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ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRITIES Time for Couple Charge during Valentine's Day celebration

Time for Couple Charge during Valentine's Day celebration

By: dharmaraj kumar | Jul 6 2011 | 492 words | 692 hits

According to famous singer Donna, spring is season of affairs and beginning of a new relationship. Donna tells spring relation with love affair in song, spring affair in her most famous album Four Seasons of Love.

If you consider her words true or look at changes that took place during spring or other relevance then somehow one can get her expressions. During spring, renewal in nature gives birth to several new leaves while birds searching for mate could be considered for growth and fertility.

But in the same period, couples show their hidden affection in valentine's day celebration and share mutual love relations. The valentine day falls during spring season every year.

The date of valentine day memorizes the sacrifice of saint valentine birthday observed on 14 February. According to historical aspects of early third century, saint valentine was a great saint who sacrificed their life for love relations.

Historian experts noted saint valentine as a preacher of love during the period of Emperor Claudius. He keeps on practicing marriage ceremony secretly against the law and statement of roman emperor.

When king comes to know his law breaking activities, he sentenced him to death. Today, every one recognized his courageous effort to keep on marriage practice against rule of emperor.

People celebrate with great enjoyment in valentine's day party fun and exchange gifts and cards with their love associates. Not only they celebrate the day with fun and frolic, but some plan for valentine cruise or gateway. Some go out for party celebration while some go for candle light dinner.

Every couple wants to do something different on the day to keep it alive for whole life. As love plays a vital role in continue of marriage relationship. With valentine day, they get time for romance and enjoyment. They pick out it as a best time to show their love or affection. If you are single then do not worry and straight go to your love and say her or him in valentine's day.

The nature covers with love surroundings and lovers get time to recharge their affection with each other. The love is an eternal feeling shared among couples. But it is not only limited with couple. It can be seen in either in mother child relation or sometimes in friends.

Every year on the first Sunday of august, friend all over the world celebrates friendship day. Same like valentine day, friends celebrate the day with party, fun, celebrations and other rocking activities. They wish each other good luck and thanks for being a friend.

According to facts related with friendship festival, an owner of Card Company thought that a day should be observed as friendship celebration. Later on his ideas, the day got its value and come in lights.

So friendship cards are best method of exchanging greetings with friends and say him or her good luck and wish for prosperity. Another famous tradition related with friendship festival is tying a knot of friendship band on the wrist of your friend.


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