is growing at a speed of 300% every year. Now that E-Commerce of household appliance gains such huge acclaim and what about ceramic tile products? As the main consumption subject of E-Commerce is the generation after 80s, who are extremely urgent in decorating their wedding houses. For this group crashing on shopping online, is there any possibility to guide them to buy ceramic tile on the Internet?

E-commence of household appliances expand its sales volume at a percentage of 300% per year, while ceramic tile industry grow 15% every year and it accounts for less than 10% in market share, which shows that Internet marketing of ceramic tile industry is still a blank field, with no monopoly brands and market area being carved. In addition, the costs of traditional sales model in ceramic tile industry is so high that ceramic tile manufacturers should turn to Internet marketing for low costs and more profits, which could become more easier for trading.

E-Commerce has become an effective way to export

It is on the basis of the statistical data on September 1th in 2009 that the Web site traffic of a trade company has reached 24,600 people in United States, among which are not local surfers took up 22.4%. The daily flow of a foreign trade company has more the 660 people, including 99% foreign visitors.

For all this, some experts also think that network marketing of ceramic tile industry is still in its ascent stages of development. First of all, network marketing for foreign trade is a newly emerging and highly interdisciplinary science. How to build up a foreign trade website that can bring lots of orders, how to take advantage of B2B platform to do the marketing strategy, how to make full use of email marketing, eBay, SEO (called Search Engine Marketing), and blog marketing and so on, these means of marketing strategy can work together to promote the industry development and help the ceramic tile manufactures make huge profits and have huge potential for growth. Online marketing of foreign trade is the best way to develop overseas market with the lowest cost to achieve the quickest effect. However, the fact that many ceramic tile enterprises at home and abroad successes in network marketing has made E-commence a new battleground for ceramic tile enterprises competing.

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