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ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRITIES Easter Celebration - Ascension of God in this Holy Day

Easter Celebration - Ascension of God in this Holy Day

By: dharmaraj kumar | Jul 12 2011 | 600 words | 698 hits

Easter Day is the springtime festivals, a time to welcome back the Tulips, the Crocuses and the Daffodils. It is a time for Christians to celebrate the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is also the time of new suits, dresses and patent leather shoes and also the time of chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks and colored eggs. This easter day symbols the vital faith assertion of the early church and was the important point for Christian worship, observed on the first day of each week since the first century.

Easter is as a yearly celebration of the revival that lies at the point of liturgical year. It has been observed at least since the fourth century. Even in churches that traditionally do not observed the other remarkable seasons of the church year.

The easter day 2012 will be fall on 8th April 2012 with the new joy and beginning of the spring harvest seasons. Easter Candles are sometimes lit in churches on the event and some believe that these can be directly linked to the Pagan civilization of lighting at this time of year to welcome of the God.

Valentine Day is a day to convey your love and celebrate to spirit of love. Nothing on the earth can be as beautiful as falling in love. The feeling of love is so overpowering that it can change the whole world of yours. The valentine's day can paint your life with bright hues of nature and fill the happiness and laughter.

Love freezes our sense and it happens to all of us not just you. Chocolate, Candles, Cards, Soft toys and Flowers are the best elements to ignite the feeling of love in you. The Valentine Day has fallen on 14th February every year and celebrated in various countries all over the world.

On valentines day , lovers, friends and family members exchange Valentines gift as tokens of love. Couples have also plan out valentine's day party on the day. Many boys and girls even propose to their sweetheart on the valentine day.

The day is most closely exchange of love notes in the form of Valentines. Lovers are also hilted with several other gifts to pamper sweethearts.
Friendship is a not just a relation it is the bond of two hearts of similar thoughts and feelings. The friendship begins when men started reside as a society. Because of social living thing men love to make friends to additional this process of socialization. The friendship day has take place on first Sunday of the August. In 2012 the friendship day will fall on 5th August 2012.

A friend is the only person in your life to share all his feelings like happiness and sorrows. There is not anything in the world that could not share with a true friend.

A good friend is the last retreat of every one and it is considering the important and valuable role of friends in our life. It has essential to dedicate to friends and friendship. You can inspire your friend with good friendship day cards and fabulous gifts.

Halloween party has celebrated on the night of the October 31st. The halloween party is a great approach to set the mood for your guest and to make it memorable for years to come.

To set your Halloween separately from the rest, try some of these strange and extraordinary party theme ideas to really knockout your guest. The celebration is not so far away. It is celebrated in a big deal of the Western country, still most commonly in the Ireland, Scotland, United States and Canada. Therefore, the celebration is the most vital part of my life.


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