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ENTERTAINMENT CELEBRITIES Top 10 Stylish Icons of All Time

Top 10 Stylish Icons of All Time

By: Louis Brown | Jun 15 2011 | 306 words | 1135 hits

Charming French actress Brigitte Bardot has been voted to be the most stylish woman of all time in a new UK-wide poll. In that nationwide poll by soft drinks company Orangina , the 1960s film star polled almost three out of every 10 votes cast (29.5%) of 3,000 Britain, and legendary English rose Elizabeth Taylor holds the second position. Modern-day style icons Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole follow in third and fourth place respectively. In addition to its leading position for Brigitte Bardot, 62% of the participants admitted that French women dress trendy style in the world and Paris was chosen as the most fashionable city, beating Milan into second place, New York into third and London into fourth.

Brigitte Bardot, the former fashion model, is now aged 76 and is known as an animal rights activist. In her early life, Bardot was an aspiring ballet dancer. She was the subject of Simone de Beauvoir's 1959 essay, the Lolita Syndrome, which described Bardot as a "locomotive of women's history" and built upon existentialist themes to declare her the first and most liberated woman of post-war France. More interestingly, in her 1960′s herday, she was praised across the world as the epitome of glamorous French style, with her dress sense and iconic hairstyle copied in shops, fashion houses and hair salons across the globe.

Brigitte Bardot has been voted to be the most stylish woman of all time in Britain

Brigitte Bardot, Most Stylish Miss of All Time - past and present


Elizabeth Taylor - One of top 10 stylish icons of all time

Victoria Beckham ranked at number three of top 10

Cheryl Cole 

Joan Collins

Audrey Hepburn 

Grace Kelly 


Sophia Loren at numer eight of top 10 stylish icons of all time

Marilyn Monroe 

Diana Princess I - One in top 10 stylish women


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