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ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRITIES Harmonise Your Central London Hotels Booking With Line Up For 55th BFI London Film Festival

Harmonise Your Central London Hotels Booking With Line Up For 55th BFI London Film Festival

By: abhinavjains | Sep 22 2011 | 419 words | 1545 hits

55th BFI London Film Festival red carpets the movie lovers, for a remarkable film festival, reflecting international tastes . With its stunning collection of movies demarcated in various categories, these will be shown at different venues. It is a perfect time to succumb to your passion, if you are one of those, who have a taste for international bests in production. Give yourself some classic movie retreat. But your being here for the festival calls for a booking with one of the central London hotels, that make it possible to commute to its venues:

BFI Film Festival
BFI Film Festival gathers the best cinematic productions from all around the world, featuring the 204 feature films along 110 shorts screening on this big festival's canvas. This event shall go on from 12th to 27th October 2011. With various venues spacing for this event, travellers will find the central London hotels supporting a stay close to its venues.

Find out what shall you be most interested in, with even the experimental cinema running on the screens. It will be showcasing some 204 fiction and documentaries, 22European Premieres, 18 International Premieres and 13 World Premieres. Besides, there will be 110 live animated shots and actions, some of them even presented by the directors and the original crew of the movie. This event also gives a chance to involve in the interviews and master classes.

Get A Gist Of The BFI London Film Festival
The festival starts with the Peter Morgans scripted Fernando Meirelles 360, featuring Jude Law, Rachel Weis and Sir Anthony Hopkins. Then to talk about the special screenings of the festival, there will be Terence Davies' The Deep Blue and
• The Ides of March,
• Anonymous,
• We Have a Pope,
• Shame,
• The Kid With A Bike,
• Coriolanus,
• We Need To Talk About Kevin,
• A Dangerous Method,
• The Artist, The First Born,
• The Descendants and
• W.E.

The Deep Blue Sea shall close the 55th BFI Film Festival 2011 in London. And there is still a long to go beyond these screenings, for the amazing experience with the international film viewing.

To know more about the venue, visit the website and find out what do you want to view on this occasion. A lot of central London venues are screening these films, which are accessible from the central London hotels. It is a perfect time for the tourists to make a booking with a suitable London accommodation, and secure a lodging. Last minute booking can be a big pain, with hardly any option left for the visitors to look into.


About author:
Abhinav Jain is an associate editor of Londonhotels4u.com which offers London hotels at best prices. The travellers can select from a range of accommodation deals at any of the London hotels listed on the site.
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