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ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRITIES Ricky Lauren - Biography and Romantic Love Story

Ricky Lauren - Biography and Romantic Love Story

By: Dione | May 20 2011 | 340 words | 3544 hits

Ricky Lauren, also called Ricky Low Beer, is the wife of a famous American fashion designer - Ralph Lauren. Her marriage in 1964 was a major but often overlooked key to Ralph Lauren’s success. Her husband used to served in the United States Army from 1962 to 1964 and they got married after Ralph Lauren’s army days.

Ricky and her husband, Ralph, have two sons and a daughter: Andrew Lauren (b. 1969, New York City), David Lauren (b. 1971) and Dylan Lauren (b. 1974). Andrew is a film producer, David is an executive at Polo Ralph Lauren and Dylan owns and operates an upscale candy store, Dylan's Candy Bar, at 60th Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan.

Ricky Lauren and her family

Ricky Lauren and her family

In many respects Ricky was the girl Ralph Lauren needed to meet in order to reach the next level. A blond Viennese dancer, educated and sophisticated with a European outlook, she was his ideal muse. Her influence helped Ralph Lauren to become one of the very few American designers to have gained both critical and commercial success outside of the United States. Pictures of Ricky feature heavily in the tome and her sensibility seems to shine most clearly through her husband’s home collections. The juxtaposition of silver framed family snapshots with Apache Indian throws in the Lauren’s country retreat indicates a homely yet refined woman’s touch.

In a largely conservative Christian country such as the United States, the marketing of family values also makes good business sense. It is perhaps not a coincidence that America’s favorite is one of the few heterosexual male fashion designers around. In the 1980s, Calvin Klein and Halston went to great lengths to keep their personal affairs out of the papers, while Ralph and Ricky Lauren introduced their children to the public. The others were never able to capture the Mid-western shopper the way the Laurens did. Today, Ralph Lauren’s son David is famously the escort of Lauren Bush, fashion plate and niece of President Bush. Again, Ralph Lauren went against the tide by courting Americana over celebrities.

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