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ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRITIES Links of London makes profits in the crisis

Links of London makes profits in the crisis

By: erzhiasd | Nov 2 2010 | 603 words | 309 hits

In the face of economic crisis, links of London jewelry manufacturing is in waiting, but not in the negative experiences as a crisis of the opportunity. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed by part accessories, now they are through the channel construction, product innovation and london of links brand building etc ways and means, create another spring.
In market demand, links of London jewellery enterprise through bloody price still can walk quantity , the way to acquire certain profit. However, the sudden links of london jewelry financial crisis, but let the profit pattern exposes many ills. Then, out of the value chain is the most low-end, seeks greater profit space, and has become the new choice of links of London jewelry accessories in the transformation of enterprises for adjustment.
Not only that, in their links jewelry design team, the company also seek to other companies for the production of these products. This makes the company to save some of the operation cost, but also have more energy to innovative marketing tool. According to Liu introduced in present, links links of london UK London charms expand the joining trader amount extremely difficult conditions; the links company has improved the brand, and insisted on doing for the joining trader provides return service.
It seems to people, but Liu woes for that, links of London sweetie series, it is a kind of more innovative consciousness of strain. He says, based on the basis of links london quality products, improve doing, not return service can provide effective realization enterprise with the joining trader of two-way choice. In fact, in the business environment links London jewelry enterprise more need those who have certain strength and determination of the joining trader, but only across these high threshold the joining trader, only have these qualities.
Facing the severe winter, links jewellery industry enterprises are part of jewelry, which makes the high quality through channels; links silver jewelry is so. As we have learned, having more than 50 years history Jewelry Company is gradually build brand jewelry design development links of london charm and business services business situation. What is worth mentioning, clothing and accessories in recognized after the close connection between links charms also focus on developing a unique business model and well-known jewelry brand enterprise cooperation for the dress, provide matching links London charms accessories.
The personage inside course of study links bracelets says, before doing jewelry for foreign enterprise and brand is insignificant. But now, the domestic market grows cold trade will undoubtedly become important breakthrough. However, the jewelry market competition is intense, links London bracelets jewelry open the domestic market, no brand is absolutely links of london sweetie impossible. They said the spokesman for over a hundred enterprises, collective behind their domestic brand, develops to the market, to attain breakout transformation. Many jewelry enterprise controllers also said in front, if we have the courage to start, the way is just ahead.
If winter comes, can spring is not very far. London of links jewelry enterprise though experiencing financial crisis, but eventually the baptism of the enterprise to survive will become stronger and more power!
At the same time, technical innovation is the foundation of the enterprise's survival and development of enterprises, and plays decisive influence competition links of london ring ability; decide the links enterprise competition and destiny. China's biggest problems existing jewelry enterprise is independent design level is not high, plagiarism outstanding talent shortage and design the bottleneck, and links of London silver jewelry design is to follow the fashion, continuously links earrings creative, so need to constantly absorbing the new design talents, such as links of London friendship bracelet to keep the enterprise competitiveness.

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